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Koei revives RPG Zill O'll Infinite, reveal PSP-heavy TGS lineup

In the past two weeks you've probably heard all about several of Koei's new titles and newly found love for PSP. Two new games -- Dynasty Warriors Multi Raid and Warriors Orochi 2 -- are making their way to the oblong portable device by the end of this year in Japan, and lucky TGS-goers will get a chance to check them out at the show. Being the generous sort of folks they are, Koei has one more title set for release this year in Japan: Zill O'll Infinite Plus.

Scheduled for a release in December, Zill O'll Infinite is going to be a PSP port of the PS2 remake of the original PSOne RPG (yikes what a mouthful!) with expected new elements. The game hasn't been officially mentioned yet on Koei's TGS lineup like DWMR and WO2, but we're assuming it won't miss the show like the other recently unveiled titles. The only other PSP title to appear at Koei's booth is the already released Neo Angelique. With Zill added to the mix, Koei will have four PSP games at the show -- which accounts for nearly half their showing this year. It's nice to hear that some developers haven't put the PSP down for the 10-count just yet.

[Via PSP Hyper]

One more Koei game: Dynasty Warriors Multi Raid

It seems Koei's PSP ports are just coming out of the woodwork. Not more than a few days ago, the Japanese corp stated new games were to be shown at TGS; a day later we know what those games are. One is a port of Warriors Orochi 2, and another, we've found out, is this: Dynasty Warriors Multi Raid.

The title is yet another multiplayer co-op game (who'd a thunk it?) that's based off of Dynasty Warriors 6 (probably more specifically on the PS2 version). It'll be out later this year in Japan and scheduled for "winter." While it's not altogether surprising to hear that Koei's offerings are ports, we can't help but feel disappointed at the lack of something really new and original ... but, we should've seen that one coming from a mile away.

[Via Gamekyo]

Two new PSP games revealed in latest Famitsu

All right, we've got two new games from two different companies. First up is Koei's Musou Orochi: Maou Sairin (Warriors Orochi 2) which is probably one of those "new" titles Koei has been talking about recently. It's a port of the PS2 game which will be out later this month in North America. The PSP port is scheduled for Japan this November with new characters and ad hoc multiplayer.

The second title is Capcom's Sengoku Basara: Battle Heroes. The series has never left done poorly outside Asia, so we're not banking on this one getting localized. Battle Heroes has 2-on-2 battles and 4-player ad hoc. Battle Heroes is scheduled for Spring 2009 in Japan.

Are you sensing a pattern in Japanese PSP development? Notice how all games now seem to be touting the multiplayer co-op ad hoc? Thanks to Monster Hunter, developers have finally found a cash cow in the PSP.

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Koei to unveil new PSP games at Tokyo Game Show

Koei president Kenji Matsubara spoke recently with Gamasutra about making third party titles in Japan. More important to our readers, part of that discussion involved PSP. Pointing to the PSP's success with Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (yes, everything comes back around to Monster Hunter PSP savior), Matsubara said it is encouraging to make games for the PSP as opposed to other tougher markets (the PS3 and 360).

In line with this, Koei has acted accordingly by revealing plans to announce new PSP titles at this year's Tokyo Game Show in October. What those titles are, it won't say, but we're certainly curious to find out. Deducing from the article, it sounds like Koei is aiming to make a game that utilizes Monster Hunter's team-focused gameplay. Hmm, perhaps a game where Guan Yu and friends go around Han Dynasty China looking to slay mythical creatures? We wouldn't be surprised ...

Anyway, don't get too excited yet. While Koei sings a PSP paean, it can't deny a lack of enthusiasm from Western markets. Perhaps, these new games will be Japan-only. Stay tuned, we'll have more from TGS next month.

Date one or ten guys in Neo Angelique Special

Here's another Japanese simulation game aimed squarely at the female audience: Neo Angelique Special. In this port of a 2006 PS2 game, you play a pretty young woman who battles demons with the help of various pretty young males. Of course, love is in the air. A lot of love -- there are ten guys shown at the official site for the anime version of Neo Angelique. For those who are interested, the game arrives in Japan on September 20th.

We can see the marketing now: Ikki Tousen for him, Neo Angelique Special for her. A match made in PSP heaven.

[Via PSPHyper]

PSP Fanboy review: Warriors Orochi

What can we say? Koei likes their Warriors formula. There's something different about Warriors Orochi though. Even though we've sifted through similar games, nay, almost identical games in the past, this title stands out. Perhaps it's the fact it's not lifted from the pages of history. Perhaps it's the sheer size of the character roster. Maybe we were just bored. Still, for Warriors fans, Warriors Orochi is the best of the franchise on the PSP, but everyone else will find the game repetitive and just like the others.

