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Download the Secret Agent Clank fan pack

PSU members had a chance to show off their artistic side by crafting some posters for the PSP-exclusive Secret Agent Clank. The developers at High Impact and Sony took a look at their creations, and chose their favorite ones. The best entries were bundled into a Fan Pack, which includes all sorts of avatars, PSP themes and wallpapers for fans to enjoy.

Secret Agent Clank
fan pack

Download (2.74MB)

Dead Head Fred soundtrack hits iTunes

John McGinley's work in Dead Head Fred seems to be getting even more attention than the game itself. When many reviewers talk about the game's presentation or sound, they're focusing solely on his voice acting or the game's sound effects. But if you didn't notice, the game has a soundtrack, and it's pretty damn good, too.

However, in case you can't hear it due to McGinley's amazing voice-acting, Rod Abernethy and Jason Graves have released their masterpiece soundtrack on iTunes. According to the release, everyone can now enjoy Dead head Fred's blending of "cinematic orchestrations with a dark panorama of jazz, southwestern guitar, ambient, rock fusion and other seemingly disparate music styles into a cohesive and alluring listening experience."

We have absolutely no idea what that meant, but it certainly sounds interesting.

Go! Edit camera software available for download

The Go!Edit software that's compatible with the PSP camera (Go!Cam in Europe) is now available for download. The program bears a remarkable resemblance to the Japanese Chotto Shot. The difference? Well, it's in English, to start.

European PSP owners can visit YourPSP to download the program. Also available is a handy instruction manual for those that want to check out all the features of Sony's free PSP image editing program. Our brief test of the software shows an easy to understand interface that's clean and fun. Of course, without an official camera release scheduled for the US, we're sad to admit that this program won't do us much good ... for now.

1. Download the program zip file.
2. Extract the contents of the zip file.
3. Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable.
4. Go to the PSP/GAME folder.
5. Copy UCES90027 folder into the GAME directory.

[Via PSP-Vault]

Saturday PSP background explosion

Every week, PSP Fanboy brings you new backgrounds to keep your PSP clean from unbackground build up. Remember, you can save these images directly to your PSP by accessing the site wireless at m.pspfanboy.com. This week, we again fulfill fan requests, which include a monstrous background and two cartoon backgrounds. What specifically is featured? Continue on to find out.

Backgrounds after the jump ...

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Ratchet & Clank interactive strategy guide

Did you ever get stuck in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters? Well, have no fear! Sony has just released an interactive guide for the entire game, and we have it right here. There's over 60 pages of inside info for your perusal: not only on how to beat the game, but find its elusive secrets as well.

Download for PC (18.1MB)
Download for Mac (25.1MB)

*Note: Please do NOT direct-link these files! Thanks.

UK gamers left waiting for PSone game downloads

I've complained from time to time about the selection of downloadable PSone games for PSP in the US, but right now the UK has it much worse. At launch of the PS3, there are zero PSone games on the PlayStation Store for download to PSP. Sony hasn't made any statement as to when they'll show up, but the US had to wait a little while for this feature. Still, since the UK launch was much later than in Japan and the US, one would think Sony would have titles lined up for day one. In any case, let's hope for the sake of UK PS3 owners that the wait isn't too long.

[Via Games Radar]

Full downloadable games coming to UK?

YourPSP's official PSP Store is Europe's premiere destination for PSP downloads. It's provided us with a great number of downloadable demos and other goodies. However, it looks to be getting an overhaul. What new upgrades might the site be receiving? Full downloadable games, if this page from the UK PlayStation site is to be believed.

To the right of the page, links to downloadable demos of Loco Roco, Killzone and Ridge Racer 2 can be found. But more interesting are the descriptions for Wipeout: Pure and Go! Sudoku: "Download full game now."

Sony has promised that the PLAYSTATION Store would one day find its way to PSP. As they've shown with the PS3, full downloadable games are a crucial part of Sony's strategy. Could Europe be the first region to receive downloadable retail games? If so, how will it work? When will it expand to other countries? Was the web version of the PLAYSTATION Store the beginning of something bigger? Stay tuned for more.

[Via Gamespot]

No PSP love on PLAYSTATION Store this week

Last week PSP owners had the option of downloading the first of a game series that has a newer version already on PSP. I complained about it. Well, I probably should have just been happy there was a new PS1 game to download, because this week there's no PSP content with the weekly PLAYSTATION Store update. When I think of all the possible amazing PS1 games I could have downloaded it makes me cry that I have nothing. I'm sorry I yelled at you Sony, please give me more games to download for my PSP. In the meantime I'm going to start e-mailing Sony non-stop until they release Rival Schools: United by Fate for download.

Wipeout PS1 comes to PSP

Yet again Sony has released a downloadable game on the PlayStation Store that is already available in a better form on PSP. The original Wipeout from the days of PS1 has landed in downloadble form on Sony's PS3 market. I'm sure for hardcore Wipeout fans this is exciting and more playable games for PSP is never a bad thing, but why can't Sony focus on games that aren't already available on PSP and give us some downloadable games worth getting excited about? I'm sitting with my hands outstretched and they have money in them. Sony can take that money as soon as they give me some games I want to download and enjoy on my PSP.

