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Two new PSP games revealed in latest Famitsu

All right, we've got two new games from two different companies. First up is Koei's Musou Orochi: Maou Sairin (Warriors Orochi 2) which is probably one of those "new" titles Koei has been talking about recently. It's a port of the PS2 game which will be out later this month in North America. The PSP port is scheduled for Japan this November with new characters and ad hoc multiplayer.

The second title is Capcom's Sengoku Basara: Battle Heroes. The series has never left done poorly outside Asia, so we're not banking on this one getting localized. Battle Heroes has 2-on-2 battles and 4-player ad hoc. Battle Heroes is scheduled for Spring 2009 in Japan.

Are you sensing a pattern in Japanese PSP development? Notice how all games now seem to be touting the multiplayer co-op ad hoc? Thanks to Monster Hunter, developers have finally found a cash cow in the PSP.

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Koei to unveil new PSP games at Tokyo Game Show

Koei president Kenji Matsubara spoke recently with Gamasutra about making third party titles in Japan. More important to our readers, part of that discussion involved PSP. Pointing to the PSP's success with Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (yes, everything comes back around to Monster Hunter PSP savior), Matsubara said it is encouraging to make games for the PSP as opposed to other tougher markets (the PS3 and 360).

In line with this, Koei has acted accordingly by revealing plans to announce new PSP titles at this year's Tokyo Game Show in October. What those titles are, it won't say, but we're certainly curious to find out. Deducing from the article, it sounds like Koei is aiming to make a game that utilizes Monster Hunter's team-focused gameplay. Hmm, perhaps a game where Guan Yu and friends go around Han Dynasty China looking to slay mythical creatures? We wouldn't be surprised ...

Anyway, don't get too excited yet. While Koei sings a PSP paean, it can't deny a lack of enthusiasm from Western markets. Perhaps, these new games will be Japan-only. Stay tuned, we'll have more from TGS next month.

Monster Hunter Unite could be name of localized 2G

Wondering what's taking Monster Hunter so long to make its way from Japan to other countries? The multi-million selling Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G perhaps won't sell as many copies elsewhere, but it'd be easy money for Capcom to take advantage of. Well, the announcement of a new Infrastructure mode for the game (enabled via PS3) has us thinking the game is finally getting prepared for a wide release around the world.

A survey was released on the Capcom-Unity site, one which specifically mentions the Link functionality. Link would allow players "to play with other players across the world via a PS3 connected to the internet." Sounds just like the newly announced feature, no?

And the title of the game featured in the survey? Monster Hunter Unite. While Capcom reps refuse to comment on Monster Hunter Unite at the time, we think our guess that it's a localized version of 2G is a solid one -- guess we'll have to wait to find out more.

[Thanks, Yuri!]

Capcom crushes rumors, still strongly supports PSP

A reader of Capcom Unity, Capcom's official blog, posed a bold question to the crew during the blog's "Ask Capcom weekly roundup." He wanted to know why Capcom had 'forsaken the PSP.' He got the idea after listening to a silly rumor made by a friend and then further worried having seen Capcom's minimalist PSP release schedule. In response, Capcom strong arm Christian Svensson had this to say: "Absolutely 100% false ... We're still making new PSP games. We may be the most successful PSP publisher in the world with Monster Hunter Portable 2nd and 2ndG. It'd be a difficult decision to defend stopping development when we have such success on the platform."

While it is reassuring to hear Capcom stomp out such an unwarranted rumor, we're sure most of you are still wondering what sort of games Capcom must be working on. Truth be told, there isn't too much known at the moment; Fate/Tiger Colosseum Upper is the only Capcom PSP game announced for release in the remainder of the year. That's a Japan-only title. Then we're brought to Devil May Cry PSP, which as of right now is still only a rumor. Since Capcom haven't officially said what these "new PSP games" are, then we'll pose a question upon our readers. What do you think Capcom might be working on?

[Via Pocket Gamer]

Street Fighter Alpha hits PSN this Thursday

Most of us know that there are so few PS One titles on the North American PS Store and we're all wondering when the next wave of PS One games would be coming. While this isn't particularly a 'wave' per se (insert Hadouken jokes here), it is quite a powerful title with a lot of influence in the fighting-genre arena. We're talking about Street Fighter Alpha -- the first one. It was a title that prequeled the main Street Fighter series, fleshing out some of the world warriors' back stories.

If you missed it back in the day, then your chance to give the classic a try is coming. This Thursday, during the weekly scheduled PS Store update, Street Fighter Alpha will be available for download onto your PSP or your PS3. Capcom hasn't officially revealed the price yet, but we imagine it shouldn't be much different from other PS One classics.

[Thanks Eduardo!]

Monster Hunter set to make more money with new products

"Monsuteru Hanteru" really must be Japanese words for "fast cash" because the series has been exactly that for Capcom. The Monster Hunter series is sure successful, and what do you do with successful franchises? You milk them until the teats start bleeding colored paper with funny looking people and numbers on them.

