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Final Fantasy VII special PSPs available for pre-order

You saw the video. Now, buy the system!

The special limited edition Final Fantasy VII slim PSP is now available for pre-order at Play-Asia. But it'll cost you a pretty penny: $400. You'll be paying more than double the amount for a non-Final Fantasy-engraved system. Is your fandom willing to go to the depths of your wallet?

Five minutes of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

We wanted to share this with you so badly! But, YouTube was strangely down this morning! (Horrifying, no?) Now that the interwebs are working yet again, we want to show you five glorious minutes of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. We want to warn you that there are spoilers, so those of you that don't want the experience ruined may want to shy away from this awesome, but revealing trailer.

[Thanks, Jordan!]

Crisis Core pre-orders score special earbuds

Final Fantasy games are known for their moving soundtracks. It seems like Crisis Core may be no different. Pre-ordering the game in Japan will score gamers this set of sleek Crisis Core earbuds. Hardcore Final Fantasy swag collectors are already drooling over this ... and have probably already purchased five copies of the game.

[Via PSPHyper]

A tale of two Crisis Core covers

Oh no, Square. You've just made your hungry Final Fantasy fans purchase two copies of your game. Crisis Core will include two covers, one for those that are purchasing the game by itself, and one for purchasers of the (highly) limited edition PSP system.

It goes without saying that these Crisis Core systems are going to fetch a high price on eBay. Who will you kill for one of these?

Pre-orders for the game are now available on Play-Asia.

[Thanks, Thien!]

Limited edition FFVII: Crisis Core PSP Slim bundle coming to Japan

Excited for Crisis Core? And the PSP Slim? Then prepare yourself to be double mega super excited (that's almost a Street Fighter title). Square Enix, king of the limited edition handheld hardware, is releasing a very limited edition PSP Slim for its release of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. The console will be bundled with the game as well as a Buster Sword wrist strap, to make you look extra geeky. The PSP itself will be silver in colour and will feature the Final Fantasy VII 10th anniversary logo as well as some artwork of Zack, Sephiroth and Cloud, presumably drawn by Nomura.

The special edition PSP Lite will be limited to only 77,777 pieces, with each one bearing its serial number on its back. The other interesting thing is that it releases on September the 13th, a week before the PSP Lite itself launches in Nihonland. We expect it to sell out on day one, though we hope it'll still be available when we touch down for the Tokyo Game Show. We would pay ridiculous amounts of money for one of these. Honestly. Ridiculous amounts.

Final Fantasy Tactics boxart looks strangely familiar

Remember the Final Fantasy I and II boxart for America? Looked gorgeous, right? Well the Japanese boxart for Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions on the PSP had a similar reaction from fans. Well you can all rest easy, as it seems the US (and the UK, presumably, due to its simultaneous release) boxes will be sporting a very similar design.

While the image used on the box is the same for both territories, certain elements such as the title of the game have changed position. You can see the final design for the US box on the right, but check out out Siliconera for a side-by-side comparison with the JP art. Does it look pretty enough for you all?

[Thanks Spencer!]

Metareview: Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy was good enough to financially save Square when it was first released. Since then, it's become one of the biggest franchises worldwide. You already know what we think of the RPG remake. Let's find out what the rest of the press thought.
  • Pocket Gamer UK (80/100) found it worthy: "Far more than a cynical cash-in, this PSP version of Final Fantasy is the perfect opportunity to see where it all began.
  • 1UP (70/100) thinks it's lacking: "Beyond the reworked graphics, you won't find much legitimately new content here. Patient players seeking an absurd challenge will dig the verging-on-unfair PSP-exclusive Labyrinth of Time dungeon, in which your characters' hit points constantly deplete over time. But truthfully, original additions feel scant."
  • Gamespot (65/100) is sick of the remakes: "The umpteenth remake of Final Fantasy I is pretty to look at, but the gameplay is showing its age.

It sounds like your enjoyment may depend on if you've played Final Fantasy before or feel that the price is fair. What score do you think Final Fantasy deserves?

PSP Fanboy review: Final Fantasy I

The game that started it all is back. Twenty years after its first release on the NES, Final Fantasy I makes its way to the PSP. Much more than just a port, this game includes upgraded graphics and sound, 3D spell effects and an extra dungeon. Plus it includes all the extra stuff that was found in the PlayStation 1 and GBA versions. Is Final Fantasy I: 20th Anniversary Edition just a nostalgic trip down memory lane, or is it a legitimate PSP RPG in its own right? Read on to find out.

