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Tutorial for running homebrew on 2.80 firmware

Being able to play homebrew on firmware 2.80 is an amazing accomplishment. However, most people that have firmware 2.80 probably don't know the very basics of running homebrew on their system. While there have been guides created in the past, a new one has popped up on the PlayStation boards. Shamoo teaches you the steps necessary to run fan-favorite DDR clone, PSP Revolution, on your system.
  1. Download the eLoader on your computer.
  2. Connect your PSP to your computer via USB.
  3. Install the eLoader.
  4. Make sure you choose this kind of installation: "TIFF, Installatron + Xloader - RECOMMENDED"
  5. Ensure the following options are checked: "TIFF, xLoader (for 2.80), Installatron, emenu"
  6. You're done installing the eLoader. Now, it's time to get homebrew programs.
The full tutorial shows you how to download and install PSP Revolution on your system. It's not complicated at all--it just involves moving some folders into your PSP's GAME directory, and a few more steps. Of course, with firmware 3.0 on the horizon, what choice will you make? Stick with homebrew, or keep advancing with Sony's official upgrades?

Pump It Up heading to PSP (in Korea, at least)

PSP continues to prove itself as one of the best platforms for music games out there. Pump It Up is a game very much like Dance Dance Revolution, and it's insanely popular in Korea. PSP Vault discovered a new listing for a PSP version of the popular dancing game on Sony's official Korean website.

The homebrew community embraced dance-style games through projects like PSP Revolution. However, DDR and its clones require you to input buttons that correspond to up, down, left and right. Pump It Up uses diagonals and a center button: how will these be mapped on the PSP? Puzzling, no?

See also:
DJ Max Portable, for non-Korean speakers

Loco Roco meets DDR in new PSP Revolution Style

I'm personally surprised by the lack of PSP Revolution coverage on the Fanboy. Is it because the idea of playing a DDR-clone without the ability to dance seems a bit futile? Or is it because we're too afraid to admit that we bust a groove to the sounds of NAOKI all the time? Well, no more silence, I say! Typo-laden has revealed a new iteration of the popular homebrew "dancing" game: Loco Roco Style. It features art and two songs from the Loco Roco game, with more to come on the way.

Homebrew DDR for those with two left feet

I debated the logic behind Bemani's drive to port their Dance Dance Revolution game to handhelds and mobile phones simply because I didn't see the role of any form of "dancing" in the act of rhythmically tapping your thumbs on a keypad. But since there are probably maniacal DDR fans out there obsessed enough to want to play a dancing game even when they can't technically dance, I have to concede in its existence. But, since Konami has no plans at the moment to delight PSP fans with hours of sequential button-pressing, homebrewer GameShark thought it prudent to let us know of a free DDR game for PSP he's made available at no charge to consumers. This version doesn't offer head-to-head waltzing or jitterbugging, but a future release might over ad-hoc. At least then we won't have to go dancing by ourselves anymore. Oh wait, I think I'm going to cry. No, I'm okay now.

[Thanks, GameShark]

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