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Video walkthrough reveals answers to Crush

Crushed about one of Crush's more diabolical levels? Don't feel too bad -- you're not alone. Many gamers have found the innovative 2D/3D puzzle game to be maniacally difficult. For better or worse, longtime PSP Fanboy reader JIMMY has provided some incredible video walkthroughs for the game. Each video will reveal, step by step, how to get to the exit. But, beware! While we're incredibly grateful for these guides, they may defeat the incredible sense of accomplishment one can get for getting to the end successfully. Do you want to risk that?

Of course, finding the answer certainly beats being stuck on a single level for hours on end.

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Ratchet & Clank interactive strategy guide

Did you ever get stuck in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters? Well, have no fear! Sony has just released an interactive guide for the entire game, and we have it right here. There's over 60 pages of inside info for your perusal: not only on how to beat the game, but find its elusive secrets as well.

Download for PC (18.1MB)
Download for Mac (25.1MB)

*Note: Please do NOT direct-link these files! Thanks.

Get a free Gurumin guide

For a limited time, gamers that rush over to the Gurumin official website will get a free 32-page mini-guide, filled with full-color art, tips, and a walkthrough of the game's first chapter. Five lucky gamers will get their guides autographed by the voice cast, which includes the likes of Tara Strong.

Those of you browsing via your PSP will be interested to check out the Downloads page to get your hands on MP3s from the game's lively soundtrack. The cute, anime-inspired, Falcom-developed RPG is heading to the US on February 12th.

Complete Loco Roco guide for download

Sony's official PlayStation website now has a complete, downloadable strategy guide for Loco Roco, which reveals the locations of every MuiMui, Pikorie, berry, and yes, Loco Roco. Think of it as a holiday gift from the kind folks at Sony.

PSP Fanboy holiday gift guide

It's Black Friday... You know what that means. The holiday shopping season has begun! Because all the other major gaming sites are doing it, we decided to make a holiday gift guide as well! These are the games that I think will make any good PSP owner happy.

$50 or below
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - Quite possibly the biggest portable adventure yet. GTA fans and fans of 80s pop culture will dig this game.

$40 or below
Daxter - The great graphics and lack of load times makes this platformer a great technical showcase.
Gitaroo-Man Lives! - My favorite PSP game of the year. Get it for the music lover.
Loco Roco - Sony proves that there are games for kids on its system. This one is it.
SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2 - The online tactical shooter returns. Online junkies will love this game.
Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror - Although not an FPS, the game's controls and extensive multiplayer modes is perfect for shooter lovers.
Tekken: Dark Resurrection - It's the only fighting game you'll want to give to a PSP owner.

$30 or below
Lumines II - With nearly a hundred different musical skins to unlock, this easy-to-learn puzzle game is perfect for anyone, especially if they missed the original game.

$20 or below
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - For less than $20, the original LCS sports a ton of gameplay at an insanely affordable price.
Mega Man: Powered Up - This 2D platformer features great graphics, classic gameplay, and a level editor that lets you share creations. At under $20, it's a steal.
Wipeout Pure - This launch game still sports some of the system's best graphics. With tons of free downloadable content, this is a great value.

Tutorial for running homebrew on 2.80 firmware

Being able to play homebrew on firmware 2.80 is an amazing accomplishment. However, most people that have firmware 2.80 probably don't know the very basics of running homebrew on their system. While there have been guides created in the past, a new one has popped up on the PlayStation boards. Shamoo teaches you the steps necessary to run fan-favorite DDR clone, PSP Revolution, on your system.
  1. Download the eLoader on your computer.
  2. Connect your PSP to your computer via USB.
  3. Install the eLoader.
  4. Make sure you choose this kind of installation: "TIFF, Installatron + Xloader - RECOMMENDED"
  5. Ensure the following options are checked: "TIFF, xLoader (for 2.80), Installatron, emenu"
  6. You're done installing the eLoader. Now, it's time to get homebrew programs.
The full tutorial shows you how to download and install PSP Revolution on your system. It's not complicated at all--it just involves moving some folders into your PSP's GAME directory, and a few more steps. Of course, with firmware 3.0 on the horizon, what choice will you make? Stick with homebrew, or keep advancing with Sony's official upgrades?

