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3.50 firmware already decrypted

Chameleon over on the DCEmu forums is reporting that he has already decrypted the just released 3.50 firmware. He notes that it probably won't be too long until an open edition custom firmware is released. Interestingly, Chameleon also notes that the files are nearly identical to the last firmware. This helps explain why the decryption has occurred so rapidly. As Chameleon asks: "Has Sony given up on trying to stop us from the homebrew world?" How many of our readers are waiting off for the inevitable custom firmware 3.50? Do you think Sony finally realizes the importance of the homebrew community?

Experimental emulator brings PSP games to Windows

We've been tricked by this tomfoolery before, and we're remaining cautious. DCEmu is reporting on a supposed experimental emulator that allows PSP games to be played in the Windows environment. "Potemkin" as the emulator is called is no longer being worked on by Ector due to "time constraints." Therefore, he's provided the source code for those interested to try and finish his project. (This does not mean that an end-user can effectively run a working program on their machine.) If this project comes to full fruition, Sony will certainly have a lot more to worry about: the piracy scene could potentially explode with a functional release of such an emulator. We'll have to stay tuned.

PSP to learn Art of Fighting

VGGEN is reporting that the Art of Fighting Anthology that was originally set for PS2 is also coming to PSP and Wii. This continues this console release combination that has been so popular recently. For those who don't know about the Art of Fighting franchise, it was SNK's 2nd fighting series after Fatal Fury. There were only three Art of Fighting games ever created, but characters from the series did appear in other SNK fighting titles. I am personally more interested in this anthology on PSP since there aren't a wealth of 2D fighters yet on my favorite portable. Will you be picking up Art of Fighting Anthology, or is it too old for your tastes?

No release was given for the PSP version of Art of Fighting Anthology. The PS2 version is out in May though, so hopefully we don't have to wait too long.

[Via DCEmu]

Wandria cancelled ... for now

PSP gamers looking forward to the visually impressive homebrew title Wandria: Tears in Fate, may be crying to themselves after this news. Due to a "life turning event," the coder of the title has decided to halt development on Wandria. The source code has been released, and Team ZionMax has given permission for others to continue the project if they wish. They also released an alpha of Wandria, for interested gamers to see what was completed thus far. Let's wish best of luck to Zion, and hopefully Wandria's future as well.

[Via DCEmu]

Open another can of Worms

I'm pretty sure that only devil worshipers dislike the Worms series. It's long been a staple of gaming and has seen a version on nearly every system to ever be birthed into the world. The PSP has already got Worms Open Warfare, but it's about to get even more. Eurogamer is saying that soon we'll be able to play Worms Open Warfare 2. While what changes would be in the sequel were not listed, the title was given a July release date. In the end though, as long as Worms Open Warfare 2 has the same addictive multiplayer, nothing else matters.

[Via DCEmu]

Ubisoft makes Tom Clancy lovers wait

CVG is reporting that Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 for PSP has been delayed from March 30th to June and Rainbow Six Vegas from May to a much more ambiguous spring. While Driver 76 slid back to June for more development time. Checking EBgames' website revealed indeed GRAW 2 is listed for June, but neither of the other games were listed at the dates CVG gave. This could just be a case of EB's site not being updated yet though, so make sure you call before rushing out for these Ubisoft titles.

[Via DCEmu]

Fan transforms his PSP into a Mario-loving paradise

What's the first thing a zealous Nintendo fan does when he gets a PSP? Why, turn it into a Mario-worshipping shrine, of course! Mr. Shizzy has created an XMB modification for users of 3.03 OE-C firmware. Everything about the PSP interface has been changed, from icons, to sounds, to the waves in the background. It may be a bit gaudy for my tastes, but it's impressive nonetheless. To download this homebrew-only conversion, head over to DCEmu. Warning: because crucial files are overwritten in the process, you have a chance of bricking your PSP. Use at your own risk!

Video of the XMB in action, provided after the cut.

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Dave Mirra biking back to video game town

Dave Mirra games used to be one of the few quality titles Acclaim put out before they died and their name was reborn as an MMO publisher. Fans of Dave Mirra or biking games in general should be happy to know that Oxygen Games is bringing out a new Dave Mirra game and it is coming to PSP.

The new game is called Dave Mirra BMX Challenge and will have you freestyle and race across 17 varied levels and environments. The included modes will be ad hoc wireless 1 -4 multiplayer, exhibition, novice, and pro circuit modes. The game is being developed by Left Field Productions Inc. who previously made MTX Mototrax.

Dave Mirra BMX Challenge hits half-pipes and game stores May 2007.

