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PSP camera, Chotto Shot, may be a safety hazard

One of our longtime readers, Brian B., recently attempted to purchase the PSP camera, Chotto Shot. However, when he attempted to purchase the product, he got a strange, foreboding message from the retailer. "Due to a safety issue and high defect rate, we are issuing a product recall to anyone who has purchased a PSP Chotto Shot Camera after July 1st, 2008. Even though these units have been tested, we have been getting reports that some of these units have been running extremely hot, and have emitted a burning smell from the unit. An already dangerous and unfortunate situation, this could lead to the even more serious event of a fire starting from the unit."

According to the retailer, "the manufacturer is already aware of the problem." Considering the camera is not available in America, we cannot contact a SCEA representative to comment on this problem. However, a look at both import sites Play-Asia and NCSX show that the PSP camera is currently not in stock.

PSP camera unlikely to come to US

Although GPS will be coming to American systems by this holiday season, one other peripheral may not see the light of day. The PSP camera seems unlikely to come to the US, due to its low capabilities. According to Siliconera, a SCEA representative told them that the 1.3 megapixel camera peripheral simply isn't powerful enough to compete against other devices, such as camera phones. Unless there are actual EyeToy games to support a PSP camera, there's very little reason to bring the camera over to the US.

For now, it appears that those interested in getting the PSP camera will have to import Chotto Shot.

Camera gets fitted into PSP innards

Will the Acidmods community ever stop impressing us? Unlikely. Their latest project adds a camera to the PSP. However, unlike all other PSP cameras out there, this is internal, installed directly inside the PSP. The camera is natively supported by the PSP firmware. Neat!

[Thanks, grandpasmurf!]

Koller talks PSP to MTV: reveals US GPS plans, downloadable PSP games, and the fate of Dark_Alex

Sorry, Colin! The headline simply can't reveal how many small details were revealed in Stephen Totilo's incredibly extensive interview John Koller for MTV News. In the interview Koller revealed that all upcoming PSP games developed by Sony will take advantage of the system's full 333MHz speed, with no negative impact to battery life. Other accessories for the US include the upcoming GPS peripheral, which is currently being "tweaked" with an expected release in the next 10-12 months. The PSP camera "may get a spec change" before coming to America -- but the TV tuner will never make its way to the US.

Bringing downloadable games to PSP is one of the next things to tackle for Sony. echochrome was originally meant to be a downloadable PSN game for PSP, but it became much larger than anticipated. "It was initially going to be a download-service-only game," Koller said. "We changed it to a UMD because it's a very rich game. That's where their mind is. They're developing that kind of game." Thankfully, other downloadable PSP games are in the works. When can we expect them? In the next six to eight months.

In regard to the homebrew scene, Koller says that there were no talks between Sony and Dark_Alex, saying that "I think he's taking a hiatus." For even more, please visit MTV News for more.

Go! Edit camera software available for download

The Go!Edit software that's compatible with the PSP camera (Go!Cam in Europe) is now available for download. The program bears a remarkable resemblance to the Japanese Chotto Shot. The difference? Well, it's in English, to start.

European PSP owners can visit YourPSP to download the program. Also available is a handy instruction manual for those that want to check out all the features of Sony's free PSP image editing program. Our brief test of the software shows an easy to understand interface that's clean and fun. Of course, without an official camera release scheduled for the US, we're sad to admit that this program won't do us much good ... for now.

1. Download the program zip file.
2. Extract the contents of the zip file.
3. Connect your PSP to your computer using a USB cable.
4. Go to the PSP/GAME folder.
5. Copy UCES90027 folder into the GAME directory.

[Via PSP-Vault]

Go!Cam heads to Europe May 16th

Months after the initial Japanese release, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is finally announcing the release of Go!Cam, the PSP camera. The video and photo camera will release on May 16th and will retail for €49.99 (£34.99). Go!Cam has a built in microphone and the ability to change the direction of the camera lens vertically by 180 degrees. The European equivalent of Chotto Shot appears to be Go!Edit, an application which allows users to edit their photos and videos.

''Go!Cam is fantastic news for all those PSP owners looking for something new, fun and creative," said Stephane Hareau, PSP Marketing Manager, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. "With Summer around the corner and the ability to turn your PSP into a mini camcorder and capture all the best moments in your life, this is yet another reason to get a PSP and to take advantage of truly portable entertainment. It demonstrates yet again the potential, versatility and evolving nature of PSP.''

No American release has been announced yet.

PSP camera doesn't like sunlight, garlic

Long-time PSP Fanboy reader Joel used the PSP camera to take pictures from his trip to Paris. He seems pleased by the camera's performance, especially considering its budget price. Take a look for yourself in his Flickr photostream. A close-up look at the pictures reveals tons of artifacting and other visual glitches, meaning the camera won't replace a dedicated digital camera.

