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Deal of the Day: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for $29.99

Still haven't picked up Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII? Don't want to pay full price? It ain't much, but Circuit City is offering the PSP exclusive prequel to Final Fantasy VII at $10 off, making the total $29.99 including shipping. Take advantage of this offer here.

Another huge Crisis Core media update

Octaslash? Come on now, that's a bit un-inventive. Sounds kind of dumb, but we're willing to bet that move is going to look wickedly stylish in the actual game. Aside from that one odd naming scheme, these screenshots of Crisis Core are spectacular.

We sure are excited for this game, especially after seeing these nostalgic screens. Also, some in-game cut scene vids have made there way up on the interwebs; those, too, are loaded with nostalgia. Check out the gallery below, and the trailers after the break.

Gallery: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - March 08

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Rumor: Special edition Crisis Core in Europe [Updated]

Eurogamer is reporting that a special edition of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core might be on the way to Europe, or at least to the UK. Although Square Enix has yet to officially confirm it, UK retailers such as Gamestation have already begun hosting details about the special ed on their websites. Called the "Special Pre-order Edition," it will come in nice slipcase packaging, and will also included a 48-page hardbound art book. The special ed is available only when the game is pre-ordered at regular price; so there's no multiple pricing schemes going on -- just reservations.

If this does indeed prove to be true, it seems like an enticing little incentive for Europeans not to purchase the North American version soon to release in less than two weeks. Especially since NA has a fixed date and Europe has a vague spring release, we suppose Square Enix needs something extra to keep crafty Euros from importing. Well, an art book and slipcase sure do beat our UMD cases.

[Update: You can now see the special edition on the official Crisis Core website. Nice.]

Zack boards train, people die, in new Crisis Core vid

Square Enix wants you to know that Zack is one bad guy. Bad, of course, meaning good or cool. This CG video shows Zack dropping atop a train, immediately dodging bullets and generally causing chaos and mayhem. All in good fun, of course.

If the video streams a bit slowly for you, then hit pause once while its loading. Give it a few seconds of breathing room, and you should be set.

[Update: For more Crisis Core goodness, check out new screens at The Magic Box.]

Famitsu scores Crisis Core: 35/40

Esteemed Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, has scored Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. The four reviewers gave it a 9, 9, 8 and a 9. Certainly an impressive set of numbers! Final Fantasy fans can sleep easier at night, knowing that this spin-off game isn't as disastrous as Dirge of Cerberus (which scored a low 28/40 from Famitsu). It ain't Final Fantasy XII, but we're still glad the game got reviewed as well as it did.

[Via PSPHyper]

Crisis Core trailer gets extended (by two minutes)

Until Crisis Core comes out, it looks like this blog will look more like "Crisis Core Fanboy" than "PSP Fanboy." Yes, there are other games coming out as well, but Square Enix knows how to fan the flames of their devoted fans through this media deluge they seem to be offering. Yet another trailer for the game has just been been released, offering an even greater look into the gameplay. It's familiar territory, yes -- but that doesn't mean you won't watch.

[Thanks, Saigon!]

Crisis Core videos showcase battle system

This may come as a surprise, but Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core actually has a battle system. Seriously. There's gameplay other than watching emotional boys talking to each other. And that's what Jeux France has managed to capture. Unlike the tradition FFVII games, the battle system is no longer turn-based. Watch these videos to see this new real-time battle system in action, complete with Materia.

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It begins: Crisis Core TV ad hits Japan

What will undoubtedly be a massive media onslaught begins in Japan, as the first Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core ad hits Japan. The advertisement is not only important for Square Enix, as they promote their new game, but it is important for Sony as well. Such a hotly anticipated release will certainly generate a great deal of interest in the PSP platform, something that's going to aid Sony in the long-haul.

[Thanks, J!]

Crisis Core intro shows Midgar, remixed tunes

Thought you saw everything with the last Crisis Core video, didn't you? You would be wrong -- a new video has emerged that shows off the game's intro and, as expected, we're pleased to see it's worth viewing. Accompanying the fantastic visuals is a fantastic remix of the original Final Fantasy VII opening track. Ahh, Midgar. Whether or not you're a rabid fanboy of FFVII, everyone should set their agendas aside and see this game for what it is: impressive. We're pretty excited to take it for a spin, so until we can, we'll keep covering it every step of the way.

New direct-feed shots of FFVII: Crisis Core

Do you want fresh juicy burgers? Or how about fresh direct feed screenshots of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core? Well, if it's lunch time, you probably want both. Too bad we can only help you with the latter.

These crystal-clear images show off how good the game will look on your PSP screen. If you're a true Crisis-aholic, you'll download these images to your PSP and pretend that you're already playing the game.

Gallery: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

Final Fantasy case steals fans money

It's not easy being a Final Fantasy fan. You have to suffer through intolerable waits for the games, and pay astronomical prices for its merchandise. Take, for example, this Final Fantasy-themed case. The case, from Porter, dons a Crisis Core logo. But not only that, it has a pretty steep price tag: ¥9,975 ($86).

[Via PSPHyper]

Crisis Core trailer, now with more English

Okay, so you saw the Final Fantasy VII trailer. But don't you want to see it in English? Of course you do. Fans have taken the liberty to translate and re-release the most recent Crisis Core trailer with subtitles. Now, you can fully understand the (melo)drama of the upcoming FFVII prequel. Square fans, might as well get new underwear ready.

[Via Siliconera]

Final Fantasy VII special PSPs available for pre-order

You saw the video. Now, buy the system!

The special limited edition Final Fantasy VII slim PSP is now available for pre-order at Play-Asia. But it'll cost you a pretty penny: $400. You'll be paying more than double the amount for a non-Final Fantasy-engraved system. Is your fandom willing to go to the depths of your wallet?

Five minutes of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

We wanted to share this with you so badly! But, YouTube was strangely down this morning! (Horrifying, no?) Now that the interwebs are working yet again, we want to show you five glorious minutes of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. We want to warn you that there are spoilers, so those of you that don't want the experience ruined may want to shy away from this awesome, but revealing trailer.

[Thanks, Jordan!]

Cloud gets emo, Zack gets shirtless in new Crisis Core scans

The men of Final Fantasy VII are sensitive men, that like to think about their feelings and emotions. They also like to take walks on the beach, write poetry on MySpace, and carry large swords. Various magazines have been promoting the impending release of Crisis Core, and in them, we see Cloud spending some time to talk to Zack. What could it be about?!

Maybe to show that the entire game won't be too downtrodden, another set of scans shows a fun beach scene. Not only that, we see a glimpse of Tifa in her signature revealing outfit.

We can't wait to see more of Crisis Core. When does it come out again? Oh yeah ... September 13th. Until then, we continue our painful wait.

[Via Thanks, Saigon!]

Read - scan series 1
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