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Divineo's new 5-in-1 charger stand for PSP does it all

There aren't usually a lot of devices who can follow through on their claim that they can 'do it all'. Sure, being able to vacuum and cook up a delicious waffle is interesting, but then your carpet smells like a waffle, too. This is why we're pretty interested in the potential of this new PSP charger stand -- it does it all!

While your PSP charges on the stand, you can listen to music and even play stuff on your TV. It comes with built-in headphone jacks and multi-card slots. It's essentially got all the functionality of a non-charging PSP, and it's just under $17. If you're looking for a charging solution, this might be your cup of tea.

[Via DCEmu]

Slim Guard Skin for PSP keeps grease, dust at bay

You know what really stinks? When you're showing off your PSP to a friend, but they laugh and say "you must be very greasy, as there are fingerprints all thereabouts on your handheld gaming device!" This can be a problem that follows you for the rest of the day. Luckily, Divineo has a solution for you in the Ultra Slim Guard Skin Advance for PSP -- it protects your PSP from dust and scratches, as well as some fingerprinting, assuming you don't try to use the PSP as a touch screen. The skin surprisingly leaves all your connections open, even the UMD drive. For about $7, it seems like a decent deal if you're worried about getting your PSP scratched, or if you've got butterfingers.

[via DCEmu]

Designer analog sticks

Do you look at your PSP's analog stick nub thing with disdain? Do you dream up elaborate Road Runneresque schemes to destroy it and eat it for dinner? Well luckily for you, has replacement analog stick nub things for you to put in your PSP if you have some amount of modding skills or friends with modding skills. The pink one looks sorta dirty to me for some reason. If anyone actually has a modded PSP, you should post a link to an image of it in chat so we can all check out your pimped out handheld.


Divineo 'evolves' PSP face plates

Divineo evolves PSP face plates
If Divineo's chrome PSP faceplate wasn't your bag, the Talismoon Evolve series might be.

According to Divineo, everything needed to create a new-look PSP is included in a single package, consisting of the faceplate color of your choice, an illustrated diagram, hardened steel jeweler's screwdriver, a dazzling set of diamond series buttons as well as a finely made polishing cloth to preserve the appearance of your PSP for years to come.

If you want a custom look for your PSP but can't afford one of Sony's Signature PSPs, this may be an excellent way to go. And for only $15, you won't be out too much if you don't end up liking it. However, keep in mind that removing your face plate will void your PSP's warranty.

[Via DCEmu]

Get your bling on with a chrome PSP face plate

Get your bling on with a chrome PSP face plateIf you don't have the cash flow for one of the Playstation Signature PSPs but want to look like you do, you might be interested in this far less expensive alternative - the XCM chrome PSP face plate - for about $23.

Available from Divineo's UK site, the face plate gets its unique color and smoothness from a "special process" that supposedly enhances your gaming experience. How it does this is beyond me, but it does sure look purdy.

The face plate comes with a new D-pad, all face buttons and a screw driver. And if the chrome color isn't your thing, a "Smooth as Silk" color is also available. Yeah, don't ask.

(Via DCEmu forums)

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