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Watch Zack dance with a Cactaur

Oh no! You're caught in a fight for your life! Your life is in certain doom -- what do you do? Easy: if you're like Zack from the upcoming Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, you dance with a giant animated cactus. Duh.

Cloud, Aerith and the Turks star in new Crisis Core vids

In just a few weeks time, a real Final Fantasy VII prequel will await you: Crisis Core's English release has us quite excited, and these new videos look really fantastic. We were doubtful of the dub at the first, but these new videos have alleviated many of our fears. Check out IGN for even more videos.

[Thanks, CyborgSPIKE!]

Huge Crisis Core media update

Square Enix has been generous today, having given us a huge set of screenshots and videos for the company's upcoming Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. With the game's release date just a month a way, we expect to hear and see more about this title. But for now, bask in the radiant media that we have in the present. The time will come when we finally get to hold this hot title in our hands. More videos after the break.

Gallery: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

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New Crisis Core trailer focuses on Zack and Angeal

Can you feel it? Crisis Core has been long in the making, and it's finally coming over to the States. This brand new CG trailer focuses on the Shin-Ra soliders, Zack and Angeal. How they tie into the Final Fantasy VII universe will all be revealed when the game launches this March. Retailers are taking pre-orders -- check your favorite one and get ready to make a deposit!

Final Fantasy VII sculptures to kill your wallets in January

Click for high-resolution image.

You know what the meanest time to release new products is? January. Our wallets have taken huge Christmas-related blows, and need some recovery time. Not for you, says Square Enix. This January, Square Enix is releasing a set of Final Fantasy VII related merchandise that you may want to pick up before Crisis Core's March release.

For example, you may want to invest in this sculpture of Aerith. Looks nice, right? Too bad it'll cost you $220.00. It'll be available on January 10th. The "Masterpiece Arts" sculpture of Cloud will cost a whopping $399.99 and will be available on the same day.

Thankfully, something a bit more reasonable has been announced as well. "Play Arts" figures of Cloud, Tifa and Aerith will be available for $24.99 each. Those are available on January 3rd. Are any PSP Fanboy readers going to go broke buying one of these pricey figures?

Gallery: Square Enix Store

Crisis Core secret ending begs you to play FFVII

The secret ending of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core shows a familiar scene for fans of Square's long revered RPG series. Could the "to be continued" that ominously appears at the game's end suggest a remake, like many have theorized? We'd hope so, but we remain skeptical. Most likely, the Final Fantasy team is pulling a George Lucas, reminding people of where this new effort lies in the overarching timeline. Of course, once Square realizes how much money they'll be printing with a re-release of the original Final Fantasy VII, we hope they come to their senses soon enough. Video embedded after the cut.

[Thanks to everyone that sent this in!]

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New Crisis Core video makes us very very jealous

GameVideos has a new clip of one of the gorgeously rendered cutscenes from the just-released Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. In it, Zach stands outside a small village and argues with a way-too-pretty man who then busts out a Sepiroth-like single wing from his back and flies away into the sky. And then the village blows up. Yeah, we don't get it either but we neeeeds it.

With no solid American release date for Crisis Core yet, videos like this just make the wait all the more painful. Has anybody out there imported it? If so, how gaijin friendly is it?

Limited Edition FF VII PSP Slim causes huge lines in Japan

Wired's Chris Kohler is reporting that the just released Final Fantasy VII PSP Slim pack is causing long lines in Japan and he's got the photos to prove it. While initially it didn't appear that the lines were that long, when he picked up his ticket he found out he was 551 in line. After waiting around with a bunch of homeless guys, he was finally able to drop the 25,000 yen to pick up one of the coveted PSPs.

