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ESRB lists potential upcoming PS1 downloads

Reader Matt G. sent in a tip, detailing a number of PS1 titles rated by the ESRB that have yet to be released on PSP/PS3. These downloadable classics should arrive on the PSN some time in the future -- but when?
  • Wipeout XL (E)
  • Jet Moto 3 (E)
  • Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo (E)
  • Buster Bros. Collection (E)
  • Street Fighter Alpha (T) -- previously discovered, not released
  • Rayman (E)
  • Castlevania Chronicles (T) -- previously discovered, not released
SCEA has been slow to make PS1 classics available on the PS Store. We're eagerly awaiting a version of Puzzle Fighter we can take on the go.

Deal of the Day: Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles for $19

If you're one of the few who have a PSP and do not have Castlevania: The Darcula X Chronicles, then we advise you to definitely avail of this bargain. Amazon lists the game at $18.99; back in January the price dropped down to $20 but steadily went back up. We're glad to see the deal return.

Anyway, this is a really good deal considering you're actually getting two games. The first game is a remake of the former Japan-only Rondo of Blood, and the second is a port of the uber-popular Symphony of the Night. Need more convincing? How about we sink our vampiric teeth into your neck. How 'bout that?

[Via CAG]

Deal of the Day: Castlevania for $20 at Amazon

We haven't heard much about Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles as of late, but that's probably because everyone's been hunkered down playing it. For those who haven't, however, have we got a deal for you! Right now, Amazon has slashed the price on the game to only $20 with free shipping.

Our very own Nick Doerr gave the game an 8.5 when he reviewed it, and even said, "If you love Castlevania, this is the definitive game to get." Well, there you have it; if you're a Castlevania fan, this should definitely be in your library.


A closer look at Japan's awesome Castlevania package

Japan continues to get the primo packaging for its games. The Dracula X Chronicles comes with a fancy art book, keychain, PSP pouch and more in the deluxe Japanese release. PSP GadgetZ was able to get their hands on the incredible package and they have a ton of pics right here. It may be pricey at $100, but the hardcore Castlevania fans may want to lay down some cash.

Deal of the Day: Castlevania free with Star Wars PSP

Some deals are good, and sometimes they get even better; like the one going on right now at that gets you a free copy of Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles with the purchase of a Star Wars PSP.

Earler last month, you could get both for $185 at Frys, saving $15 overall, but this deal nets you a $30 savings.

Both titles have received favorable reviews with Nick giving Castlevania an 8.5 and Andrew rating Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron a 7.5. If you're like me and haven't jumped at the opportunity to pick up a PSP-2000 yet, this is the best deal so far.

[Via CAG]

PSP Fanboy review: Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles

Konami finally released Rondo of Blood to the global audience -- the one Castlevania that eluded us (legally) for many years. It's the title that takes place four years prior to Symphony of the Night, making the two essentially part of a chronicle. Thus the title Dracula X Chronicles -- a 3-in-1 deal with the original RoB, the new 3D/2D remake, and SotN all in one place. Sounds like the definitive collection for a Castlevania fan, right?

For the most part, it is. You get the best of both worlds -- the classic Castlevania gameplay that veteran gamers will immediately recognize from Rondo of Blood, and the revamped gameplay Symphony of the Night brought to the stage with multiple weapons, skills, leveling up, and the castle map. However, getting to experience everything this game has to offer can sometimes be a chore and once done, there's little left to keep you around. That said, everything up until that point is well executed and incredibly enjoyable, if sometimes infuriating.

Gallery: Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

Continue reading PSP Fanboy review: Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles

Win Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles by carving a pumpkin

Just in time for Halloween, Joystiq is having a fantastic contest where ten winners will a copy of the PSP-exclusive Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles. This package contains both a full 3D remake of the never-released Rondo of Blood and an enhanced version of the PS1 classic Symphony of the Night. This one requires some creative effort, though.
  • Carve a video-game themed pumpkin.
  • Send a picture of your pumpkin, in .jpg format, to contest AAT joystiq DAWT com. (Be sure to take an additional picture with the word "joystiq" written on a piece of paper somewhere. (If you're selected as a winner, we'll ask to see this other photo to ensure that you haven't submitted someone else's carving as your own.)
  • Deadline for entries is noon Eastern Time Monday, October 29. Twenty-five (25) finalists will be selected by Joystiq staffers based equally on creativity and originality. Out of those finalists, ten (10) winners will be selected based on reader votes.
Visit Joystiq for the full details. Make PSP Fanboy proud and give us a winner!