Gallery: Warriors Orochi

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Warriors Orochi: familiar Koei fun

Koei is rather "comfortable" with the hack 'n slash formula they've refined over the years. In fact, their upcoming PSP title, Warriors Orochi is a blend of their most successful button mashers: Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. As you can tell by this gameplay footage, if you've seen any of these games in action before, this will look awfully familiar ...

Check out the rest of the vids here.

Warriors Orochi hits Europe in late March

For all those impulse-importer Europeans out there, hold off your orders for just a second because one more PSP title will be heading your way. That title is Warriors Orochi, scheduled to hit the European continent on March 28 -- three days after the game's North American release.

Warriors Orochi
is the amalgamation of Koei's two huge action franchises: Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors; the game takes all the familiar faces from past games and tosses them together for some fanboyish team-ups and storylines. We can't wait to rip it up on the PSP, even if we already did so on the PS2 version. Anyway, it's nice to know that Europeans can share in the 500+ combo kills at the same time we do.

Conquer the first Warriors Orochi trailer

Fresh from yesterday's announcement of Warriors Orochi is this first-ever English trailer. The PSP port brings all the hack 'n slash action of the PS2 original, with complete battlefields. Fans of the Warriors series of games need not fear: it looks like nothing much has changed in this long-running franchise.

GDC08: Warriors Orochi announced for US release

Koei has just announced the PSP version of Warriors Orochi will be heading stateside. According to the press release, "Warriors Orochi for PSP boasts the massive seamless battlefields of the console versions ... The handheld release includes all 79 playable characters, and features 2-player co-op play via wireless (ad-hoc)."

The hack and slash is about the Serpent King Orochi who somehow manages to use his powers to alter time and space, thereby fusing the worlds of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. Warriors from Ancient China and Feudal Japan will have to team up together to fight this supernatural menace.

Check out the very first English language screenshots in our new gallery below.

Gallery: Warriors Orochi

Musou Orochi screenshots surface

The first images of the PSP version of Musuo Orochi have surfaced on Japanese gaming site, Famitsu.com. They showcase Koei's inherent knack for giant combos and big slash effects. This mishmash of Chinese and Japanese mythology won't provide a history lesson to anyone -- just a button-mashing good time. Will Koei be able to fix up the game for the portable audience, or will it suffer the same flaws that its PS2 and Xbox 360 predecessors had?

[Via PSPHyper]

Warriors Orochi gets ported to PSP

Koei's hack and slash adventure, Warriors Orochi is heading to PSP. Originally on PS2 and Xbox 360, Orochi combined the worlds of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors into one super-ultra-warrior-fest. The PSP version will hopefully receive some significant changes -- the original game was bashed by the critics.

Expect this historical time-bender in Japan next February.

Import game releases for the week of 04/01/07

Every week we pray to the import gods and ask them to give us more import games to enjoy. This week we have an anime based game, a sports game and a ton of budget re-releases. Keep reading to see what's coming from Japan this week.

Continued after the jump ...

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms bundle coming to Japan

While the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series never really was a huge commercial success in the US, over in Japan it's a hit. So much so, that in march there is going to be a bundle of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII port and the metallic blue PSP. As with most of the game specific PSP bundles, it will also feature a special PSP case, this time with a Koei theme. I'm not really looking for a RotTK bundle over here, but it would be smart for Sony to start having more game specific bundles outside of Japan. The pack-in game has always been a great way to help spur interest in a system. Are any of our readers hardcore enough to actually buy this Japanese bundle?

[Via Game Watch]

Import game releases for the week of 1/7/07

Stephen Bailey takes you through the latest Japanese import releases every Sunday in our new feature.

The PSP allows you to play import games without having to solder toaster parts to it and hook it to a car battery. This ease of use surely deserves to be rewarded with a list of the import games of the week.


We may have had Gunpey on our PSPs for a while, but Japan is just getting their version of the puzzle music game. As previously reported, this is probably the version to get simply because of the sexy box cover. If the cover does sway you into purchasing it, know that the game has the style you'd expect from a Q Entertainment release and the gameplay consists of flipping lines to connect them to other lines (it's more exciting than it sounds). For the curious, the "R" stands for "rebirth". This makes sense since the whole Gunpey thing is nothing new in Japan.

Nobunaga no Yabou: Shouseiroku (Koei the Best)

This is the re-release of this game as a "Best" version, which in Japan just means the game sold well. That or they're re-releasing it to try and get it back on store shelves. This is a Koei history strategy game, so it's likely that it isn't a good import idea if you don't speak japanese. On the other hand, it never came out in english, so if you're hardcore or brave enough, import away.

And that's it for this week, but don't fall into a lack of import depression, we'll have more import games next week

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