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Casting magic in Final Fantasy Tactics

In addition to new screenshots and art, Square Enix released a handful of new gameplay videos from its upcoming War of the Lions game. In these brief clips, you'll see how some of the powerful spells at your disposal. Unlike the Japanese release, the game features a better framerate, making this the single best version of Final Fantasy Tactics you can get anywhere.

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Please enjoy new Final Fantasy Tactics art

Click for high-resolution image.

Jeanne d'Arc and Disgaea aren't the only SRPGs that will take residence on the PSP. A new PSP-enhanced version of Final Fantasy Tactics, called The War of the Lions, will be available nationwide October 9th. The War of the Lions divide the land of Ivalice in two. The story is told through the eyes of two men as they're entrapped by the war: Delita Heiral and Ramza Beoulve.

New to the PSP version is a new job class: the Onion Knight. In addition, the game will be enhanced with new 16:9 graphics, a brand new translation and fully voiced anime cutscenes (the Japanese version did not feature any VA). A new multiplayer function allows you to battle other players, or play cooperatively against the AI.

Check out the huge media blowout we secured for you. You'll find new art, screenshots are more in our updated gallery.

Gallery: Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasty Tactics issues addressed in US release

If you played the original PlayStation version of Final Fantasy Tactics, you're probably used to the few small technical issues of the game (especially the cheap and overpowered Orlandu Durai ... T.G. Cid, not to mention the Calculator class). The localized US version of the PSP remake address multiple issues that were left open in the now seemingly half-finished Japanese release.

Slowdown has been mostly eliminated -- this plagued the Japanese version and a heck of a lot of other PSP titles as well. We know the game has been fully voiced now, but we're kind of disappointed to see the introspective text on a black background get removed. How else will we know Ramza's innermost thoughts and feelings? An issue still remaining is the so-called "flattening" of the musical score, but we can probably get over that.

New features we'll at least mention are the multiplayer aspects where you can face off against a buddy or team up and explore special dungeons with set missions. These are ad-hoc only; no wireless online fun. Two new characters are made available to us: Luso from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 and Balthier from Final Fantasy XII. Don't ask how. Two new classes, Dark Knight and Onion Knight, are also available. The most important change is the complete re-translation of the text. It now sounds like something straight out of Vagrant Story or Final Fantasy XII, as it should. We can't wait to play one of our favorite classics again, especially since it sounds like the experience has been fleshed out into an almost completely new game.

PSP Fanboy Theatre: Volume 28

Finally, after a long E3-related hiatus, PSP Fanboy Theatre is back with an all new edition. Every weekend, PSP owners can download files wirelessly via m.pspfanboy.com.

Instructions: Save all movie and thumbnail files to the VIDEO folder. These high resolution 480x272 videos require firmware 3.30 or above. (Note: OE custom firmware will also play these videos.)

New for PSP: Get selected videos delivered automatically to your PSP via our new RSS feed.

Resident Evil 5 [PS3, 360]
Download MP4 (20.2MB) | Download JPG

The following videos are featured after the break: Bladestorm (PS3, 360), Call of Duty 4 (PS3, 360), Dynasty Warriors 6 (PS3, 360), Final Fantasy Tactics (PSP), High Velocity Bowling (PSN)

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English dub of Final Fantasy Tactics is stellar

Remember the incredible voice acting and presentation of Final Fantasy XII? Well, it looks like PSP's upcoming Final Fantasy Tactics is getting the same high-quality treatment as its other Ivalice Alliance brethren. The voice acting is superb, and the dialogue is far away from the original, stilted PS1 translation. Bravo, Square Enix! [Update: English language screenshots and downloadable MP4 file added.]

Download MP4 for PSP

Gallery: Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics boxart looks strangely familiar

Remember the Final Fantasy I and II boxart for America? Looked gorgeous, right? Well the Japanese boxart for Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions on the PSP had a similar reaction from fans. Well you can all rest easy, as it seems the US (and the UK, presumably, due to its simultaneous release) boxes will be sporting a very similar design.