[Via DCEmu ]

Bleach: Heat the Soul 4's battle system

If you've never imported one of the Bleach fighting games you're missing out one of the best fighters on the PSP. Being a fan of both the anime and the game series, I was happy to see that more info has come out about Bleach: Heat the Soul 4 from the official site. Finally there will be playable Vizards. The battle system is upgraded and supposed to have a new component called 'Soul Blaze'. The creators say the game is based on the manga, not the anime which may explain some of the visual choices.
Lastly, here are the confirmed characters so far:
  • Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Shuhei Hisagi
  • Ulquiorra
  • Ikkaku Madarame
  • Yumichika Ayasegawa
  • Grimmjow Jaggerjack
  • Hirako Shinji
  • Hiyori Sarugaki
The game is due out 5/24 in Japan.
[Via DCEmu]

Better keyboard and AIM client released by fans

Qaz from DCEmu (registration required) has released a pretty nice AIM/MSN/Yahoo client for the PSP. It's pretty easy to install and use ... so long as you're willing to struggle with the PSP's pathetic phone-like virtual keyboard. Too bad ZX81's newly released Virtual Keyboard isn't compatible: certainly, conversations would be far more manageable. Regardless, these are two appreciated apps that will certainly help a great number of people, especially because it doesn't involve homebrew. Simply download, extract, and access from the PSP's internet browser.

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Japan is mad for Monster Hunter Portable 2nd [Update 1]

Monster Hunter never found much of an audience in the US, but in Japan it's a big deal. How big of a deal? Well, when's the last time you saw this many versions of a game to buy:

1: Stand-Alone Game
2: Accessories Set (the game and themed accessories of UMD holders, headphones, and collectible card)
3: Hunter Pack (the game and themed accessories of a champagne PSP, 2 replacement faceplates, one carry case, strap and soft Monster Hunter toys)

[Via DCEmu]

[Update 1: Corrected links and formatting.]

See also:
Sony goes bling with new Champagne Gold

Play Ratchet on custom firmware

Like many PSP owners, I like the added functionality of Dark_Alex's custom firmware. What I didn't like though was how Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters didn't work on my PSP because of it. Luckily, the fine folks at DCEmu have come up with a solution. Let me run you through it step by step, so you too can get Ratchet swinging his wrench on your custom firmware.

  • First, totally turn off your PSP (not sleep mode)
  • Now, hold down the right trigger and turn it back on
  • This will bring you to recovery menu where you can change several options
  • Configuration: Game folder homebrew (currently:3.XX Kernal), Use NO-UMD (currently:disabled), Fake region (currently: America), Free UMD region (currently:enabled)
  • Advanced configuration: Plain modules in UMD/ISO (currently:enabled)
  • CPU Speed: Speed in UMD/ISO (currently:266)
  • Plugins: All disabled

And that should do it. Now you can play the greatness that is Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters. Thanks again for the great fix DCEmu community!

Designer analog sticks

Do you look at your PSP's analog stick nub thing with disdain? Do you dream up elaborate Road Runneresque schemes to destroy it and eat it for dinner? Well luckily for you, has replacement analog stick nub things for you to put in your PSP if you have some amount of modding skills or friends with modding skills. The pink one looks sorta dirty to me for some reason. If anyone actually has a modded PSP, you should post a link to an image of it in chat so we can all check out your pimped out handheld.


Use Network Update to upgrade your homebrew

This is quite a novel idea. Dark_Alex has been following Sony every step of the way, releasing a new version of his Open Edition firmware almost immediately after Sony releases their official update. Now, homebrew users have a pretty ingenious way of finding out if there's a new version of Dark_Alex's homebrew-enabled firmware: use Network Update! Long considered vile by homebrew users, Xandu and Team 280 have created a plugin that allows you to use PSP's firmware checker to download Dark_Alex's latest. Ironic, no?

Check out installation details at DCEmu. Of course, be warned: tampering with the BIOS of your system can lead to a brick. Also, the general success rate of this app hasn't been too high: only about 2/3 of users seem to be able to successfully connect to the Updater.

Ubisoft brings PSP Free Running

Ubisoft and Reef Entertainment sent out a press release stating they will be bringing Free Running to the PSP (and other systems) in the UK in March. The game focuses on the alternative sport of free running that involves jumping across building tops, climbing over obstacles and generally using the city as your playground. Sebastien Foucan the creator of free running was recently in the Bond film Casino Royale and in the game you'll compete against him to become the greatest free runner of all time.

Free Running will feature more than 60 challenges spread over 10 different levels in 3 distinct time zones, each with their own style of gameplay. 9 single and multiplayer modes like freestyle, time attack and ground zero. As you progress, you'll unlock characters, clothes, tricks videos and music.

[Via DCEmu]

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