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Play Infinite Loop on your computer

Want to give the upcoming PSP game, Infinite Loop, a try? Well, you can on your computer through a brand new Flash demo. Watch out! The game is primarily a text adventure game ... in Japanese. Unlike you're proficient in nihongo, you probably won't get much benefit from the demo. Give it a try here. (Note: There is no load screen. You will simply wait a very long time for the demo to download.)

For something everyone can enjoy, you can also download the new Infinite Loop theme for your PSP. It features cute anime girls and ... well, bread. Download it here and install it on your PSP in the folder PSP/THEME.

Infinite Loop: a ghastly new game from Nippon Ichi

Nippon Ichi Software holds a special place in the hearts of hardcore RPG gamers. While most famous for the Disgaea series, their upcoming Infinite Loop looks quite different than their previous titles.

A plague strikes a town during the Middle Ages, taking away the lives of many -- including the King. When the prince tries to find out the real cause behind the plague, his life is also ended. However, his spirit, mysteriously spared, must find out the secret of the disease and the mysterious eye that seems connected to it.

The prince will be able to attach to the living, and through the conversations he listens to, he'll find clues to continue his journey. His time is limited, though -- take too long to find a clue, and his spirit will die. With diligence, players will be able to break out of the "Infinite Loop" and solve the mysteries surrounding this town. It's an intriguing premise, one that'll certainly be heavy in text. Find out more at Gpara.

[Via PSPHyper]

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