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Download this Favre-Jets cover for Madden 09

Yeah, we all know the story -- Brett Favre pulling a fast one out of retirement and signing up with the Jets. While football fans may have been ecstatic over the news, it was a move that left Maddenites with an outdated cover for Madden NFL 09. However, not wanting fans to remain disappointed, EA has a backup play to counter Favre's surprise blitz.

If you head on over to EA's website, you can download a free, brand new cover for Madden 09 which features Favre sporting a Jets uniform. The covers are high quality PDFs, so you just have to make sure you have a good printer and some glossy paper to make the cover look legit. Might want to stop by Kinkos for that. Download the cover and replace it with the old one if you so desire.

[Thanks WhiteSpy!]

Upcoming Harry Potter film gets games for all platforms

EA have announced that the next film in the Harry Potter series will be getting an army of new games to coincide with its release. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the sixth book in the overarching Potter world will get games on all platforms; more interesting to PS Fanboys, the titles will be on the PS3 and PSP.

Details on the Half-Blood Prince games were scarce; all that's really known right now is that they will follow the events of the upcoming movie. Speaking of which, the film is expected for a November 21, 2008 release. It follows that the games should be ready by November as well.

[Via press release]

PS Fanboy Wallpapers: Volume 18

Every week, PSP and PS3 Fanboy will bring you new backgrounds for your Sony consoles, in resolutions up to 1080p. Download them directly to your PS3 by accessing PS3 Fanboy on your system. Download PSP wallpapers directly to your PSP by accessing the site wirelessly at

This weekend, we're focusing on EA's upcoming PS3 title Army of Two.

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FIFA '08 details surface, precision is key

If you've got to have your soccer on the go (or football, if you're anything but American), then you might want to reconsider FIFA '08 for the PSP. It's getting a pretty big overhaul in terms of gameplay, which to us means EA might actually care about this title more than we think. The PSP is gaining manual controls to create precision when it comes to through-passes and crosses as well as complete control over the goalie in one-on-one situations. If that's not enough, you can create your own strategy down to the location of every player on the field, assigning them different offensive or defensive tactics.

Manager mode has also been changed and a new mode, Quiz mode, has been added. The former now includes pre-season friendlies, a training option, and board expectations that change depending on your performance. Quiz mode is fairly obvious -- test your knowledge! Who knows, perhaps Quiz mode will include questions about each of the 30 featured leagues, 30 locations, or 12,500 recreated players. It sounds like EA is taking steps to dribble this title to success, so keep an eye on it!

EA to stop online support for six PSP games

Starting September 1st, EA will officially shut down servers for the following online-enabled PSP titles:
  • FIFA Soccer 06
  • FIFA World Cup 2006
  • Fight Night Round 3
  • Madden NFL 06
  • NBA Live 06
In addition, Need for Speed Most Wanted will go offline starting November 1st. It looks like those of you that need an online racing fix might need to consider an alternative (like Test Drive Unlimited?). Unfortunately, it's commonplace for games to lose online support after a few years. Considering EA's love of making their franchises annual, it seems like they're really urging you to buy a new version of one of their products.

[Via PlayStation boards]

Burnout Dominator advertisement causes controversy

Seriously, you call this violent?
Are people becoming increasingly fearful of the media? It appears so, as an advertisement for Burnout Dominator was deemed too "violent" for the common public to view. In EA's ad for its PS2/PSP racer, an image of a burning car can be seen, with a tag line: "Inner peace through outer violence."

The Advertising Standards Authority commented that "we considered that the images of a car that seemed to have crashed at high speed and a burning tyre, together with a reference to violence, could be seen to condone a violent lifestyle, anti-social behaviour or dangerous driving. We concluded that the ad was irresponsible."

Excuse me? There are far more grotesque and irresponsible advertisements in the media -- why focus on this one? While we understand the effects of advertising are intended to be influential, we highly doubt people will start driving like a Burnout maniac in real life due to this image.

[Via Next-Gen]

Red Gate track now available for Burnout Dominator

Yet another free downloadable track hits Burnout Dominator today. Weeks after the release of "Carnival City," "Red Gate" allows you to boost through the chaotic streets of a Eastern European city at night. The track can be downloaded through the in-game menu, YourPSP, or through EA's official website. If you have wireless internet, we recommend that you do the in-game option: it's much easier. If you don't have wireless internet, download the file from us, and extract the folder into the PSP/SAVEDATA folder on your system.

Kudos to EA for continuing to deliver great, free downloadable content. Let's see other games do the same in the future.

