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Super Swing Golf Pangya could be coming to PSP


The ultra-popular Korean online golf game may find itself on another home. With the PC and Wii platforms already conquered, it looks like PSP is the next target for cutesy Korean golf gaming. Zach M. from Siliconera noticed that a Korean music composer listed the game on his website. He's worked on previous Pangya games, and the addition of a PSP version leads us to believe that one is in the works ... at least for Korea.

It's not uncommon for musicians to leak a game in development. In fact, that's exactly what happened with Secret Agent Clank.

Pump it Up Zero Portable releases in Korea with 117 songs

Korean PSP owners must love music games. In addition to numerous DJ Max Portable games, Korea is receiving yet another new Pump it Up game. Zero will feature 117 songs, ranging from Banya to K-pop. The DDR-esque button mashing game also features Ad-Hoc multiplayer, where you can earn points to buy music videos in-game. This will most likely never make it into the States -- but that won't stop a dedicated importer, will it?

[Via DCEmu]

Butterflies lift away new Korean PSPs

We're somewhat enamored by the Korean advertising campaign for the New PSP (aka PSP-2005). This ad shows a butterfly lifting the new lighter system, emphasizing that it weighs only 189 grams. This is a far more effective ad than Japan's.

Also, it appears that the Korean PSP isn't just losing weight, it's becoming cheaper. Korean gamers can now pick it up for only 178,000 won (appx. $190).

[Via PSP-Vault]

Korea gets ready for some portable Audition

Are you ready to dance dance? Yet another music title is about to take over the Korean PSP market today: Audition Portable is a handheld version of a popular online dancing game, where players must hit a series of buttons that appear on screen to perform their moves. The PSP version will feature over 100 songs and a variety of network features, such as 6-player multiplayer, online ranking modes, and post-release downloadable content, such as new songs, maps and dance motions. Furthermore, you can connect the game to your PC and transfer songs, background images, and more to your computer. Certainly sounds like a title that utilizes the PSP in every single way imaginable, no?

We don't know if Audition Portable will tear up the Korean sales charts like DJ Max Portable did. However, considering its unique charm and extensive features list, we see this garnering the attention of hardcore PSP importers everywhere (even if the characters do creep us out). Check out a video of the PC edition, after the cut.

[Via Gaming Today]

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PSP experiences price cuts worldwide

America isn't the only country enjoying a PSP price cut. This time, it's for our friends across the Atlantic. Starting May 4th, PSP will go for a paltry £129.99, a savings of £20. A "Platinum" range of titles is also being released: Ridge Racer 2, Tekken: Dark Resurrection, KillZone: Liberation, Loco Roco and Moto GP will all be available for £14.99 each.

The UK is not the only territory experiencing a PSP price drop. Korea also announced a discounted price for the system: 198,000 won, a savings of 50,000 won. The savings will take place starting April 26th.

Finally, our northern neighbors have also experienced a price drop. Canadians can now get their PSP systems for $199.99, a savings of $30. These global price cuts are showing a more aggressive stance from Sony--something all PSP fans can be thankful for.

[Via TVG, PSP-Vault, Extreme Gamer]

Certificate Utility removed in firmware 3.40


The Korean PlayStation website has announced the arrival of yet another update to PSP's official firmware. However, unlike previous updates, this revision will actually remove some functionality from the system. We've translated the text--it appears "Certificate Utility" will no longer appear on the XMB. Rather, the information used to be available in this section will be embedded directly into the games downloaded from the PLAYSTATION Store. This is a rather minor, but puzzling change.

According to the Korean website, the firmware will be released tomorrow, 4/19.

[Via PSP Hacks]

It's not a dream, DJ Max turns into a "live miracle"

American gamers may be destroying their PSPs in frustration over DJ Max Portable 2, but Korean gamers are absolutely bonkers for the music title. A live concert called "Live Miracle" will take advantage of the growing popularity of the game, and give fans the rare opportunity to hear their favorite songs from the game performed live. Too bad other games don't get the same kind of treatment. Imagine: a Gitaroo-Man concert. ::swoons::

Make sure to check out Ruliweb for the complete poster, filled with some hilarious Engrish. Live MIRACLE, It's not a DREAM!

