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Classy God of War leather cases

Depending on your love of the God of War franchise, you may want Kratos' face embedded on all things you own PSP-related. These fashionable leather cases will fit right in with your God of War collection, offering a classy way of showcasing your love of the series while protecting your PSP system. Available for less than $7 (with free shipping) at DealExtreme, we're sure a few of you will snap up these cases. (Also available in black.)

[Via PSPGadgetZ]

Japan readies for God of War by throwing party

God of War: Chains of Olympus is on its way to Japan on July 10. To help get the game into the minds of PSP gamers -- and peel them away from Monster Hunter -- a special event was held last Friday in Tokyo. There were 15 booths where people could try out the game, tons of free swag such as keychains and t-shirts, and specially crafted drinks made from goat blood, harpy milk, and cyclops sweat were served. Japanese hip-hop group YOU THE ROCK★ was also around to keep things lively. See photos of the event here.

As Chains of Olympus devs Ready at Dawn have let their sun set on the PSP, this summer's release for Chains will be the final game on the system from the crew. In that respect, this event was not only the celebration for kicking off the PSP God of War game in Japan, but also, an unintentional farewell. We only hope the game does well in Japan because it really deserves the love.

Special keychains for Japanese God of War event

Need every bit of God of War merchandise ever? Well, this one's going to be hard to get. That is, unless you live in Japan. A special event in Akihabara later this month (June 20th) will promote the still-unreleased God of War: Chains of Olympus, and those in attendance will be able to get this special keychain. In addition, artist YOU THE ROCK will make an appearance.

Although the God of War franchise is incredibly successful in America and Europe, it hasn't managed to break through in Japan. God of War II managed to sell about 40k units total on PS2. While PSP is quite the hot system in Japan right now, it's unclear how the Japanese populace will respond to this incredible, but American-developed, game.

[Via PSPHyper]

God of War Entertainment Pack available today

The God of War Entertainment Pack is available in stores today (even earlier, if your local Wal-Mart decided to break the street date). For $200, you get the limited edition red PSP system, a copy of God of War: Chains of Olympus, a code to download Syphon Filter: Combat Ops, and the UMD version of Superbad. All in all, a terrific value.

If for some reason, the color turns you off, you may be interested in the next available PSP Entertainment Pack -- the blue Madden pack.

Gallery: God of War PSP-2000

God of War PSP street date broken at Wal-Mart

If you've been anticipating getting your hands on the new God of War-red PSP then perhaps you might want to check your local Wal-Mart to see if they have them out on the shelves. One lucky gamer did just that and snagged a shiny red PSP for himself. The new PSPs are supposed to be ready for sale on June 3; so, if you want one a week early, you know where to go.

Considering that Wal-Mart is doing this, we just want to make sure you don't mistake the red PSP for this other ugly GoW PSP. Ew. Make sure you get the right one, okay?

[Via Digg]

God of War Entertainment Packs now available for pre-order

You know you want it. The limited edition God of War Entertainment Pack is finally available for pre-order. The package includes an awesome red PSP, a copy of God of War: Chains of Olympus, and a number of other goodies, like Syphon Filter: Combat Ops and Superbad UMD. Entertainment Pack, indeed. The pack releases on June 3rd for $199.99. Check it out at amazon.com. We'll update this post when other retailers begin offering the system as well.

Gallery: God of War PSP-2000

Zero Punctuation reviews God of War: Chains of Olympus

Yahtzee, popular narrator of the video game review series "Zero Punctuation" has a new review this week for the system-selling Grand Theft Auto IV God of War: Chains of Olympus. PSP fans may be unfamiliar with the host's brutally honest (and hilarious) takes on today's most popular games -- you're in for a treat. Watch, and tell us if you agree.

[Thanks, Outinthedark!]

