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Impressive God of War: Chains of Olympus gameplay videos

We've already showed off screenshots of the upcoming PSP God of War, but what about it in motion? Does it live up to the PS2 series in looks and gameplay? You can judge for yourself, by watching the video above. Personally, watching it has made me somehow more excited for the game. It makes me think that God of War: Chains of Olympus, may cement Ready At Dawn as the PSP's premier developer. If the cliffhanger ending of the above video depresses you, than keep reading to see how the boss battle plays out. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a certain game I have to go pre-order.

Boss video after the jump ...

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The prettiest 8 bits you'll ever see: Final Fantasy footage

The Final Fantasy remakes are certainly a bizarre thing to behold. The graphics are a strange mix of new and old: redone sprites and backgrounds mix with strange particle effects gamers from the NES era dare not dream of. GameTrailers has some gameplay footage from the game, allowing you to judge whether or not this game is worth the pricey $30 entry fee when it releases later this year.

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Monster Hunter interview extols the virtues of multiplayer

Ryosuke Tsujimoto, producer of the Monster Hunter series, spoke to GameTrailers about how the Monster Hunter series gained in popularity. Word of mouth was crucial to the game's success, and PSP was the ideal platform due to its portability. People would look at the screen, say "sugoi," and buy their own copies.

Not to beat a dead horse, but once again, we'd like to remind Capcom that because multiplayer is so crucial to the game experience, they should've done more and include Infrastructure. Regardless of our frustration at Capcom's lack of foresight, we do admit that the game looks quite marvelous graphically.

Which Cube would you rather have?

While searching the webbed world for info on the D3's PSP puzzler Cube I came across another game called Cube. Now this other Cube may not be available on PSP yet, but perhaps the fact that there's D3's Cube coming to PSP might keep this more advanced Cube with it's blazingly advanced graphics off the system. Not to mention the fact that I doubt the copyright police would allow there to be two games named Cube on the PSP. So I say to you reader; if both games lived in a world of Highlander where there could be only one, which Cube would you like to see on PSP? D3's Cube or Monotech Power Game Unit's Cube?

Video evidence after the jump ...

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Here they come ... Mushroom Men teaser 2

The above trailer doesn't show any gameplay for Mushroom Men and normally I wouldn't post a trailer like that, but the music and visuals are so bizarre that I thought readers had to see it. Mushroom Men is coming to us from the new publisher Gamecock. It's an action game where Mushroom Men fight ... oh nevermind, no matter how I try to explain it, it'll never make sense.

More Ratchet & Clank interviews than you can handle

Hope you're interested in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters because GameTrailers has posted not one ... not two ... but SIX interviews from the game's developers. They discuss various elements of the game, from multiplayer to designing the game engine. See past the cut to get your dose of Ratchet & Clank and then make sure you come back at 12:01AM on February 12th to see PSP Fanboy's review of the game. The game releases on February 13th.

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Call of Duty's road to PSP: first trailer

The trailer certainly depicts what I'd expect from a Call of Duty game, but can a good FPS exist on the PSP with its lack of a 2nd analog stick? It'd be great if the controls were as good as the game looks. Reading GameZone's developer diary gives me some hope, but I remain skeptical. Weirder things have happened than a good FPS on PSP (like a dating sim actually coming to the US). Call of Duty: Roads to Vitory is available in March.

Sega to Crush PSP [Update 1]

SEGA wants PSP players to prepare for a head trip. IGN is reporting that this summer SEGA will release a psychological puzzle game called Crush. Created by Kuju Brighton, Crush is about a man named Dan who is haunted by his past and suffers from chronic insomnia. To try and cure this problem, Dan turns to hypnosis. If that doesn't sound unique, just wait until you hear about the gameplay.

Crush takes place in a complex 3D world where players have to "crush" environments, which makes them then become 2D space. At this point the layout is like that of a 2D platformer. Because of the altering of the world, you're able to solve puzzles, access new areas and gain reach to secret items.

Sounds ridiculously creative. I can't wait to get my hands on it! See trailer after the cut.

[Update 1: Fixed formatting issues.]

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MACH's slow "death race"

The upcoming PSP-exclusive airplane racer/shooter, MACH, has just come out in Japan. I was pretty excited about the game, but looking at GameTrailers' latest footage was a little underwhelming. The game reminds me a lot of Nintendo 64's Diddy Kong Racing: don't these planes feel a little too slow for you? And shouldn't there be more consequences for running into things?

See also:
PSP Fanboy Theatre: Volume 1

Chili Con Carnage trailer w/ side of guacamole

I'm probably one of the few people who actually played Total Overdose. The game played like Max Payne meets Grand Theft Auto covered in Desperado sauce. Yes, it's cheesy and over the top, but that's sorta the point. Luckily for me, a continuation of the series is coming to PSP in the form of Chili Con Carnage. And below I've put the spicy first trailer from GameTrailers.

While I'm not sure if the portable version will pan out, if it does play like Total Overdose, than portable action fans should enjoy this Mexican treat.

Even more Ratchet & Clank videos

You probably know this by now: Ratchet & Clank is a beautiful, beautiful game. As if the previous deluge of videos wasn't enough to satisfy you, has uploaded two more of the game in action, proving that guns can make any genre more fun. Check them out, after the cut.

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David Jaffe admits drunkenly that his PSP game sucked

David Jaffe **BLEEP**ing talked to in the Playboy Mansion about developing on the PLAYSTATION 3 and PSP. He reveals that he'd love to make God of War III on the PLAYSTATION 3, if given the chance. He also makes note of the mistakes he's made. Firstly, he states that God of War's battle system is not as good as Devil May Cry's (agreed). And he also admits that his canceled PSP project, "Project HL," was really axed not because of the PS3, but because it wasn't progressing very well:

"I just **BLEEP**ed up my game on the PSP, it wasn't any good! That's true! There wasn't a **BLEEP** rumor!"

The full video interview is available, after the break. Obviously, if you didn't **BLEEP**ing notice, it features some profanity.

[Via Joystiq]

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Gurumin footage looks sloppy recently posted two new videos of the upcoming Gurumin, the super-happy-time Japanese action RPG from Falcom. As much as I want to get excited for this game, the sloppy visuals and potentially uninspired gameplay cast a huge shadow of doubt over the game. Check it out, and form your own opinion, after the break.

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The weapons of Killzone: Liberation

If you've played the demo, you got a good taste of what to expect from the upcoming PSP-exclusive Killzone: Liberation. You can only carry one weapon at a time, meaning weapons selection is pretty crucial to the strategy of the game. Thankfully, there are crates that will supply you with the necessary tools you'll need (for example: a rocket launcher before a deadly battle against two tanks). has posted an excellent video feature, covering the various weapons in the game. Their favorite? A explosive crossbow, a la Darkwatch. They reveal details on how you can purchase new weapons, use C4, command your teammates to cover you with turret fire, ride a tank, and more. Chris found the game demo to be pretty damn good, and with all these gameplay features, it seems like the full game will not disappoint (hopefully).

Killzone: Liberation hits stores on Halloween.

Multiplayer footage from MGS: Portable Ops

GameTrailers has just posted a beautiful montage of scenes from Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops' multiplayer mode. As expected, the graphics look sharp, and it appears the game will feature an abundance of gameplay modes and features. But, the video does show off some clunky gameplay; will controlling Snake via analog nub be as effective as I'm hoping it'll be? Portable Ops looks to hit our PSPs in December.

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