Gallery: Final Fantasy I

Continue reading PSP Fanboy review: Final Fantasy I

Final Fantasy II shows dualistic production

There's no denying that Square Enix makes incredible CG with its games. The upcoming Final Fantasy remakes on PSP are no different. As one can see by the intro cinematic to Final Fantasy II (above), Square puts a lot of effort into making their cinematics look gorgeous. While we appreciate the added effort into movies like the one above, we'd much rather see the time and money go into completely revamping the game engine. When one considers how the actual gameplay looks (video after the cut), one can't help but be a little disappointed.

Continue reading Final Fantasy II shows dualistic production

Final Fantasy party tonight in San Francisco

Sonia Im, of Square Enix North America, has posted on the PlayStation.Blog today to remind people that tonight is the launch party of Final Fantasy I 20th Anniversary edition. Details for the party can be found here.

We wish we could be there, if only to gawk at all the people wearing funny clothes. Speaking of funny clothes, Sonia also mentions that due to the overwhelming reaction to the US boxart, there will be limited edition T-shirts available at the party. A sneak peek of the tee can be seen to the right. Shame we won't be there to get our hands on them ourselves. Hint hint.

If you're thinking of picking up Final Fantasy I for the PSP then be sure to check out our review coming out later.

Before it comes: one last look at Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is coming out on PSP very, very soon. We've been playing our review copy for a while now, and our review is just around the corner. However, until then, enjoy this late-night video of Final Fantasy and a smorgasbord of new images from the game.

Gallery: Final Fantasy I

Members Only Final Fantasy Dissidia trailer shows gameplay footage

Do you want to see the new Dissidia trailer? Of course you do. Then I hope you've got a member's login. Currently the video is only available to people who do. We're not yet certain when it will be released on the official Dissidia website, which hasn't been updated since it opened last month. Check after the jump for screenshots of the trailer.

The trailer includes some very pretty CG footage (as is the norm for Square-Enix) of some rocks rising out of an ocean with storm clouds above. A ray of light shines through, illuminating a standing figure on one of the stones - the Warrior of Light. Cue some gameplay footage, showing the Warrior of Light, Garland, Zidane and Kuja. The latter two can both be seen going into Trance mode during the battle. Movement seems fairly unrestricted, as the characters are all flying around the levels quite effortlessly. The trailer ends with more CG footage, as the Warrior of Light watches the ground split apart, spewing lava into the air. Sephiroth steps out of the molten waterfall and gives us the look. You know. The look.

Exciting stuff, by all accounts. Though there's no new information as this is almost certainly what was shown at the Square-Enix Party. Though it's curious that Square-Enix would hide it away in the member's only area. We'll keep you up to date on any developments.

[Update] Trailer has been embedded, courtesy of Jeux-France.

Continue reading Members Only Final Fantasy Dissidia trailer shows gameplay footage

New Crisis Core scans show a couple of familiar faces [UPDATE]

JeuxFrance have some scans of the latest issue of Shonen Jump, which show a page of info about Crisis Core. As well as a clarification of the Japanese release date, September 13th, there are a couple of interesting images. They show characters which we, previously, hadn't expected to be in the game at all. Namely, the Turk Shizune from Before Crisis and our favourite Wutai Flea, Yuffie.

Despite being shy and facing away from us, the character in the picture is obviously Yuffie. If you're still not convinced, then the accompanying writing definitely includes her name. It's official, she's in the game. As for Shizune, we're intrigued to find out why she's such a prominent figure in the FFVII prequels, but never shows up in Final Fantasy VII itself. Presumably we'll find out when we finally get to play Crisis Core.

[UPDATE] Shizune information corrected. She first appeared in Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis, not in Advent Children. Sorry for the error.

Join the Final Fantasy 20th anniversary party

Get your cosplay gear ready, folks. A Final Fantasy party is heading to the PlayStation Store at the Metreon in San Francisco. The date? Tuesday, June 26th. The time? 6PM. According to the press release, "the event will commemorate 20 years of devotion, dedication and passion from the greatest fans in the gaming industry."

Attendees of the party will be able to purchase the newly remade PSP version of Final Fantasy, in addition to get a hands-on experience with the upcoming Final Fantasy II. The first one hundred fans to arrive will receive items exclusive to the event. Considering how rabidly devoted Final Fantasy fans are, we recommend you get there early.

If any PSP Fanboy readers are planning on attending, let us know: we'd love to see pictures from the event!

Gallery: Final Fantasy I

Hi! PlayStation magazine launches

Oh, another online magazine? Haven't we had enough? Maybe. But, you should still pay attention to this one. Sony has launched a new PlayStation magazine, and it's pretty good. The first issue features some crisp direct-feed images of the upcoming PSP Final Fantasy games, including Dissidia and Crisis Core. It's not anything we haven't seen before, but it's nice to see these pictures with newfound clarity.

While our inability to decipher Japanese certainly hampers some of the experience, the pretty pictures are more than worth the (nonexistent) entrance fee. Besides, magazines are always about the pictures, right?

Download the issue here.

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