While the image used on the box is the same for both territories, certain elements such as the title of the game have changed position. You can see the final design for the US box on the right, but check out out Siliconera for a side-by-side comparison with the JP art. Does it look pretty enough for you all?

[Thanks Spencer!]

The 1UP Show: Final Fantasy Tactics

Our friends at 1UP have been playing a lot of the new Final Fantasy Tactics remake on PSP. It's fascinating to see what exactly is new about the game, and it's pretty surprising to see the vast number of improvements from the PS1 original. As expected, there are the new cinematics, but there's also a slew of new battles and characters to face. Hopefully, the new localization of the game when it comes to the US will be a marked improvement from the awkward PS1 original. The game will hit American and European markets this October.

Final Fantasy Tactics to get simultaneous US and UK release

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is officially coming to American and European territories. Ten years after its original release on PS1, this remake will feature brilliant cinematics, new jobs, new multiplayer modes, and new characters and story elements. The game will launch simultaneously in both North American and European markets this October.

[Via press release]

Final Fantasy Tactics' opening moments


We've seen small clips of Final Fantasy Tactics' gorgeous cutscenes. Now, watch the complete intro movie to the game. Square Enix is known for their outrageous production values, and this PSP remake certainly doesn't break the mold. The art is so gorgeous -- can we please have a feature length film that looks like this?

Although there's no US release date planned, impatient gamers can pick up the import version. We hope that, for the sake of our sanity, Square Enix announces a English release ... and soon.

Final Fantasy Tactics commercials hit Japan

Final Fantasy Tactics is coming to Japan in just a few days, and Square Enix is beginning their media assault on the public. Proudly proclaiming that it's coming for PSP, the Tactics remake ads interweave beautiful cutscenes and engrossing gameplay into one tantalizing experience. When importers get their hands on the final game, we're sure to hear more about this hotly anticipated remake. Until then, watch these commercials, after the cut.

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Beautiful 4-minute promo for FF Tactics

Are you ready for more Final Fantasy Tactics goodness? The official Japanese website has updated with yet another promotional video, this one juicier than the last. Simply visit the page, go to "Movie & Download" and watch the third item in the list. You won't regret it.

[Via PSPHyper]
[Update: Embedded video. Thanks, Jason!]

Final Fantasy Tactics TV commercial hits Japan

Every juicy morsel of Final Fantasy Tactics that lands in front of us is a delight. This 30 second commercial for the upcoming PSP remake is filled with glorious animation and tantalizing gameplay. Japan only has to wait until May 10th for the game to hit their systems, but the rest of us will have to wait for who knows how long.

To get to this gorgeous video, visit the official Tactics website, and go to "Movie & Download." You'll see the TVCM there.

[Thanks, Thien!]
[Update: Embedded video thanks to Jason.]

New Final Fantasy Tactics character revealed

As the Japanese release of Final Fantasy Tactics draws nearer, more details have slowly been revealed. Ruliweb has posted a scan, which features one of the enhanced port's new characters, LuSo. With the addition of Final Fantasy XII characters, it appears as though the cast of Tactics is becoming even larger than it already was. It appears portable gamers will have a lot to look forward to.

See also:
Final Fantasy Tactics' beautiful box art

[Via PSP-Vault]

Final Fantasy Tactics' beautiful box art

Not too many games are big enough to warrant a box art story. Well, this one is. The Japanese Final Fantasy Tactics is as pretty as the game itself. Click the image above to see a full, high-res version of the box. What do you think? Does it get you any more excited for the game?

[Via PSP-Vault]

Saturday PSP background explosion

Every week we give you new backgrounds for your PSP. If your a background groupie or haven't changed your background in a while, that's why we're here. This week we have backgrounds based on Final Fantasy, a PS1 series I want a new game from and of course a background based on another anime I love.

Backgrounds after the jump ...

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