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PSP-2000 Traveler Case discovered

Original PSP owners can frequently be seen with a hard case, such as the ones made by Logitech. However, the slimmer PSP-2000 series do not fit in those cases. What's a PSP-2000 user supposed to do, then?

They can pick up the Traveler Case, a hard PSP case which will store the system, Memory Sticks and UMDs -- all for $20. We spotted them on sale (with discount) at both and The case will be available at the end of the month.

[Via PSP GadgetZ]

Gallery: PSP-2000 Traveler Case

Hands-on with Joytron's PSP skin case

PSP is quite popular over in Korea, and a number of high quality accessories and peripherals have been released on that side of the Pacific. Nuri Tech is bringing over some of these Korean PSP accessories over to the US, and we have to admit that we're quite pleased.

The Joytron PSP skin case, available for $20, is a surprisingly easy case to install. It comes in four easily attachable parts that simply snap on together. There are instructions included, but it's rather easy to figure things out without them. If I can install this sucker, so can you.

The case will obviously add a bit of girth to your system, but thankfully, it doesn't make too great of an impact on its depth and weight. What we're curious about is how well the case will survive serious falls. We doubt it'll stand up to the challenge, but it should do more than enough to help protect your system from minor everyday scratches. The included stand is a simple, but effective freebie that we appreciated.

We'll be giving away some freebies from Nuritech in the coming days. Until then, check out their official website for more info.

Pre order Crisis Core, get a UMD case free

You're going to get Crisis Core, right? Might as well get a free bonus with it. Pre-orders of the game will include a special "Shin-Ra Electric Power Company" UMD case. Currently, only is showing the pre-order bonus, but other retailers should carry the bonus as well. The game releases March 25th. Happy shopping.

[Via CAG]

PORTER reveals pricey new PSP cases

SCEI has unveiled four new cases from PORTER. These pricey cases are fetching a mighty 9500 yen (about $90). That'll take a bite out of any PSP fan's wallet. The Japanese promotional site has a few promo pics of people using the case ... and don't they look oh-so-happy?

Final Fantasy case steals fans money

It's not easy being a Final Fantasy fan. You have to suffer through intolerable waits for the games, and pay astronomical prices for its merchandise. Take, for example, this Final Fantasy-themed case. The case, from Porter, dons a Crisis Core logo. But not only that, it has a pretty steep price tag: ¥9,975 ($86).

[Via PSPHyper]

Military-grade PSP case: only $100

Apparently, the PSP is becoming quite popular in the military world. That's why TAD Gear created this PSP case, one that's supposedly MILSPEC grade. "These PSP Pods were produced at the request of some our associates and customers deployed overseas. The Sony PSP has become a common sight in many a soldiers' kit these days. The PSP has become ideal for personal entertainment for many while in transit or stuck at barracks. This is built with MILSPEC construction and materials thru-out. There is no sturdier, better built, and versatile storage pouch for the PSP available anywhere."

The high level of construction is supposed to be the reason behind its somewhat exuberant price: $100. But, if you happen to be in the military, now's the time to pick the system up. "Due the high cost of production it is highly unlikely we will produce these again."

[Thanks, Bern! Via acquire]

Deal of the Day: system for $140 & cases for cheap

Your eyes do not deceive you: this Sam Goody store is showcasing an even lower price for PSP: $139.99, a mere $10 above Nintendo DS. What gives? Well, it appears this retailer is offering a $30 mail-in rebate. The offer ends Wednesday, which doesn't give deal-seekers too much time to take advantage of this pretty awesome sale. Find store locations here.

For those no interested in picking up a new system, is offering some nice deals on PSP cases. Sony's official travel case is going for less than $10, and the popular PlayGear Pocket is going for $13. While I find the hard cases to be too bulky for my tastes, it appears they're considered pretty standard fare by the PSP community.

[Via Gaming Bits & CAG]

Four magnetic arms in MadCatz's cool UMD case

MadCatz's 4x UMD Magazine is certainly one of the sexier UMD cases I've seen so far. It has a brilliant, compact shape that features four magnetic arms: these arms allow you to easily store your discs, and they're strong enough to resist shaking. PSP GadgetZ went hands-on with the device, and even recorded a very telling YouTube video of the device in action. It's a unique design that can must be seen to understand completely.

Lucrative waterproof case market expands with new offering

Why do companies release products like this? The gameSEAL seems like a cool idea: it's a case that can hold your PSP, charger, and 10 UMDs ... and it's waterproof as well. I guess Aquaman would find this useful, but I doubt there's a large market vying for products such as these. At $40, it's a little pricier than the norm, but it's nowhere as expensive as those bullet-proof cases we've shown you in the past.

[Via Engadget]

Insanely expensive PSP case to deflect bullets

The good folks at PSP GadgetZ have found yet another quirky, insanely expensive PSP accessory that's (thankfully?) only available in Japan. For only 59,000 yen (about $500), you can get this impressive metallic case from Halliburton that should deflect bullets, especially at that price. If you're the kind of gamer that literally lives in Vice City, this might be for you.

Available in black and silver.

See also:
Signature series expands: new cases for people with too much money

Two UMD cases, one winner

A reader at the PlayStation forums took the time and money to buy two different UMD cases, one from Sony and another from a third party called Score. The Sony one retails for $12, while the third party alternative saves you $3. Both cases hold 8 UMDs. After some thorough use, it appears that the Sony case is the winner. "The Sony case is worth the extra $3 by its design and is much more durable then the Score."

You can read the surprisingly thorough review at the PlayStation forums.

Up-close with the Metal Gear Solid pre-order case has some very revealing pictures of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops pre-order case. If you didn't know, you get this swag for free by pre-ordering the upcoming PSP-exclusive action game at Gamestop. It appears that it actually latches onto your PSP in a snap-on fashion. While it looks cool, it doesn't appear to protect the PSP's screen... defeating the purpose of a case? Regardless, it looks good, and Metal Gear fans won't want to miss this.

[Thanks, Joel!]

PaRappa wrappin' good!

Sony revealed even more pouches for the system, and this time, they're not as ridiculously overpriced as the sexy Signature line ones. These sweet PaRappa and Ape Escape pouches only cost 1500 yen (less than $15), making them quite a sweet deal. Look past the cut to see the even more sweetness.

Continue reading PaRappa wrappin' good!

Signature series expands: new cases for people with too much money

When I'm not too busy swimming in cash, listening to my diamond-encrusted iPod, or riding in my helicopter (made with real unicorns!), I bust out my Signature Edition PSP for a little bit of gaming.

But my pockets feel a bit too full lately. All that money's really been weighing me down. That's why I'm going to get Sony's newest addition to the Signature line: beautiful PSP man-purses, I mean... cases. It might be a bit too affordable for someone like me though: it only retails for 5800 yen (that's over $50 US).

[Via PSP-Vault]

Deal of the day: Intec safe case for $5 at Circuit City

Deal of the Day: Intec safe case for $5 at Circuit CityI know some of you may be disappointed that we aren't bringing you insanely cheap deals for PSP games, but here's a nice deal for those of you who are too cheap frugal to buy a Logitech PlayGear Pocket. has the Intec safe case for only $5.

Be sure to note its features:
  • Tough aluminum body;
  • Custom-molded interior; and
  • PSP not included (Wow, is that really necessary?)
(Via Cheapassgamer - Registration required)

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