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Galaxy's End weekly video: Encounters

Every week for the next few weeks, we'll be showing you one new video from Galaxy's End, a PSP-exclusive RTS that currently has no publisher. I got my hands on a playable at GDC, and it looked pretty good. Through this new footage, you'll also be able to judge for yourself.

What exclusives will the PSP Spiderman 3 have?

When Sony Pictures is the one putting out Spiderman 3, I wasn't shocked when I heard the PS3 version would have an exclusive 2nd playable character (new Green Goblin) and collector's edition behind the scenes videos. It only makes good business sense for Sony to leverage their film division's biggest property to help sell PS3 versions of the game. One thing I haven't heard yet is what exclusives will the PSP version have?

Now, some may assume that since nothing has been announced yet, there may be no exclusive content. That's unlikely however, since Sony will undoubtedly want extras on PSP as well. Besides that, every multi-platform game that comes to PSP has to have extra content for Sony to approve it (which is why sometimes the PSP versions of ports are better than their console brothers). So what exclusive content would you like to see in the Spiderman 3 for the PSP.

PSP Fanboy interview: Monster Kingdom

Sammy Matsushima, Project Lead from Atlus USA, and Clayton Chan from Atlus, both took some time to talk about the upcoming PSP-exclusive RPG, Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner, which comes out next week. Don't forget to check out our previous coverage of the game, including an early hands-on preview.

PSP Fanboy: Monster Kingdom took more than a year to bring stateside. Why did Sony skip publishing the game for the US market? What has Atlus done that Sony may have been unable to?
Sammy Matsushima: Without going into too much detail, when the title was released in Japan, we contacted SCEI about the rights for a US release. The game was created by GAIA, which is headed by Mr. Cozy Okada, a former lead game designer at Atlus Co. Ltd., so we thought it would be natural for us at Atlus U.S.A. to bring the game over. The reason it took us some time to bring it over is due to development schedules and that we took a lot of care in doing the localization right.

Continue reading PSP Fanboy interview: Monster Kingdom

Exclusive: Every Extend Extra fan pack

While America has been able to enjoy Every Extend Extra for months now, Europe will be getting Mizuguchi's latest PSP-exclusive effort this Friday. This unique game fuses an interesting shooter-like concept with Q? Entertainment's trademark music synestesia.

In preparation for the game's European release, Buena Vista has prepared a new trailer and a few new wallpapers for you to download to your PSP. You'll learn how to play this puzzling game, and find some sweet designs for you to plaster your system with. Expect our full review of the game in next few days.


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Heavenly Star fan pack

Exclusive Lumines II wallpapers [m]

Lumines II
has just arrived in stores and to celebrate, we have a bunch of exclusive wallpapers for your computer and your PSP. You can download these high-res beauties to your computer here.

If you want to skin your PSP with some Lumines love, then type in into your PSP browser and download the following images:
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3

Exclusive: Heavenly Star fan pack

As you may already know, Lumines creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi has made a music video for the upcoming video-infused Lumines II. The catchy tune by Genki Rockets has been stuck in my head for the past few days, and I decided to share the love through this exclusive Heavenly Star fan pack. Included in this zip file are 20 PSP-formatted wallpapers, the song as an MP3 and a PSP-formatted version of the music video.

"While most of my creative energy has been devoted to video games, because music plays such an important role in them, it seemed ideal to create an original music video," Mizuguchi stated about his original creation. Lumines II hits stores on November 7th.


An empire of new features for Vice City Stories has been keeping an eye out for everything Vice City Stories-related, and they've uncovered a plethora of new information for this highly anticipated PSP exclusive.
  • Golf is now a playable mini-game. It will be played using only one button.
  • "Empire Building" mode allows you to act like The Godfather and invest in businesses throughout the city. Depending on how much you've invested, and how the business is doing, you can make a fair sum of money... so long as you provide the proper protection. You can hire bodyguards, and when the business isn't being hit, it acts like a Safe House for you to save at. Taking a page from Sim City, you'll be able to place the businesses throughout the city, and proper placement can lead to the mad profit (an example cited by is a drug extortion business nearby an airport). Spanning over thirty buildings, this mode seems to add a hefty amount of gameplay to an already massive game. Business types can include protection, extortion, and prostitution, with many more to come.
  • Like in Liberty City Stories, there will be load times between the major islands, but surprisingly this time around, the loads will be even shorter, according to TotalVideoGames.
  • Not only can you ride around in helicopters, you can ride around in jets, according to an IGN preview. Although there is no infrstructure multiplayer, there will be more multiplayer modes to compete in.
  • And unfortunately for German and Australian players, the game will be censored, according to
This really does seem like it's going to be one of the best games of 2006, not only on the PSP, but across all platforms. The depth of this game is incredible, and the fact that it's on a handheld is even more amazing. The game comes out on October 30th for $50.

