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PSP gets incredibly slow Dreamcast emulator

The PSP homebrew scene continues to expand to new, uncharted territories. This time, it appears drkIIRaziel of DCEmu has created a Dreamcast emulator for the PSP. Considering how powerful the hardware is, this seems like a rather futile effort, as evidenced by the first footage (seen above). While it will unlikely prove to be fruitful, this exercise shows the incredible skill and talent found in the community.

[Via Joystiq]

PSP emulates DS games at whopping 4fps

The PSP scene continues to develop new and exciting ways to use the PSP. Recently, a Japanese homebrew developer by the name of "SofiyaCat" has ported the Nintendo DS emulator DeSmuME to PSP. However, don't expect it to offer anything playable. Framerates are stuck in the single digits in this early, unoptimized code. We're not exactly sure if a virtual touch-screen will be offered in the future, but it appears that this is more a display of coding prowess, rather than an attempt at making something the masses can truly embrace.

We're no advocates of piracy, though. Although we're impressed by this effort, we can't say that this will render our DS systems obsolete. Besides, we have a lot of widescreen, non-touching games to play in the coming months.

[Via Joystiq]

Adding some color to Game Boy emulation

Just as Technicolor added color to moving pictures, classic Game Boy gems await their colorized update. On the homebrew front, a new video from PSPHardwareHelp (after the cut) shows Super Mario Land running through an upcoming emulator for use on PSP. The notable difference between this and previous offerings is that this emulator converts black and white Game Boy classics into full color. It's certainly a remarkable achievement, one that Nintendo may want to capitalize on if they ever (wisely) bring Game Boy classics into the Wii Virtual Console.

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Experimental emulator brings PSP games to Windows

We've been tricked by this tomfoolery before, and we're remaining cautious. DCEmu is reporting on a supposed experimental emulator that allows PSP games to be played in the Windows environment. "Potemkin" as the emulator is called is no longer being worked on by Ector due to "time constraints." Therefore, he's provided the source code for those interested to try and finish his project. (This does not mean that an end-user can effectively run a working program on their machine.) If this project comes to full fruition, Sony will certainly have a lot more to worry about: the piracy scene could potentially explode with a functional release of such an emulator. We'll have to stay tuned.

New DevHook emulates 3.01 firmware

Just in time for PSone downloads, it appears that Sony has been completely outwitted by the homebrew community yet again. Less than a week after its previous update, DevHook now emulates the 3.01 firmware for users with homebrew-capable 1.50 PSPs. Until the next major firmware upgrade, it appears as though Sony's anti-homebrew efforts have been completely defeated.

Homebrew PSone emulator released

While many frustrated gamers are waiting for Sony to get their act together with their official PSone emulator support, it appears that a coder at DCemu has released a homebrew PSone emulator of his own. It will apparently run "anything," including ISO, BIN, Z and ZNX files (whatever that means). There are a few bugs in this alpha release, but according to users, many games are completely playable and running at full-speed. With the homebrew community seemingly one-upping Sony, hopefully we'll see the official PSone download service hit American soon... and without the need for a PS3.

[Thanks, jamie!]

[E]mulate seven consoles in one homebrew application

Sorry for the lack of updates. Joystiq & engadget hit the scene at NYC's Wii launch party (coverage continues throughout the next few days). At the after-party at my place, we were horrified to see how pathetic the selection of Virtual Console games were (Where the heck is my Gunstar Heroes? When do Mario RPG and Super Metroid come out?). I'm glad to pay my hard-earned dollar on retro games, but damn it--I can't do that if they're not being offered right now!

Interestingly, if I so chose to embrace the Dark Side, I could use [e]mulator, from homebrew developer "e". This application includes emulators for a wide variety of systems: Wonderswan, Lynx, PC Engine, Neo Geo Pocket, Game Gear, Game Boy, and Famicom (NES). If one is so inclined, they can visit the site, download the file, and use a program like WinRAR to extract the files. Don't worry, there's a very Engrish read-me that should theoretically walk you through the process.