God of War TV spot rains blood 'en Español'

Dios de la guerra en Español! Hopefully, that translated well. Our Spanish-speaking readers will have to point out the possible (read: probable) butchery of their language. Apologies are to be arranged. Anyway, what makes this TV spot so special? Aside from being in a foreign language, this God of War: Chains of Olympus advertisement has blood rain down from the sky. Why is that happening? Haven't got a clue. This ad is pretty interesting to watch, even if it doesn't directly relate to anything that happens in the game.

Lead Artist Nathan Phail-Liff talks about working on God of War

We're sure a lot of you are snickering right now, because Ready At Dawn's lead artist's last name is an internet-savvy spelling of "fail"; we snicker at you though, since this man got to work on God of War: Chains of Olympus and thus earns the respect of millions. What did he do on the project? How does he feel about it now that it's out? We're glad you asked.

For the first eight months, Nathan was actually programming tools to bring what we see in the final product to life. After he programmed all the necessary components, then he went back and actually used them to help create what ended up in our hands. That's pretty impressive. Working on an existing IP, he said, is a blessing and a curse. Especially for God of War since there are so many expectations surrounding it. The stylistic guidelines they used to keep the game familiar to fans is pretty clever.

The challenges faced by the staff for making the PSP game were numerous -- insert all sort of technical mumbo-jumbo here. Cramming the game onto the PSP is one thing, but only having 15 artists to do it really puts the workload into perspective. If you want to hear more about his experience programming for the game, or his proudest accomplishment, read the full interview. It's really quite entertaining.

Kratos wants you to make another Machinima video

While we're sure Kratos will forgive us, he works rather well as an angry British man. In this faux-video, Kratos and another familiar face are talking about their own machinima video, where they more or less describe what the video genre is about than actually do a lot to be in one. Of course, you can see where they're going with this -- it's a whole contest where you can make your own machinima video. It's rather straight-forward and quite entertaining, so give it a shot and see where you stand in video editing skills.

[Thanks, William!]

Please, don't buy this Wal-Mart GOW PSP

No Wal-Mart! Perhaps trying to capitalize on the recent announcement of Sony's real PSP God of War bundle, Wal-Mart has created its own "exclusive" bundle for those interested in picking one up.

Not only is it hideous, but it actually costs more than Sony's upcoming official bundle, doesn't include any extras (such as UMD movie, downloadable game). But, unlike the official bundle, this is available now.

[Via GT Forums]

Gallery: God of War PSP-2000

God of War PSP bundle box art revealed

Click for high-resolution image.

What an eye-grabber. The upcoming God of War Entertainment Pack gives bloodthirsty players a brand new red PSP, a copy of Chains of Olympus, Syphon Filter: Combat Ops and the UMD movie Superbad -- all for $199. The problem? It won't be available until May.

Art student creates Kratos sculpture

For every Greek God, there is a statue. For what better way is there to immortalize an immortal than to construct an effigy? You know you've made God status when mortals start sculpting your very likeness. Today, we have Humber College student Sheldon P. to thank for this lovingly violent sculpture of God of War's hero Kratos.

The sculpture, titled "Ghost of Sparta," is currently on display at the 2008 Humber Art Show: Thou Art Your Art. If you're interested in seeing the sculpture in person or just have nothing to do next week, you can still catch the exhibition on March 24 and 25 up in Toronto. Or, why not make your own Kratos sculpture? In the words of Neil Buchanan: try it yourself!

Have another look at the sculpture after the break.

Continue reading Art student creates Kratos sculpture

Dutch kids cosplay Kratos

To promote God of War: Chains of Olympus in the Netherlands, Sony is asking people to dress up as Kratos. The most authentic Greek warrior will be able to win prizes, we're assuming. See all of the candidates performances here.

[Thanks, Jeffrey!]

Playing as the Spud of War

It's one of the easiest unlockables in God of War: Chains of Olympus, and it fills our hearts with joy. The franchise is known for its wild and wacky costumes, and the Spud of War is no different. This carb-o-licious outfit may make Kratos a bit less menacing, but let's not forget that he can rip your body in half. Thanks to our friends at PSP GadgetZ for capturing the video.

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