Why you want Vice City Stories: the interview

Ever since the official trailer for Vice City Stories dropped on us, Rockstar has been very actively hyping this PSP-exclusive follow-up to the insanely successful Liberty City Stories. (Of course Rockstar doesn't have much of a choice: this game may be the only thing that saves the company from financial ruin.) IGN recently had a chance to talk to Gordon Hall from Rockstar, and Mr. Hall (obviously) has a lot of good things to tell us:
  • Game features twice the number of polygons and a new radiosity lighting model.
  • A new way to have the CPU and GPU communicate to each other was developed so that improvements could be made across the board. A new streaming process and lossless animation streaming allows the game to load more data at once.
  • "With the Jet Ski you can dive under water and come bursting back up, you can really feel it bounce off the waves as the weather conditions change, you can turn on a dime and really send the water spraying." (Sounds like they packed in an entire water racing game in our GTA!)
  • "The combat system has more depth to it than any other Grand Theft Auto game." Targeting and combat has been tweaked just a bit: you can now fight unarmed and do grappling moves and throws.
  • "The soundtrack has over 100 tracks, and is probably the best, deepest collection of songs ever assembled for any one project -- TV, Film, or Game." (But the game includes Custom Soundtracks too if you don't like retro music.)
Call me stunned. I know this is mostly PR hype, but considering how amazing the original Liberty City Stories was, I'm willing to believe that Rockstar is making this game a masterpiece. It sounds to be this could be the best GTA yet... handheld and console. And you didn't even have to wait until 12:01 AM for such amazing news. The game hits America the same time as Killzone. Ouch: my wallet's already crying.

Brothers in Arms D-Day revealed

We knew a new Brothers in Arms game was heading to the PSP. It just took a really long time for any info to be revealed. Ubisoft just unveiled Brothers in Arms: D-Day, which will be exclusive for the PSP handheld. You'll be able to command a Bazooka team, use an MG42 and fire mortar rounds. Supposed additions include surprise attacks, improved AI and destructable cover points. Better yet, it'll feature a co-op mode. The game will be launching in November, a few weeks after the eerily-similar Medal of Honor Heroes.

[Via IGN]

Dead Head Fred interview

Dead Head Fred was one of the games I said "you should keep your eyes on." And for good reason: it's an original action game, made exclusively with the PSP in mind. QJ had some time to sit down with Eric Peterson, president of Vicious Cycle Software to get some info on the game. Here are some of the more interesting comments:
  • "Dead Head Fred is a very ambitious game and we plan to deliver on all fronts. We want people to buy a PSP just to play Dead Head Fred."
  • "Currently our load times are extremely fast and we are pleased with the results... the E3 demo that we showed, allowed for 30 min of straight gameplay without the player ever experiencing a load time."
  • "The last thing we want people having to do is fight then camera when they should be fighting the enemies in the game."
  • You acquire new powers by attaching new heads to yourself. Here's a few examples of heads you'll find in the game:
    The Mutant head helps you survive radiation fields. The Scarecrow head lets you float on the water. The Stone Idol head makes you sink underwater. The Shrunken Head lets you get into tight spaces and glide along high wires. The Corpse head allows you to inflate with air and hover over obstacles; you can also fill it with water or gasoline to generate different effects and attacks. The Dummy head allows you to interact with citizens without scaring them out of their minds. "
The full interview has details on the graphics engine, combat, mini-games, and more. The developers would love to do a downloadable demo for the game, so hopefully we'll see one down the line. The game has still a lot of development time left: it comes out next year.

Dead Head Fred not dead: new screenshots

Dead Head Fred
is a game you should keep your eyes on: not only because the title rhymes, but because it is one of the few truly original PSP-exclusive action games in development for our system. You play Fred, who was recently killed by decapitation. Now that you're undead, you're on a mission to get revenge. But, being beheaded has a few benefits. One, for example, is the ability to rip off enemy heads and use them as your own for special powers! It's like Mega Man, only a bit more morbid...

The game combines platforming, fighting, puzzle solving and a whole lot of dark humor. It's scheduled for a January 2007 release, so keep your eyes peeled for more coverage on this unique game. Until then, check out the new screenshots posted by Gamespot.

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