[Via PSP-Vault]

Homebrew developer Dark_Alex expresses confidence for 3.0

Dark_Alex is one of the most prolific homebrew developers out there. He's the man behind the incredibly popular 2.71 custom firmware, and in a recent interview, he expressed his confidence in keeping up with Sony's firmware upgrades. With 2.80 being able to launch homebrew, it seems like the coding community is ready to face the challenge of Sony's upcoming 3.0 firmware. "No matter how difficult they make it, it's just code that can be decompiled. They cannot make magic, their archives must decrypt somehow, and that way is somewhere in their code."

Because of his familiarity with the PSP hardware, Dark_Alex places some doubt on the possibility of full-speed PSX and N64 emulators: "One for the Playstation could be made if somebody dedicates a long time to it(months). And for N64...well, I do not believe that it can go full speed unless it is made for a specific game."

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[Via PSP Home]

Rumor: VirtualPSP lets you play PSP games on you PC

The homebrew scene never fails to amaze me. The most noteworthy project on the scene, next to the virtual touch screen, has to be "VirtualPSP" a PSP emulator for the PC. S!ms, the programmer, posted a few pictures over at DCEmu, but as you know, in the homebrew world, pictures usually mean nothing. Here's an excerpt from the post he wrote:
I am working on a PSP Emulator for the PC (32bit currently), called VirtualPSP. It is a fully working PSP, but now on your PC... As you see it is working, but it runs very slow. Maybe it is my PC (1.3Ghz/256MB RAM), but i'll try to fix this and let some people try. Online play (infrastructure) will be available too, all connecting Peer to Peer. (My server will function as a main host). I need some time to get this fully working though. I can connect to my LAN pc's, but it freezes when the game's loading. I'll try to fix this anyway. Maybe i can add Ad-hoc function through the internet? (Like KAI) And no, i'm not gonna release this *yet*.
We'll see where this goes. While we don't support piracy here at the Fanboy, it's always interesting to see how far fans can push their technical skills. Stay tuned for more.

Homebrew PlayStation emulator reaches beta

PS1 emulation is one of the most anticipated features for the PSP at the moment. You'll be able to download Riiiiidge Racer, and other PS1 classics to your PSP and play them on the go. Sony has been taking their time, and we've been waiting for any new information on things like price, available games, and interface. It appears that the homebrew community is sick of waiting-- it has just released its own emulator. Yoshihiro's PSX-P emulator will let you play bootleg PS1 games on the go, although the code is somewhat rough at the moment. To run it, you'll need an eLoader, which now supports firmware as high as 2.71.

While we don't support downloading illegal games, hopefully this new revelation will make Sony wake up and get the PS1 emulation to us now. I really want to get my hands on Castlevania: Symphony of the Night some time soon, damn it!

[Via DCemu]

Creator of GBA emulator speaks out

Many of you seem very interested in homebrew lately. With the release of a super-easy way to downgrade firmware, it seems like many of you are ready to experiment with homebrew. While I prefer to support original endeavors, it's pretty obvious that the greatest lure for homebrew is piracy emulation. Exophase is a relatively new coder to the PSP homebrew scene, but he's already come out with a full speed Game Boy Advance emulator for the system. In an interview with DCEmu, he reveales some interesting info about his work.

DCEmu: The release of this emulator has been compared to the shock of Ultrahle and Bleem, emulators that werent thought possible until they were released, are you proud that your the first to get a decentplayable GBA Emulator out there ?
Exophase: Heh, well, I'm just glad that at least some people can play some games well. I know it was nice being able to play Castlevania: Circle of the Moon for a while when I had nothing else to do.

You can check out the rest of the interview at DCEmu.

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Commodore64 emulator for PSP

C64PSP v0.3 is out and ready to do some old-school gaming on PSPs everywhere. Team c64psp has made a slew of improvements to the emulator such as multiple screen modes, more stable full-speed emulation, and increased game compatibility. If you've run out of cash buying all those presents this season and don't have any left over for yourself, this freebie should tide you over til your next paycheck or allowance comes in.

[via Maxconsole]

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