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Overheard at GDC 07: Disney's to blame for no downloadable movies

Sony was supposed to offer full-resolution downloadable movies for the PSP, but the service has never come to fruition, citing "DRM problems." On the GDC showfloor, I overheard one Sony employee talking about how there's one giant stumbling block for Sony's potential movie download service: Disney. The giant media corporation doesn't want to make its catalog of movies available to Sony, most likely due to restrictions caused by their deal with Apple's iTunes Store.

But, why not go forth even without Disney's backing? Surely, Sony Pictures' vast library of movies would be more than enough to satiate a PSP-owning movie lover's tastes. However, as Connect proved, a half-assed attempt at digital distribution usually ends up quite fruitless.

THQ cooking up Ratatouille game

Not a lot of info is out yet on Pixar's summer release Ratatouille, but THQ has let out word that before the movie hits theaters in June, you'll be able to play the game adaptation on your PSP. There aren't much details about any version of the game besides the next-gen one, but if the PSP version is similar, it'll be an action platformer. Will the collective Ratatouille games be the best selling game of this year like Cars was last year? Either way, I'm looking forward to the movie and hoping the game is a worthwhile experience as well.

[Via Gamespot ]

Another Dead Man's Chest trailer and new screens

For those of you who love the antics of one Captain Jack Sparrow (and if you don't, why?), the 2nd official trailer for the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest game has been posted at Gamespot. Head on over and check it out as it has lots of action, showing Jack take down some natives, navigating environmental puzzles, and battling a gigantic squid. Along with the new trailer, there are also a plethora of new screens available centering around the naval combat that will be in the game.

Buena Vista takes over publishing for Lumines 2

A press release issued this morning revealed that Buena Vista Games (which, considering its connections, could possibly be referred to as The Happiest Game Publisher on Earth™) will act as publisher for the upcoming puzzle game Lumines 2. The first Lumines title, created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi and developed by Q Entertainment, was published by Ubisoft and Bandai. BVG will take over the reins for the sequel as well as three other titles from the developer: Every Extend Extra (PSP), Lumines Plus (PS2), and Meteos: Disney Edition (DS). The titles are due to land softly (but will still carry big sticks) on store shelves this Fall.

[Thanks John]

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