Hand-drawn Loco Roco maps guide you through demo & game

Are you having trouble finding every single secret in the new Loco Roco demo? Don't fret. Walter, a German PSP enthusiast, has meticulous hand-drawn guides that'll get you through the demo and get your blubbery pal as fat as he can. He's working on the rest of the game too, so those of you that simply must find every secret in the game might want to check his cute effort out.

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Rewind! Passport's new ad

The Passport guides are supposed to help you find the coolest things to do in major cities around the world. It hasn't gotten great reviews, but maybe this surprisingly classy (and romantic) advertisement will be able to convince the masses to pick one up. The ad sure beats the heck out of all those other European PSP ads.

Passport to London is your somewhat dumb guide to London

Eurogamer has reviewed Sony's interesting non-game, Passport to London, which acts as a guide of sorts to one of Europe's most popular destinations. The idea of this software is pretty interesting: for example, let's say you're walking around and want to find a museum nearby. Or, how about a hotel? When the sun sets, of course you'll want to find a pub of some sort. Passport also includes pictures, videos and audio features: it has a very Talkman-like feature that gives you some popular phrases translated across multiple languages.

While Passport seems to be an intriguing idea, the execution appears to be weak, at best. There is a distinct lack of information: there's only four pubs, one theatre, and even the more famous restaurants like Nobu are nowhere to be found. The review concludes that Passport is "a missed opportunity." Hopefully, future versions will allow for some more interesting features: GPS integration, internet access (so you can make hotel reservations via wi-fi), and downloadable updates are just some of the few ideas that are popping up in my head.

T3 article teaches the common folk how to use homebrew

You know, homebrew can be pretty intimidating: it uses big scary technical terms and comes with the possibility that your PSP will be "bricked." You may be one of the many that looks at our extensive homebrew coverage and weeps, wondering: "Will I ever be able to do that?" Well, T3 magazine wants to help. Entitled "Turn your PSP into a SNES, Gameboy and more!," the feature describes the steps necessary to transform your PSP into a homebrew platform. It states that you need 2.0 firmware or less, but don't forget that there have been a slew of downgraders that can transform even newer firmwares.

The scan can be found here. There are only 12 steps, and each comes with a handy picture to walk you through the process. Have fun, if this is the guide you've been waiting for before making the dive into homebrew. But make sure that you remember: it still can brick your PSP, so be careful.

How-to: Load homebrew onto your firmware 2.6 PSP

Also known as the guide to "not looking like a schmuck when installing homebrew programs on your PSP". This guide, written by PSP Fanboy's C.K. Sample III, is somewhat of a departure from a previous guide we linked to in that this mostly deals with booting up your copy of GTA and getting the eLoader files in the correct folders. Thankfully, this literally walks you through the entire process, so it's practically idiot-proof. Unless you're really stupid, in which case we can't help you.

Photos accompany nearly each stage of the sequence, so in the event that you somehow become hopelessly lost while following the guide, the pretty pictures should lead you back to the beaten path.

In case you'd like a different take on the festivities, here's Joystiq's side of it.

Master your PSP's audio

For all those who still have no idea how to put music on their PSPs, or are just too busy to figure out optimal compression ratings, ExtremeTech has a new quick-and-dirty guide to the should-be painless act of transferring audio files to the PSP. They've got a few links to freeware, shareware and homebrew apps, as well as a few tips on audiobooks and text-to-speech programs.

This guide won't do expert users much good, since a lot of what's covered is fairly basic. But for those who still have trouble figuring out what the difference is between AAC and AIFF, this guide is a good place to get acquainted.

Learn to program for PSP, updated

Programming guru Brad has posted another update to his programming guide. This week's update is all about overclocking, colors, and graphics-based text, which gives me yet another reason to experience flashbacks to my high school computer class when I sadly realized that if I could not master the basics of BASIC, I should just probably settle for a less glamorous career like writing. Ah, sweet irony.

[Thanks, Brad]

Yet another browser design primer

We've published guides on how to design webpages that'll format properly on the PSP's web browser before, but we figured you weren't sick of our wagging fingers enough to keep us from talking about another one we've found. The good news is, this one's got some actual layout sense in it. Look at the little doggie! It's cute!

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