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Keyboard attachment announced at CES

NOTE: Image is just a mock-up. This is not the real PSP keyboard. [Image source]

Do you hate the virtual keyboard the PSP has? Well, looks like a solution is coming. An official first-party keyboard attachment is in the works. The problem? It won't be due until next year, according to GameSpot. "We're looking at several designs, but can't tell you anything more specific," a rep said.

[Thanks, Joe!]

Homebrew lets you use keyboard with PSP

Finally: another use for PSP's IR port. New homebrew from Fanjita and harleyg called "piKey" lets OE users the ability to use keyboards with the PSP. "Imagine being able to use your keyboard to control any PSP game or homebrew, and even the PSP's XMB menu and on-screen keyboard, automatically and without needing any changes to the other software. This is what piKey aims to give you."

An installer is included to make installation as easy as possible. The software is compatible with various infrared keyboards through the IR port, and serial I/O via the PSP's headphone socket. The download includes an user's manual to make things a bit easier.

The attractiveness of using a keyboard with the PSP seems limited to me: the device is a handheld, not a computer. However, it's certainly an interesting program. Download it at PSP Gen.

[Via PSP-Hacks]

Better keyboard and AIM client released by fans

Qaz from DCEmu (registration required) has released a pretty nice AIM/MSN/Yahoo client for the PSP. It's pretty easy to install and use ... so long as you're willing to struggle with the PSP's pathetic phone-like virtual keyboard. Too bad ZX81's newly released Virtual Keyboard isn't compatible: certainly, conversations would be far more manageable. Regardless, these are two appreciated apps that will certainly help a great number of people, especially because it doesn't involve homebrew. Simply download, extract, and access from the PSP's internet browser.

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The top 5 most creative uses of the PSP

While long-time readers of PSP Fanboy have undoubtedly seen most of these mods and hacks, it's nice to see five truly fascinating uses of the PSP in action. TechEBlog has collected various videos from YouTube, showcasing the PSP's incredible flexibility. Watch someone type away on a PSP keyboard; control a robot; play with an analog stick; add a motion sensor; and finally, make calls with a PSP phone.

Homebrew keyboard lets you take notes

Finally, a PSP keyboard! But, not from Sony. The homebrew community has concocted a keyboard for the PSP. By using the Palm(One) Universal Wireless Keyboard in conjunction with the homebrew program TyDoPad, PSP users can take brief notes and save them as text files. While this may not be the most exciting of programs, it's an interesting development nonetheless. What other uses for a keyboard can you think of for the PSP, other than a port of The Typing of the Dead?

[Via QJ]

Keyboard coming Spring according to contest

One of the features that fans have been clamoring for on the PSP has been keyboard support. While we've seen one potential keyboard accessory die, it appears that another one is coming down the horizon. At least, according to a new contest sponsored by FITC and Silver Platter. The contest asks for talented coders to make a Flash application that'll utilize the keyboard. Winners will win UMDs from Silver Platter, PlayGear headphones and PlayGear cases. The first prize winner will get tickets to FITC Hollywood and also have their application packaged with the keyboard, coming this spring.

The contest ends September 21st, so coders should get moving quickly. Hopefully, we'll find out more information about this peripheral soon enough.

[Via IGN Boards]

How the PSP can overcome the PSP-inspired mylo

David Carony, executive editor at CNET, has a lot to say about Sony, the PSP, and their newly announced mylo. Sony's attempting to market the device at a whopping $350, which is ridiculous when many, if not all of its features can be implemented in the PSP, or a PSP redesign. With the right accessories and firmware upgrades, the PSP can do every thing the mylo can... plus it can play games. And at $199, it would be a bargain for the consumer. Here's a list of what Carony believes will make the PSP better:
  1. Skype support to make Internet (VoIP) calls (using the SOCOM headset).
  2. Support for Slingbox (a competitor of Location-Free TV). Sony could make some bling by not selling hardware, but selling a Slingbox application.
  3. Built-in IM applications, similar to mylo's support for Yahoo! and Google.
  4. Better e-mail integration.
  5. Keyboard accessory.
  6. Video output for TV.
  7. Stop making Connect so crappy. Where's the revamp?
These are all great, plausible and reasonable upgrades that Sony can provide. If Sony actually took these suggestions to heart, I know a ton more college students and business people would pick up a PSP. Let's hope Sony has the brains to follow through on some of this.

[Via PSP World]

Results: What would enhance the PSP the most?

About a week ago, PSP Fanboy asked you what would enhance the PSP system the most. It was a pretty obvious win: the ability to play PSone games on the PSP. For some reason, Sony believes that the number one most-wanted feature for the system is the ability to connect to a PS3, but as can be seen by our not-scientific poll, it's one of the least desirable functions, barely beating out Text Messaging. But in all seriousness, who would really want to use the PSP "keyboard" to text message anyone? People also seem to want a hard drive, but for some reason that's one of the main functions that Sony's not planning to implement... for now, at least. Here are some memorable comments from the Fanboys:
  • "How about if it were made by Nintendo. And oh yeah, games worth buying." - mitch
  • "I would so love to not have to name files with that useless naming convention." - PodMonkeys (wish granted!)
  • "I would really like it if the PSP came with a touch screen. Or a keyboard. It could be like the SideKick." - Hans
  • "What about the ability to pull pornography out of thin air?" - Player1
  • " A decent way to type, like a Virtual QWERTY keyboard" - MacFanBoy
  • "The greatest enhancement would be the ability to download and play iTunes and Videos from iTunes." - MM
  • "Real Bluetooth (data and A2DP) support would be nice. Then with a few software updates we could use bluetooth keyboards, bluetooth mice, bluetooth GPS devices, bluetooth stereo audio, etc. etc. the list goes on and on." - Ixalon

Logic 3 keyboard says bye-bye

It’s official: the Logic 3 keyboard, the very one we’ve been waiting for with baited breath, has been supressed into non-existence cancelled. Logic 3 claims that the reason behind the peripheral’s demise was Sony’s unwillingness to give up information that was vital to the device’s operation.

Why would Sony be so uncooperative? Chances are that they have their own keyboard peripheral planned, and just like any other business, they’re undoubtedly looking out for numero uno. So sorry to see you go, Logic 3 keyboard. Hope you’ll have fun in that gigantic vaporware bin in the sky.

[via Engadget]

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