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It's not the PSP phone but ...

Sony Ericsson has unveiled its new gaming phone. It's not the elusive "PSP phone" that many have been searching for, but it'll suffice for now. The games available on the F305 are going to be incredibly simple, with 2D era graphics. There are PlayStation buttons, but only two: a O and X button. The camera phone will feature "EDGE speeds, a Memory Stick Micro slot, a 2-inch 176 x 220 display and some music playback features."

For us gamers, this phone does nothing to attract us. It's going to take something really big to tug us away from keeping our PSPs in our pants.

[Thanks, xzentrico! Via Engadget]

Yet another PSP phone patent surfaces

The PSP Phone is quite the legend in this neck of the woods. It's no secret that Sony Ericsson wants to create a hybrid phone/gaming device. The number of murmurs heard throughout the web attest to that fact. However, it looks like the company has created failed attempt after another, as patents slowly become unearthed. Unwired View happend to stumble upon another. This design reminds us of what the PSP would look like if it had kids with the Game Boy Micro.

Will the PSP Phone ever become reality? Chances are, yes. The real question is: when?

[Via Pocket Gamer]

The dream continues: supposed PSP Phone image [Update]

The internet is abuzz yet again about the PSP Phone. The rumor-that-won't-go-away makes a return in this supposed magazine scan, which displays the supposed device. The image illustrates how both gaming and phone calls would work in this effort by Sony Ericsson. We have to admit, it does look quite nice. But, does it look real? We're still a bit skeptical on this one. We certainly wouldn't mind if this were real -- but for now, we're only dreamers.

Update: Our skepticism was right: looks like this was just a mock-up created by the magazine. Thanks to everyone that noticed this!

[Thanks, Jerome D.! Via MAXCONSOLE]

PlayStation Phone development continues

Late last month, Sony Ericsson's Peter Ahnegard said the company is definitely looking into the possibility of a PlayStation Phone but that he wouldn't comment further until Christmas. Well, the President of Sony Ericsson Miles Flint couldn't wait that long.

Flint told the Financial Times the "technology behind such a device was still some way from being perfected." He also said, "We need to make sure that it is a credible phone and be sure we are justified in putting that identity on it."

That's actually a pretty good point. It's obvious the PS Phone would be Sony's third tier gaming platform, so how many people would really be interested in toting around yet another handheld gaming device? Wouldn't a VOIP service like the one in the works for Europe not only make more sense but also be cheaper on the wallet?

PlayStation Phone "obviously" being looked into

In an interview with Pocket Gamer, Peter Ahnegard, "gaming guru" at Sony Ericsson, had a few choice words about the long-rumored PlayStation Phone. "Up until today we haven't felt we could launch a PlayStation phone because it wouldn't be recognised as a true continuation of that brand of products."

Of course, his wording caught the attention of the interviewer, who wanted to know more about what "until today" meant. The answer confirms a PS phone, but does so in a vague and a generally un-helpful way: "It's obviously something that we're looking at but right now I can't really comment. Before Christmas, certainly ... but exactly which Christmas I can't confirm!"

Well, it looks like we'll get our PS Phone Christmas 2007 2008 2009?

[Via Joystiq]

SCEE CEO knows nothing about a PSP phone

The PSP phone isn't happening ... or David Reeves, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, has been left in the dark. After some very detailed patent filings were unveiled, the Sony CEO has responded, flatly denying the possibility of such a product. "I know the head of Sony Ericsson very well," he told MCV. "He has a Walkman phone and a Cybershot phone available, but I know nothing about a PSP phone."

He adds, "I haven't heard anything about it at all – and I would know. They wouldn't develop it without our knowledge."

Of course, in the games industry, it's not uncommon for an executive to be kept out of the loop.

[Via Next Gen]

Sony Ericsson files PSP-esque gaming phone patent

Sony Ericsson has recently filed a patent for a gaming phone that looks more than a little inspired by the PSP. The ability to play games is a central focus of the device, as indicated by the need to suspend games for phone calls (pictured, above). Sony has hinted time and time again at the possibility of a PlayStation phone ... it looks like this is taking the idea one step closer to reality.

[Via Pocket Gamer]

PSP phone rumor resurfaces

Ever since Sony Ericsson's Rikko Sakaguchi went on record saying a PlayStation Phone (also abbreviated PSP) was a possibility, the internet has been wild with speculation. Some fans have taken liberty to design their own, and some Chinese bootleg companies have also taken fancy at the idea. According to Spanish-language site Clipset, their "insider" reports that the next line of phones from Sony Ericsson will feature the Emmy Award-winning XMB, the same navigation system used by PSP, PS3 and other high-end Sony electronics.

Theoretically, gaming could expand to the phones, creating a truly synergetic device. Because there's no verifiable source, take this rumor with a large grain of salt. However, if this does come to fruition, let's hope it's better than this. And this.

[Via digg]

PSP phone resurfaces in design contest

Sony Ericsson recently held a contest for Chinese university students to design a new phone. One creative student decided to take the opportunity to render his idea about the rumored Ericsson PlayStation phone. This render features a UMD slot and a DS-inspired flip-top. This render is also shown to be slightly smaller, but thicker, than the PSP itself. What do you guys think about it? If it didn't cost a gazillion dollars, would you pick one up?

[Thanks, christian! Via slashphone]

Calling all PSPs

Sony and one of its sister-companies, Sony-Ericsson, are hinting at a couple of interesting possibilities for a PSP phone, including the possible addition of VoIP capabilities to our favorite handheld as well as the potential for Sony to introduce some sort of brand-new "Playstation Phone" Frankenstein that would be separate from the PSP all together.

In an informative and fun read, GameDaily goes sluething and digs up some interesting evidence that supports the rumors. Here's our favorite nugget-of-fun:

"Sony Ericsson's senior vice president of Product and Application Planning, Rikko Sakaguchi, said such a phone may actually be in the works. Sakaguchi cryptically revealed to CNET Asia that the company 'is working on something' related to a PlayStation phone, but that 'the surprise must be kept for the future.'"

Without doubt, that quote is cryptic, non-specific and bordering on hearsay. But that's the stuff that fanboys like us live for. Now, go and discuss.

[Via GameDaily]

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