One of the more crucial problems with the camera appears to be how it reacts to sunlight. "I wanted to take a picture of the Eiffel Tower with the sunset. And guess what happened: for one little second, the sun was SO bright my eyes hurt and I had to close them, and the camera went completely black. The sun killed the lens for some time. I watching and taking pictures, all black, until I turned off the PSP completely, and rebooted it, and it was working again. My hypothesis is that the Sun might kill the lenses for a little time if it's too bright."
It doesn't come as too surprising that such a cheap camera won't handle the sun's powerful rays. Hopefully, if Sony ever decides to officially release the peripheral in the States, the camera will be able to handle a bit more.

PSP camera functions as microphone as well

For some reason, it never occurred to me that the PSP camera might be able to function as a microphone. I mean, it's able to take videos with sound. The fine folks at PSP GadgetZ used Talkman to see if the camera, when plugged into the PSP's USB slot, would be recognized as a microphone. As you can tell by the bird's enthusiastic thumbs-up, the answer is yes. A nice little thing to know--it makes me wonder, does this trick work with other microphone-input games, like SOCOM?

Video Sandwich: November 26, 2006

Here are two of Sony's arguably biggest products hitting the PSP this year. First, you see the amazing Tales of the World commercial. It's only 15 second long, and shows mostly anime sequences. But what I see here is good.

Next, you see an insanely long demonstration of Chotto Shot, the PSP camera software suite. Like Hikaru Utada, it's very Japanesey, featuring a cute Japanese couple getting all lovey dovey over the device. Who knows? Maybe with Chotto Shot, you too can score yourself a Japanese girl or boyfriend!

Chotto Shot pictures, videos & impressions [m]

The PSP camera, with Chotto Shot, is now available in Japan, and for import buyers. PSP GadgetZ has some really great pictures of the camera, packaging, and more importantly, pictures taken with the peripheral. According to a translation by PSP-Vault, "He says that the diagonal lines are pretty bad, and that at low light levels, there is a lot of noise in the images. He's also a bit annoyed that you need to remove the camera to transfer data to your PC." The image quality is apparently not too great, but I guess that's expected from a device that costs $50, and not hundreds.

Read on to read more about the PSP's new camera accessory.

Continue reading Chotto Shot pictures, videos & impressions [m]

Video Sandwich: October 24, 2006

The PSP can be a lot of things. It can take pictures, for example. Sony Japan's newest ad shows off the upcoming PSP camera and all the fun things you can do to harass Japanese businessmen. Awesome~! I hope once the device comes to the States, all members of the press start carrying this peripheral around: photos like these will make the news so much more interesting, because everything's at least 30% funnier when a giant afro is transplanted on top of someone's head!

But once you've taken such classy photos, you'll want to show them off... with style. An enthusiastic fan has crafted an elaborate, elegant wooden frame for his PSP. Just drop the PSP in and let it display your photos. It'll look a whole lot cooler than a traditional photo frame, and it'll kill a lot less trees. And we love trees, don't we?

GPS sells out in Japan

Japan is certainly excited for the new GPS peripheral. is reporting that its first shipment for the device is already sold out. The customers that are buying the tool are also buying Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, most likely because the Kojima stealth game happens to support the device. They're also picking up Chotto Shot (the PSP camera), because as you know, once you start buying peripherals for a system, you want to buy them all. The hardcore Japanese PSP fans appreciate the PSP's Swiss Army knife-like functionality... how about you? Will you be picking up the GPS system when it comes out?

[Via PSP-Vault]

Play with the Chotto Shot official website

The PSP camera peripheral comes with software called Chotto Shot. It reminds me a lot of the Game Boy Camera from way back in the day (and Nintendo's Photo Channel on the Wii): you can manipulate the pictures and videos you capture and make them more colorful, lively, or simply disturbing (pictured above). The Japanese official website features tons of footage from the game, and to be honest, I sort of want one now. But, will the novelty of making sticker picture-quality images stay for long?

[Via PSP-Vault]

TGS 06: Every PSP game previewed

There are way too many PSP games at this year's Tokyo Game Show. Because not all of us have time to read all the impressions and previews of all the games coming out, PSP Fanboy has created this nifty guide for all the games that were previewed. You'll get a thumbs up or a thumbs down from the major video game news sites. If a game looks like it might be a real winner, we'll award it "The Official PSP Fanboy Entranced Korean Award." These are the games that'll end up in Korea on giant PSPs, luring people to their eventual doom. And, that's pretty cool. Read on to see all the previews!

Continue reading TGS 06: Every PSP game previewed

TGS 06: Camera & GPS details revealed [Update 2]

The fine folks of PSP Vault appear to have discovered a few new screenshots and details of the upcoming PSP accessories:
  • The camera uses Chotto Shot, a program that lets you edit your movies. Using AdHoc, you'll be able to transmit videos to other PSP owners.
  • Hot Shots Golf will let you plan your golf shots on actual golf courses in Japan.
  • The GPS functionality will help you locate other Metal Gear Solid players.
Read - Camera details revealed
Read - GPS details revealed

[Update 1: IGN has revealed new pictures from the GPS interface.]
[Update 2: Vault reveals hints about MGS GPS functionality.]

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