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Certificate Utility removed in firmware 3.40


The Korean PlayStation website has announced the arrival of yet another update to PSP's official firmware. However, unlike previous updates, this revision will actually remove some functionality from the system. We've translated the text--it appears "Certificate Utility" will no longer appear on the XMB. Rather, the information used to be available in this section will be embedded directly into the games downloaded from the PLAYSTATION Store. This is a rather minor, but puzzling change.

According to the Korean website, the firmware will be released tomorrow, 4/19.

[Via PSP Hacks]

It's not a dream, DJ Max turns into a "live miracle"

American gamers may be destroying their PSPs in frustration over DJ Max Portable 2, but Korean gamers are absolutely bonkers for the music title. A live concert called "Live Miracle" will take advantage of the growing popularity of the game, and give fans the rare opportunity to hear their favorite songs from the game performed live. Too bad other games don't get the same kind of treatment. Imagine: a Gitaroo-Man concert. ::swoons::

Make sure to check out Ruliweb for the complete poster, filled with some hilarious Engrish. Live MIRACLE, It's not a DREAM!

[Via PSP-Vault]

DJ Max Portable 2 announced

Some of you have figured out that I like music games... a lot. So, when Ruliweb reports that import-favorite DJ Max Portable is getting a sequel, I have no choice but to pass it on to all of you. The sequel ups the ante by introducing one more gameplay mode, and by expanding the soundtrack to 150 songs. Wow. There's no word if the sequel will get the English language treatment like its predecessor, but I'm hoping.

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[Via PSP Vault]

Video Sandwich: November 16, 2006

More ads from Sony for tonight's Video Sandwich. These two are from the other side of the Pacific, and they show a very different style than what's available here in the States. First, from Japan is a ridiculously awesome ad for Jeanne d'Arc. You might not know Japanese, but seeing Japanese business men go crazy is always funny, no matter what language you speak.

Finally, we have this pretty awesome Korean ad for the Talkman. Man, they make the most romantic ads over there in Korea!

Pump It Up heading to PSP (in Korea, at least)

PSP continues to prove itself as one of the best platforms for music games out there. Pump It Up is a game very much like Dance Dance Revolution, and it's insanely popular in Korea. PSP Vault discovered a new listing for a PSP version of the popular dancing game on Sony's official Korean website.

The homebrew community embraced dance-style games through projects like PSP Revolution. However, DDR and its clones require you to input buttons that correspond to up, down, left and right. Pump It Up uses diagonals and a center button: how will these be mapped on the PSP? Puzzling, no?

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Video Sandwich: August 10, 2006

It's been a while since our last Video Sandwich. If you're a newcomer to the Fanboy, here's how it goes: you get two videos that make the tasty bread of this sandwich. Then, in the middle you get the meaty commentary by me. Tonight's sandwich features two PSP ads, neither of which will ever air in America. The top is an ultra-romantic, somewhat cheesy Korean advertisement that focuses on the wide variety of features of the handheld. Using my mad Korean skillz, I can tell you that the commercial tries to portray how their love is like the various features of the PSP. It ends with the guy saying: Whatever you want to do... the PSP can do it. This kind of advertising must work wonders on the same Nintendogs-crazy market that's gone mad for the DS (read: girls).

The bottom video is a fan-created commercial that also highlights the various features of the system. It doesn't feature any game or movie footage, but is done in such a sleek way that it trumps all of Sony's official marketing here in the states. Considering how Sony's trying to rebuild the PSP brand as a device that can do games and more, this kind of commercial would work really well. Maybe we'll see something like this on the TV in the future.

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