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Deal: 8GB Memory Stick for $40 [Update]

[Update 2 -- Seems like the 8GB ones are back. We are assuming they replenish their stock throughout the day, so if you don't see the deal, try back again later.]

[Update -- Unfortunately, it looks like the deal expired. However, they do have the 4GB for $14.99, which is still better than yesterday's deal. Thanks, Joepal!]

The prices for these babies just keep falling, huh? Yesterday we posted a deal about a 4GB Memory Stick for $20. How about we top that deal? At $40 with free shipping, these Lexar 8GB Memory Sticks are simply a steal. Need we say more? Head over to Frys for this incredible deal now. When will the 16GB ones (currently at a little less than $125) reach these affordable prices?

[Via Slickdeals]

Deal: 4GB Memory Stick for $20 ... again

Missed the deal on the 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo last month? It's okay, because they are offering the same deal again: twenty clams for a Memory Stick that will store 4GB worth of whatever you want on it. Though this will be sufficient for most user's demands, you may still find yourself needing more storage. At this price, you can afford to buy more than one. Take advantage of this deal here.

[Thanks, burandon!]

Deal: 8GB Memory Stick for $46

As Memory Sticks continue to get larger, their prices continue to get smaller. This is a fantastic deal on an almost-insane amount of memory for your PSP. The 8GB Memory Stick can be found at for $46, shipped. That's more than enough space to hold every single game to be released by D3 Publisher on the PLAYSTATION Store.

[Via CAG]

Get 25% off used PSP/PS3 games at GameStop

Print high resolution image.
It's that time again, folks. GameStop's oh-so-valuable 25% off used game coupon lets you score any used PS3 or PSP game from their retail stores at a pretty significant savings. Some suggestions from us? Why not check out our list of top 20 games under $20 -- if you can find any of these on the store shelves, you'll get them for even cheaper.

[Via CAG]

Deal: 4GB Memory Stick for $20

Looks like the 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo is back on sale! is selling the PSP-compatible memory card for only $20 -- that's the cheapest we've ever seen it. For many, 4GB offers enough space for music, movies and games. However, we're still keeping an eye on slowly falling 8GB Memory Stick prices. If we see a good 8GB deal, we'll let you know.

Deal: Hot Shots Golf PS3 for $26, PSP for $20

Who doesn't love Hot Shots Golf? The answer is: nobody. While we're not enthusiastic fans of the sport on television, we do love picking up the virtual golf club and playing a few rounds of Hot Shots Golf with a few friends. Today's Deal of the Day is all about Sony's famed golf franchise.

The PS3 version of the franchise, Out of Bounds can be picked up for only $26 -- that's more than half off! The latest PSP game, Open Tee 2 can be picked up for $20. Both feature robust online multiplayer, and a plethora of content that'll have you swinging for hours. Either way, you win.

[Via CAG]

Clearance: Buy 1 UMD, get 1 free

Looks like is finally getting rid of its UMD stock. They're holding a great BOGO deal on their UMD selection. Considering how many of these discs are already only $10, you should be able to pick up some good deals along the way. In fact, with prices like these, it's actually cheaper to buy these UMD discs than download these through the PS Store.

Deal of the Day: 8GB Memory Stick for $57

Holy falling prices, Batman! The 8GB Memory Stick, once placed high on a pedestal of "things we want but are way too expensive for us to get," is now available for $57 shipped on We're definitely going to pick one up, if only to download even more movies off the new Video section of the PS Store.

[Thanks, Nate T.!]

Deal: R-Type Command for $19

It didn't take long for Atlus' R-Type Command to go to the bargain bin. The Irem-developed SRPG had a great Advance Wars vibe, but for many, going away from the series' arcade legacy kept them disinterested. Well, the game is now 50% off its original price on You can pick it up for $19, plus shipping.

[Thanks, Eric!]

Deal: Buy one PlayStation product, get another 50% off

Toys "R" Us is having a special promo for both our PSP and PS3 Fanboy readers. Buy any PS2, PSP or PS3 game, and get another game at 50% off. That's a pretty sweet deal for those that are interested in getting two games. You can see all the eligible titles here. Offer is valid until July 26th.

[Thanks, Brent S.!]

Deal: Final Fantasy Tactics for $20

PSP had a number of excellent SRPG games to choose from during last year's holiday season. Final Fantasy Tacticsc: The War of the Lions was one of them. The quintessential PS1 game got a makeover when it moved to PSP, with beautiful new cutscenes and a whole bevvy of new quests. The game is now available for a 50% discount on -- $20. If you missed out on this title last year, this may be a good time to jump.

[Via CAG]

Deal: 25% off imports at Play-Asia

Both the PSP and PS3 have incredibly generous region settings, which allow you to play games from all around the world -- no mod chips required. Importing games for both of Sony's platforms is easy, and Play-Asia's sale makes it even easier. Right now, they're providing 25% off all of their in-stock items. Here's our recommendations:


Memory Stick deals: 4GB for $30, 8GB for $60 [Update]

We haven't had a good deal on a Memory Stick in quite some time. Thankfully, is ready to help us out with a great deal on a SanDisk 4GB Memory Stick. The Memory Stick is available for $30, with free shipping. For many, 4GB is more than sufficient to store all your games, saves, movies and music. [Update: is also offering a $30 Memory Stick, with free digital movie.]

If you need more space, the best deals we've found for larger Memory Sticks have been on They have a SanDisk 8GB card for $65 shipped [Update: Another 8GB card has been discovered on for $60], and a Sony 16GB card for $149 shipped.

[Thanks, stephen!]

PSP games go on sale at

Some good deals here for those looking to expand their PSP collections.
Our pick? Viewtiful Joe. If you're looking for some mini-games, you may be interested in WTF. MLB and NBA are both rather solid sports titles for the handheld. Just make sure you avoid Gangs of London at all costs.

Visit CAG for more deals on other platforms.

Deal of the Day: Downstream Panic! for $15

Fans of PSP's LocoRoco would heed our advice and find a copy of Atari's lovable Downstream Panic!. This PSP-exclusive puzzle game has stylish graphics, and fun gameplay -- yet never got the attention it deserved. Yes, this is another fantastic exclusive that was ignored, left to cry by the wayside.

Now that this innovative fish-saving game (seriously) has dropped to $15 on, you have almost no choice not to buy it. Word to wise, however. In spite its ridiculously cute looks, this is one incredibly challenging puzzle game.

[Via CAG]

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