RSS this!

Every week PSP Fanboy brings you a great new podcast that you can use your PSP's RSS feature to subscribe to. The masters of the universe call it RSS this!

This week we're featuring an establishment that has been around seemingly forever, but is relatively new to the podcast scene: EGM. Their podcast is titled EGM Live* and features a rotating cast of EGM personalities like Crispin Boyer, Jennifer Tsao, Shane Bettenhausen, Micheal Donahoe and more. Every week they focus on what's new in gaming news like most podcasts, but since they work for EGM, they sometimes break exclusive news on the podcast, so it always makes it worth a listen.

One thing I'd like to see more from EGM Live* is more episodes featuring Seanbaby since every time he's on the show I laugh to the point of crying and have to put a hand over my mouth to prevent myself from laughing loudly and confusing my fellow employees. I know he's not everyone's cup of tea as they say, but the people who don't like him can listen to the sounds of their friends pretending to like them instead. I'd also like to see more Batman & Robin sound effects, because I can't get enough. Other than that, I'd just like the podcast to be longer, but I can understand that the staff does have a magazine to put out and that may not be practical.

If you want to add EGM Live* to your PSP's RSS, just bring up this site with your PSP through our mobile version at m.pspfanboy.com and clink this link: http://feeds.feedburner.com/1up/EGMpodcast Then you can exit your web browser and the show should be in your RSS channels. From there you can set a timer for auto-download of episodes, stream them, or download them directly.

Got something you have RSS'd and would like us to feature? Just let us know in the comments, or let other readers know what you think of EGM Live!

P.S.- Special thanks to Orange Lounge Radio for mentioning us on the air.

Pocket Gamer finds 23 places to get free content

The PSP can do it all: view photos, listen to music, display videos, play games and browse the web. With so much functionality, it can become quite daunting to find enough content to satiate a true PSP fan. Pocket Gamer's going to give it a swing, though, linking to 23 places that'll give your PSP something to play with. Sites include video services like Atom Films, webcomics like NYC2123 (pictured), and a few notable (and legal) homebrew applications.

Of course, if that isn't enough, we at PSP Fanboy also provide downloadable demos, PSP Fanboy Theatre and Saturday Background Explosion. With so much to do on the PSP, it's no wonder I never get any work done.

DJ Max Portable 2 songs for download

While you're waiting for today's edition of PSP Fanboy Theatre to arrive, get your PSP's wi-fi revved up and check out these awesome tunes from the upcoming import music game, DJ Max Portable 2. To download from your PSP, head over to m.pspfanboy.com and download the tracks from Ruriweb.

For the rest of you, don't forget to check out videos from the first game (now available in English!). DJ Max Portable 2 will hit Korea in either February or March.

[Via PSP-Vault]

PSP December Content Pack now available

Every month (except last month, for some strange reason), Sony offers an EXE file they call the "Content Pack" which contains a variety of files, like videos, music and wallpapers for your PSP. In typical Sony style, this pack comes late into the month, but at least they have the courtesy to get rid of that silly "calendar" feature that pointed quite fruitless. This month's content pack features tons of promotional material from ATV Offroad Fury Pro, SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2, and more.

The real highlight is the Loco Roco demo that was released a few days ago. The holiday-inspired music is also included in this content pack, along with other samples from other PSP soundtracks. Feel free to visit Sony's official US website to download.

EMI Music UK offers paid video downloads on small site

The record label, EMI Music UK, has recently announced their efforts to bring their music videos to PSP owners through a fairly small site, psp-playlist.com. "PSP owners are substantial in number and content hungry," said Graeme Rogan, commercial manager of digital media for EMI Music UK, speaking to GI.biz.

The videos cost £1.89, and don't appear to use any DRM encryption of any kind. Considering how amateur the site looks, I highly doubt that this will really take off.

[Via DCemu]

PSone downloads begin on 11/22... in Japan

In just a few hours, Japanese PS3 and PSP owners will be able to download and play PSone games on their PSPs. The following titles will be available for only 525 yen (less than $5) each:
  • Resident Evil Director's Cut (Capcom)
  • Konami Antiques MSX Collection Vol.1 (Konami)
  • Konami Antiques MSX Collection Vol.2 (Konami)
  • Bishi Bashi Special (Konami)
  • Arc the Lad (SCEJ)
  • Jumping Flash! (SCEJ)
  • Hot Shots Golf 2 (SCEJ)
  • Silent Bomber (Bandai Namco Games)
  • Tekken 2 (Bandai Namco Games)
Playback of the games requires the newly released 3.00 firmware. PLAYSTATION 3 owners will be able to play the downloaded games on their home consoles in the future.

[Via IGN]

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