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GripShift remixed on PS3; PSP owners to get sequel

IGN blogger chubigans had the chance to talk to GripShift executive producer, Mario Wynands. Gripshift joins a number of games, such as Tekken: Dark Resurrection that are making the leap from PSP to PLAYSTATION 3. The "racing platformer" will feature some obvious improvements, such as HD visuals and real-time lighting, on the next-gen console.

However, PSP owners need not fret that they're being ignored. Mr. Wynands states, "It is definitely our intention to produce a full sequel of GripShift for PSP." While a sequel is exciting, what gets me truly revved up is the potential for a new original IP, something the PSP is certainly not unfamiliar with: " For PSP in particular, it's been interesting. We've certainly seen some great new IPs hit the handheld, made possible by the PSP being powerful but relatively cheap to develop for in comparison to console and also with a solid user base in place... We intend bringing more original IP to the PSP platform."

For the rest of this lengthy and revealing interview, head over to Club IGN.

The possibilities of PS3-PSP connectivity [Update 1]

The PS3 and PSP are going to be great friends. Sure, they won't be able to play with each other when the PLAYSTATION 3 comes out, but they will in the future, and the possibilities are exciting. chubgians, IGN's ultimate PSP fanboy, recently wrote a massive essay on how PS3-PSP connecitivty can succeed where GCN-GBA has failed. Some of the key points to note:
  • The two systems were made to work with each other: look at the XMB. Also, there's no extra cables to buy: just use the PSP's wi-fi connection, or the USB cable that's connected to the controller.
  • Even without any software, you can access content on the PS3 from your PSP. With the Gamecube, your GBA cables were useless unless you had a game that supported it... and those were quite few in number.
  • Accessing the Friends feature of the PS3 from the PSP will be incredible: imagine, a universal play experience on your PS3 and PSP. It's starting with games like Cash Money Chaos.
You can read the rest of chubigan's lengthy postulations on his IGN blog.

See also:
The "PS3" tag on PSP Fanboy.

[Update 1: IGN has been playing with their retail unit of the system and revealed one tidbit we didn't know about before: when using Remote Play, your PS3 is forced into non-HD 480p mode. Boo!]

Build a Loco Roco house, win stuff

After such a convincing Metareview, you probably got up and ran out to buy yourself a copy of Loco Roco, right? Well, one of the cooler features in the game is the ability to build your very own house for the blubbery blobs with pieces hidden throughout the levels. With enough rare items and tons of creativity, you can really make something truly spectacular. In order to encourage some creativity amongst the PSP crowd, hardcore PSP fanboy chubigans (the guy who brought you the Flash Arcade collection) is holding a contest where you can win three UMDs from Silver Platter. All you have to do is build a home, and take a snapshot of your creation through the in-game capture method. Not bad, huh? Get moving, because the deadline is September 25th.

If you do enter a submission, why not show it off to us too? Simply add a link to your creation in the comments section below.

[Via Club IGN]

Pages on why Playstation Portable is not dead

You may remember chubigans as the compiler of the great Flash Arcade collection. After reading more on the death of PSP, he couldn't take the incredible fanboy flaming that took ablaze on the internet. chubigan's latest blog entry will most likely only fan the fires, but in support of our handheld darling. He makes note of how the PSP has been selling neck-and-neck with the DS (before the introduction of the DS Lite) and how the media capabilities of the PSP make it quite a value-added system. In fact, he uses his Excel skillz to demonstrate the similarities between a PSP and a 360.

The dearth of console ports, the lack of a singular title that every PSP owner must buy (except maybe Grand Theft Auto?), and journalistic pessimism fueled by Sony's arrogance, are all helping to shape PSP's currently negative image. But "to declare the PSP dead, when sales, developers and sometimes even the website's own review scores declare otherwise...well, it's f-in ridiculous."

PSP Flash Arcade collection

Tired of all the talk of homebrew games? Have a fully upgraded 2.71 firmware PSP and want to play some games legally? Well, chubigans from IGN has been running an excellent series called PSP Flash Arcade. He has searched the vastness of the Internet to hand-pick games that work in a Flash-enabled PSP browser. As if that weren't awesome enough, his latest update packages all twelve of the games he's discovered into one convenient zip file. It's less than 2 megs, so even those of you with 32MB sticks can enjoy. So, how does it work?
  • Download the file. Then make a folder in the ROOT of your PSP memory stick (where the MP_ROOT and PSP folders are.) and title it "flash" or whatever you'd like.
  • Next, place the files in that folder. Go to your PSP web browser and type file:/flash/psparcade.htm and away you go! (Bookmark it for easier access!)
  • Note that you MUST have 2.7 firmware installed on your PSP, and have activated flash in your browser.
Check out chubigan's blog every week for more Flash fun.

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