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European PC Store update for April 24th

As if to make up for the lack of a PC-Store update last week SCEE have released a nice amount of content this week, particularly for retro fans. flOw for PSP finally sees its European release, as does the Chains of Olympus demo. Plus a couple of decent PS1 games. Here's the full release list:
  • flOw for PSP (£4.99/€7.99) (Review)
  • Bishi Bashi Special PS1 game (£3.49/€4.99)
  • Command & Conquer PS1 game (£3.49/€4.99)
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus demo (free) (Review)

European PC Store update for March 13th

Nothing too exciting today, unless you're a trailer junkie. Both trailers are for upcoming games for Europe which have already seen release in America. Nothing new there then, eh? Here's the full release list:
Content continues to trickle onto the PSP store and we're left wondering when we'll start seeing more worthwhile updates. Let's be honest, any of us can grab the above trailers from any site and stick them on our PSPs. Same with the wallpaper. Some third party demos would be great. Stay tuned to find out what the US Store has to offer when it updates later in the day.

European PC Store updates for February 21st

Small update today, but not necessarily a bad one if you're a fan of WipEout Pulse. The third add-on pack for the game is now available. When will these packs stop coming? Good question. Next week is the final update. Here's the full release list:
This week's add-on pack adds another ship to your repertoire as well as two new tracks. Not bad for three quid. We're sad to see that there are no PS1 games or demos this week. Maybe something interesting will hit the American store later today. We'll keep you informed.

European PC Store updates for February 14th

Today's update to the PC store is probably the best since its launch. With two demos and an add-on pack, the PSP is finally getting some decent downloadable content. Here's the full release list:
  • WipEout Pulse "Icaras" add-on pack (£2.99/€3.99)
  • Fireteam Bravo 2 demo (free)
  • Patapon demo (free)
  • FFVII Crisis Core trailer (free)
  • Spiderwick movie trailer (free)
Looks like that February 21st prediction turned out to be wrong, as the Patapon demo has arrived in Europe a full week early - the same day as it is due to become available in the US. We love when that happens. As for the WipEout Pulse DLC, this is the second pack in as many weeks, as promised. Too bad there's only two more weeks of content left.

Bleach demo

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