[Via PSP-Vault]

Power Rangers-esque heroes promote DJ Max


Insert your own hilarious caption here!

Aren't promotions supposed to entice buyers? This recent Korean promotion of DJ Max Portable 2 features people dressed up in Power Rangers-esque outfits, begging onlookers to purchase the newest Korean music sensation. I don't know about you, but the very sight would have me running away in terror, shivering in a corner somewhere. Supposedly, these characters are in the game, but that certainly doesn't make this any less creepy.

Video, embedded after the break. More pictures of the event can be found at Ruliweb.

[Via PSP-Vault]

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Korea gets Monster Hunter swag

Doesn't that Monster Hunter bracelet (pictured, right) look hot? In celebration of the Korean release of the insanely popular RPG, one random purchaser of the game was treated to one of the sexiest pieces of swag we've seen. According to Ruliweb, ten others were treated to some impressive action figures.

However, no one walked away empty-handed. Like the Japanese, Koreans were treated to other swag items for pre-ordering. Early adopters received some premium posters.

Capcom hasn't announced any incentives for the impending US release. But, if we're lucky enough, we'll also be able to get our hands on some swag of this caliber.

[Thanks, Mike for the translation! Via PSP-Vault]

Firmware 3.10 released ... in Korea

A new firmware upgrade was inevitable, considering how the PSP has been completely blown open by homebrewers. The latest update, 3.10, includes a variety of new functions, such as dynamic normalization in music (yes!), and a new "memory economy" function for the web browser that should lessen the frequency of those annoying memory errors.

However, this update seems to only be available on the heavy-hit, sluggish Korean PS site. Undoubtedly, this update should hit the other global sites shortly. Will you make the upgrade, or is the temptation of 3.03OE-C too great for you?

[Via DCEmu]

Video Sandwich: November 16, 2006

More ads from Sony for tonight's Video Sandwich. These two are from the other side of the Pacific, and they show a very different style than what's available here in the States. First, from Japan is a ridiculously awesome ad for Jeanne d'Arc. You might not know Japanese, but seeing Japanese business men go crazy is always funny, no matter what language you speak.

Finally, we have this pretty awesome Korean ad for the Talkman. Man, they make the most romantic ads over there in Korea!

Pump It Up heading to PSP (in Korea, at least)

PSP continues to prove itself as one of the best platforms for music games out there. Pump It Up is a game very much like Dance Dance Revolution, and it's insanely popular in Korea. PSP Vault discovered a new listing for a PSP version of the popular dancing game on Sony's official Korean website.

The homebrew community embraced dance-style games through projects like PSP Revolution. However, DDR and its clones require you to input buttons that correspond to up, down, left and right. Pump It Up uses diagonals and a center button: how will these be mapped on the PSP? Puzzling, no?

See also:
DJ Max Portable, for non-Korean speakers

Tekken energizes Koreans

The PSP is surprisingly strong in Korea (most likely because Nintendo of Korea doesn't really exist). Not only do they giant PSP displays, they also get exclusive Tekken bundles. Now, they also get energy drinks. The "Enerzen" drink will proudly boast art from Dark Resurrection. I think they're trying to say if you drink their product, you'll be as buff as Jin. But be careful! If you drink too much, you might turn into the awfully stupid Devil Jin.

[Via PSP Vault]

Giant PSP entrances Korean populace

The Koreans get all the cool stuff. They get the beautiful Tekken Giga Pack, super-romantic PSP ads, and the super-awesome DJ Max Portable. Sure, they also get pretty boy games, but at least they have the option. Now, they also have enticing large PSP displays thrown about the cities, luring unsuspecting Korean males to stop exactly what they're doing and just stare... for hours on end. Visit Destructoid to see pictures of this display attracting a larger, and larger, crowd.

[Via QJ]

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