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Samsung hints at hard disk-enhanced PSP

Do you see what I see? There seems to be a very familiar looking portable device in that girl's hands. This photo was taken at Samsung's announcement of new portable hard drive tech. The 60GB version of Samsung's 1.8" N-series drives may end up in a future PSP revision, which should be enough to satiate you with days, if not weeks, of music and games and porn.

[Via Engadget]

PSP survey suggests redesign

Well, would you? Sony recently sent a survey to select members of its GAP community polling them on various features for the PSP. This is unsurprising: they've done this quite a number of times before. However, this is the first time the language has suggested a redesigned PSP: would you buy another PSP, just like the hordes of DS owners that threw out their Phats in exchange for the lovelier Lite? Personally, I think the PSP's design is good just the way it is, and being an owner of a 4GB Memory Stick makes me not care too much about a hard drive. However, video out is very important to me. Why? Well, then I can finally give you guys some direct-feed PSP footage. What about you, ye faithful PSP fanboy?

[Via IGN Boards]

[Update 1: Our readers have voted! A whopping majority of you, 62%, would purchase a redesigned PSP. As long as it doesn't render the current PSP useless, I think it's clear that a PSP "Lite" would go over very well with the masses.]

Two redesigned PSPs coming next Spring, say analysts

It's that time of the year again. Yep. Another analyst is talking about a PSP redesign, but this one's a bit more ambitious than the other ones: Paul-Jon McNealy of American Technical Research has predicted the appearance of two new models, one below $199 and one above. "Sony will likely introduce a refresh of the PSP hardware line, including a hard-disk drive PSP and a second PSP with no hard drive but with a significant amount of flash memory on board." Sounds a lot like the other rumor about a redesign.

Considering how frequently these redesign reports pop up, I'm going to place my bet that a redesign will come out... eventually (no matter how often Sony denies it). Will it be next Spring, as predicted?

[Via International Business Times]

Results: What would enhance the PSP the most?

About a week ago, PSP Fanboy asked you what would enhance the PSP system the most. It was a pretty obvious win: the ability to play PSone games on the PSP. For some reason, Sony believes that the number one most-wanted feature for the system is the ability to connect to a PS3, but as can be seen by our not-scientific poll, it's one of the least desirable functions, barely beating out Text Messaging. But in all seriousness, who would really want to use the PSP "keyboard" to text message anyone? People also seem to want a hard drive, but for some reason that's one of the main functions that Sony's not planning to implement... for now, at least. Here are some memorable comments from the Fanboys:
  • "How about if it were made by Nintendo. And oh yeah, games worth buying." - mitch
  • "I would so love to not have to name files with that useless naming convention." - PodMonkeys (wish granted!)
  • "I would really like it if the PSP came with a touch screen. Or a keyboard. It could be like the SideKick." - Hans
  • "What about the ability to pull pornography out of thin air?" - Player1
  • " A decent way to type, like a Virtual QWERTY keyboard" - MacFanBoy
  • "The greatest enhancement would be the ability to download and play iTunes and Videos from iTunes." - MM
  • "Real Bluetooth (data and A2DP) support would be nice. Then with a few software updates we could use bluetooth keyboards, bluetooth mice, bluetooth GPS devices, bluetooth stereo audio, etc. etc. the list goes on and on." - Ixalon

Rumors: Jaffe's episodic crying adventure & streaming PS3 media

The Kotaku Rumor Mill has churned out some pretty nifty PSP rumors. Here they are, bullet-pointed for your reading pleasure:
  • We knew that David "God of War" Jaffe is developing a PSP game that would make you cry (something that porn can't do). However, the Rumor Mill suggests that his new adventure will go all Half-Life on us, becoming an episodic adventure. Each "episode" supposedly comes in at a whopping 700MB!
  • Well, if each episodic download is 700MB, that would be much too large for most Memory Sticks. It seems like Sony might be making a hard drive for the PSP. Kotaku and myself don't seem to think that'll happen.
  • The PSP will be able to stream music and video from the PS3 via any wi-fi connection, a la Location Free Player. Sounds a great bonus for PSP owners, especially if they're paying $600 for the system, a price which might be too cheap.
Remember kids, these are just rumors, so that means that they might not come true. But if they did come true, which one fancies you the most?

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