The limited edition package comes with Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, a special numbered PSP with artwork on the back by Tetsuya Nomura, Final Fantasy earbuds, and a Buster Sword cell phone strap. While he wasn't overly impressed with the package, it still seems like a pretty damn cool purchase to us. It will be interesting to see what the release of the limited edition PSP and Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core will do to the weekly sales in Japan. It seems like it could pretty easily double the normal sales rate of the handheld there. Final Fantasy is magic like that.

[Via N4G]

Crisis Core trailer, now with more English

Okay, so you saw the Final Fantasy VII trailer. But don't you want to see it in English? Of course you do. Fans have taken the liberty to translate and re-release the most recent Crisis Core trailer with subtitles. Now, you can fully understand the (melo)drama of the upcoming FFVII prequel. Square fans, might as well get new underwear ready.

[Via Siliconera]

Five minutes of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

We wanted to share this with you so badly! But, YouTube was strangely down this morning! (Horrifying, no?) Now that the interwebs are working yet again, we want to show you five glorious minutes of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. We want to warn you that there are spoilers, so those of you that don't want the experience ruined may want to shy away from this awesome, but revealing trailer.

[Thanks, Jordan!]

A tale of two Crisis Core covers

Oh no, Square. You've just made your hungry Final Fantasy fans purchase two copies of your game. Crisis Core will include two covers, one for those that are purchasing the game by itself, and one for purchasers of the (highly) limited edition PSP system.

It goes without saying that these Crisis Core systems are going to fetch a high price on eBay. Who will you kill for one of these?

Pre-orders for the game are now available on Play-Asia.

[Thanks, Thien!]

Breaking news: Crisis Core is still incredible

Every day that passes inches us closer to the inevitable release of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. Like a hungry vulture, we've been searching for the tiniest new bit of info on the game ... and today, we're finally treated to new scans, courtesy of Jeux-France.

These new images don't tell us anything significantly new except that the game still looks awesome. The graphics engine of this game may make your system catch on fire.

Oh, Crisis Core, we want to buy you so hard.

Crisis Core almost done, to feature 100 hours of gameplay

According to a new interview with the Crisis Core team, the PSP-exclusive prequel to Final Fantasy VII can feature up to 100 hours of gameplay. Tabata, one of the game's producers, admits that the title is about 90% complete, with compressing everything to fit on UMD one of the few remaining tasks for the development team. The game's main story will most likely take players about 30 hours, but "getting all of the materia in the missions and going out into Midgar for Sub-Events" can boost play time to the triple digits.

Crisis Core is certainly not the last project in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. The project's end will be determined by the likes of Nomura and Kitase. Fans of the series can expect a "wonderful" special edition, with details to follow soon.

For the rest of the interview, visit NeoGAF, where it's translated into English.

[Via Exophase. Translation via NeoGAF. Thanks, Joel!]

Even more Final Fantasy screenshots

Have you heard of "Final Fantasy"? It's supposedly a big deal. In fact, it's such a big deal that two all-new Final Fantasy games are coming to the PSP handheld. Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and Final Fantasy Dissidia are amongst the best-looking titles on the system, showcasing the technical prowess of one of the most beloved game publishers.

Check out new pictures from Famitsu:

Read - Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core
Read - Final Fantasy Dissidia

[Thanks, Joe!]

Special goodies to accompany Crisis Core's release

It's not surprising that Square Enix plans on releasing a limited edition collection of goodies to accompany Crisis Core's Japanese release. The "Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Pack" will be released on September 13th. The bundle will include Crisis Core's single, "Why" performed by Jpop star Ayaka.
The Anniversary Pack will also include the new Shinra Potion, an energy drink in the same vein as the popular Final Fantasy Potion from FFXII's launch.

While these two are certainly nifty, we're surprised that a special Crisis Core-branded PSP hasn't been unveiled yet. If Monster Hunter and Tales of the World can get one, then so should Final Fantasy VII. We're sure a new color bundled with Crisis Core will effectively destroy the Japanese economy. In fact, if Sony doesn't plan on making one, we will ... and reap the profits.

[Via The Magic Box]

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