Gallery: Burnout Dominator

Burnout Dominator downloadable content goes live

Burnout Dominator, EA's latest entry to the famed racing series, is getting a little bit bigger on PSP. New downloadable content is available for the game, available via in-game wi-fi (see video, above). For those without wireless internet, a quick visit to EA's official site will give you access to a brand new track, "Carnival City." It certainly looks great, and the price makes it all the more worthwhille.

[Via PSP GadgetZ]

PSP remains leader of EA handheld revenue

Sony's handheld continues to drive profits to mega-publisher EA. According to Pocket Gamer, PSP games generated $258 million last fiscal year. In comparison, DS games only managed to generate $104 million. Similar figures were revealed last year, when EA admitted that they'd rather focus on Nintendo's handheld than Sony's, calling it a more "fun" system.

Although PSP sales make the largest portion of EA's handheld revenue, the company may spin the fact negatively. While $256 million is a sizable figure, it represents a 28 percent loss compared to last year. On the other hand, the DS platform seems to be gaining momentum for EA, as it has shot up 149 percent. We don't care too much about these numbers, though. As long as EA continues to make good, original games for our platform, PSP gamers have nothing to worry about.

More developers talk about PSP's future

IGN is continuing their PSP retrospective feature by speaking with even more developers. They approached EA's Team Fusion, one of the most prolific PSP developers out there. What's the one feature of PSP they'd like to use more often? PSP fans will agree with their answer: "For my own team, I think there's a lot of value in further exploring game sharing and downloadable demos for the PSP. We recently released EA's first ever downloadable demo for the PSP in Europe (Medal of Honor Heroes) and the response has been really positive. It's an excellent game and the demo allows new users to try it out and experience a taste for themselves."

Namco's Tekken team was also interviewed. They'd love to see Sony make a true system-defining game for PSP: "If Sony could take the lead by creating a defining, exceptional PSP game, I believe that it would become easier for all developers to create new titles. It would also be desirable if SCE's processes were the same worldwide so that it would be easier to execute simultaneous releases."

Maniac Mode shows off Burnout's mad sense of speed

Is "Maniac Mode" what the Burnout series needs to feel fresh again? It certainly looks challenging, as evidenced by the trailer above. You'll have to perform burnouts in a continuous chain, creating the franchise's "most challenging" mode yet. It might not be revolutionary, but with pretty graphics, does it really matter? Dominator's release is only a few weeks away now, so Burnout fans should get ready.

ESRB uncovers new retro games

Lately the ESRB has been a better source for game announcements than gaming magazines. This time the game rating reveals have a definite theme; retro gaming. The first up is one we've been aware of for a while, EA Replay 2. I bet there'll be a sports game or two in the collection (call it a hunch). The other listed collection was Taito Legends Power-Up. Taito has some quality games, but will there be enough recognizable hits to warrant its purchase? I suppose we'll have to wait until Bub and Bob's keeper releases it in stores.

I can't wait until all that's left to do are 3DO or Ocean game collections.

[Via Gamespot]

Driving like a Maniac in Burnout: Dominator

IGN had yet another chat with EA about their upcoming PSP and PS2-exclusive racer, Burnout: Dominator. The game looks to be the most challenging so far, with the new Maniac mode. Nick Channon from EA explains the new feature: "Maniac mode is all about pushing your dangerous driving skills to the limit. The user earns points for driving into oncoming traffic, doing drifts, near misses etc, and the goal is to score as many points as you can, and thus drive as dangerously as you can. The big kicker in the mode is Burnouts - by chaining Burnouts you earn score multipliers which in turn give you massive scores, which you will need in the later levels of the game."

Check out the full interview at IGN. The game speeds onto PSP this March.

Burnout Dominator finds a home on the web

As the release of Burnout Dominator draws closer (March 6), more and more info keeps coming out about it. Now the racer/crasher has its own home on the web to keep it safe from th rain. On the site you can find screens, videos, features and a contest to have your band appear in the game. The site is regularly updated, so Burnout fans may want to bookmark it.

[Via IGN]

Burnout Dominator to feature downloadable levels

EA's Nick Channon spoke to IGN about their upcoming Sony-exclusive Burnout Dominator. If you read through all the hype, you'll see that the PSP version will feature exclusive downloadable levels. We're assuming that, unlike EA's cheat codes, they'll be free.

It appears that the PSP is the target platform of choice for the game, as Channon reveals the extra effort placed into the handheld outing: "We really believe that we will deliver an intense, next-gen style experience, especially on the PSP ... We've also spent a lot of time working on the handling in the PSP version. It will be incredibly responsive even if you use the D-pad."

Burnout Legends was great, and it appears that Dominator will be even better. The game's coming out in March, so until then, all you have is this trailer of the game in motion.

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