Pre-order Castlevania, get a free Belmont figure

Chances are most PSP owners are chomping at the bit to get ahold of Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles as soon as it's available, but Gamestop's making that decision even easier. People who pre-order the game before it releases Oct. 23 through Gamestop's website will get a free "8-bit Simon Belmont figure."

We couldn't imagine passing up on Dracula X Chronicles as it features an enhanced Rondo of Blood version as well as unlockable versions of Symphony of Night and the original Rondo of Blood for a mere $30, but the old-school Belmont figure is just icing on the cake.

If you're looking to get in on this deal, you better hurry as it's only good until supplies last.

[via Gamingbits]

German Castlevania trailer features boobies / human sacrifice

Gametrailers has a new German/Japanese trailer for Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles and it features some gratituous cleavage as well as a bit of the ol' virginal human sacrifice. The trailer appears to be the opening CG scene from the game and it looks appropriately gorgeous. It's only a couple more months until the game is released and vids like this don't make the wait any easier.

Castlevania producer autograph signing in LA

Castlevania fans in the Los Angeles area, grab your trusty whip and holy water and get them signed by Koji Igarashi! Not too sure how you sign holy water, but Igarashi can figure that out. Konami is sending the Dracula X Chronicles producer to the Universal CityWalk EB Games this Wednesday, September 12 at 6:00PM. Check out this poster for more details.

[via Kotaku]

Dracula X Chronicles could be only Castlevania game on PSP

In a revealing interview with Koji Igarashi, 1UP's Sam Kennedy found out that the upcoming Dracula X Chronicles may be the first and last Castlevania game to grace the PSP platform. Why? "When I first started on this project, everyone around me strongly suggested that PSP could be the best platform for Castlevania. But unfortunately, PSP's market has been shrinking as of late, so I will have to watch the sales of the game." Considering Konami's significant support of the PSP through its Metal Gear series, we hope that they'll see sufficient reason to continue developing for our favorite handheld.

The next game Igarashi will work on will be on the DS.

New Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles trailer released at Leipzig

The Leipzig Games Convention keeps pouring on the goodies, this time in the form of a brand new trailer for Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles from Konami. It's a pretty slick trailer, showing off a ton of different aspects of the game. You see both playable characters, a huge range of different environments and quite a few boss battles. Also you get to see some of the nice in-game cutscenes, which are looking pretty sharp. Castevania ships out on October 24th, just in time for some Halloween vampire killing fun.

Konami considering reviving more classic titles in the future

Don't you love Castlevania? Konami's own Ken Ogasawara loves it more than you probably do -- he recently sat down to discuss the upcoming PSP title Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles as well as Konami's plans for bringing more titles back. Ogasawara thanks the online marketplaces like the PSN, Xbox Live, and Wii's Virtual Console for bringing back classic arcade titles, hoping the revival continues with fan favorite games like Rondo of Blood, a Castlevania title never before released in the US.

Because of our extensive coverage of this game already, hands-on and all, we've nothing new to say from a gameplay standpoint (though it bears mentioning again that all the Symphony of the Night voice-overs were re-recorded to sound less cheesy/campy), but we would like to point out Ogasawara's open-mindedness to bring further classic titles back into the spotlight -- not as remakes, but released over the PSN or Xbox Live. Hopefully these will be downloadable to our PSP's. We'd love to try our hand at Castlevania III again. We got angry and busted up our NES cartridge because we always took the very, very difficult paths.

Retro Review: Castlevania Symphony of the Night

File Size: 356 MB
Price: $9.99
Developed By: Konami
Published By: Konami
Original Release Date: October 2, 1997

Short Review

One of the most frequently requested PS1 titles finally hits the PlayStation Store, with Konami releasing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The title holds its age remarkably well and clearly shows why it is considered one of the finest titles of the original PlayStation era. The graphics look surprisingly sharp and colorful on the PSP and hold up nicely even when displayed on a 52" HD TV via the PS3. The gameplay is the real selling point here though, as you romp through a fairly non-linear castle, with a full RPG-like leveling system, magic, special moves and colorful monsters, the lengthy campaign is well worth paying the higher-than-normal cost of this retro title. Overall, Castlevania: SotN is a fantastic addition to the PlayStation Store's lineup and should not be miss by any Castlevania or 2D platformer fans.

Continue reading Retro Review: Castlevania Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night now downloadable

PS3 owners can now download the PS1 classic, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night from the PlayStation Store for only $10. The downloadable game will play on both PS3 and PSP systems. For those without PS3 systems, players can find a version of Symphony of the Night included in the upcoming Dracula X Chronicles.

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