In line with this, Capcom is releasing more products in its Monster Hunter kitchen line with: a coffee tumbler (¥1,365 - $13), sack bag (¥840 - $8), coffee mug (¥945 - $9), and hand towels (¥525 - $5). The kitchen line products as well as beach sandals (¥2,100 - $20), and key covers (¥525 - $5) will be available August 14. You can find all of these at Capcom's online store. Go ahead and splurge, and while you're at it, pick us up some ramen!

[Via Gpara]

Monster Hunter makes Capcom filthy rich in first quarter

It's no surprise that Monster Hunter is a hit in Japan, and it shouldn't come as a sucker punch to know that the title has made a pretty penny for Capcom. In fact, Capcom is gloating; the company has posted first quarter financial results (April 1 to June 30) which shows off a 60.1 percent profit increase of ¥4.02 billion ($37.2m). No doubt, this huge gain in cash is due to Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G which released March 27.

In this short time frame, the game has sold over 2.4 million copies in Japan -- the first PSP game to break the two million mark. Sales during the period went up 14.5 percent from the previous year raking in a total of ¥16.35 billion ($151m). Capcom notes that software sales other than Portable 2nd G were "mainly small-scale titles including spin-off software and repeated sales of existing products."

So Capcom, when can we expect the next Monster Hunter PSP game? It's obviously successful and needs some more money milking. Better yet, when is North America going to get in on the party with 2nd G?

Challenge yourself with this week's Monster Hunter DLC

This week's Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G DLC features two different quests in the same training ground: Hipknock Dairantou and Challenge Quest 09. Bird creatures known as Hipknocks that have the ability to put you to sleep will be your opponent in the first mission while a group of Ranposu and a single Diablos become your foes in the second.

[Via PSPHyper]

Pink invades weekly Monster Hunter DLC

After last week's more serious affair, Capcom decided to give us a splash of color in the newest Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G DLC. Titled Famitsu Sakura Mai Season, players will take on a pink theme of three monsters: Baby Konga, Pink Rathian, and Yian Kut-ku. If victorious, the player will be granted a special ticket. A more difficult Challenge Quest 08 will involve dealing with "sub-species of Shogun Gizami, Furu Furu, and Diablos." We are thinking pink is the new black this week for Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G players.

Another week of Monster Hunter DLC

Ah, another Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G DLC. This week features a quest to face a trio of monsters: Narugakaruga, Tigarex, and Yian Garuga. The rewards will be items to create a rare sword and shield. Why can't Capcom, or any other company for that matter, ever support a game here in the States like they support Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G? We are just a tad bit jealous, aren't we?

[Via PSPHyper]

PSP game tops Japanese charts, not Monster Hunter

Konami's Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu Portable 3, a baseball title, has topped Japan's weekly software charts this week. With a staggering 117,000 units sold, the game has sold double the amount of units over last week's top spot Pro Yakyuu Team o Tsukurou! (another baseball game) for the Nintendo DS.

Other PSP games are doing well. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G is still in the charts since its release back in March. It has, however, dropped down from second place to fifth with 45,000 units sold this week. Valhalla Knights 2 pops up on the chart at number eight with 32,000 units sold. While all these third party titles are doing well in Japan, seeing such strength and support in Western markets is going to be harder to find.

Hunt like an expert, watch Monster Hunter Festa finals

There's no doubt that Japan is big on the Monster Hunter games, so it comes as no surprise that Monster Hunter Festa 08 has been drawing in huge crowds all month. The Festa, however, is now over with the finals of the nation-wide tournament having just been wrapped up this past weekend. So what's the good news here? Well, you can see some footage from the show over at Famitsu, as well as witness the skills of this year's two top teams. Let the experts show you how to hunt some beasties.

Every hunter has a cat slave in Monster Hunter 2nd G

This video is a little weird, actually. You get to see "the hunter" popping a tent (an actual tent), nodding towards his cat slave thing, mining a rock from a mountainside, and then get a makeover. While we love watching men have their measurements taken as much as the next gamer, we'd much prefer scenes of the hunter ripping apart his monster prey. Luckily, we get a little of that in the second video, which you can conveniently locate after the jump.

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One more Monster Hunter accessory to customize PSP

Monster Hunter mania is really turning into pimp-my-PSP. There's just way too many Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G items for sale: from cases to potions, and limited edition PSPs to art books and CDs. Now there's even this attachable grip that you can latch onto your handheld system. Only super hardcore fans would need something like this. The grip is only compatible with slim PSP-2000 models though, and goes for about 1,890 yen (US$20).

In light of all these collectibles and products, however, anyone else thinking that yet another one will slip out right before Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G's release? At this rate, it wouldn't be surprising. Keychains perhaps? No no, how about special edition edible gummy-monsters. That would surely fly off the shelves.

Monster Hunter gets PS Pictogram X Porter case

Another collectible for Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G is available for pre-order in Japan. This time, it's a black leather PS Pictogram X Porter series carrying case. The case can carry either the PSP-1000 or PSP-2000 series. So whether you jam a fat or slim PSP in there, it won't matter. It comes with a carabiner, an extra pouch for a UMD game, and a loop for one's belt.

The MH PS Pictogram case will go on sale for 11,800 yen on the e-Capcom Japan site. That's roughly US$118 -- pretty expensive. It's also totally not as awesome (or furry) as this other Monster Hunter pouch.

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