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God of War PSP bundle box art revealed

Click for high-resolution image.

What an eye-grabber. The upcoming God of War Entertainment Pack gives bloodthirsty players a brand new red PSP, a copy of Chains of Olympus, Syphon Filter: Combat Ops and the UMD movie Superbad -- all for $199. The problem? It won't be available until May.

God of War PSP bundle this May: includes red system [Update]

Well, that makes sense...

Sony is planning to release a new PSP bundle this summer, which includes the upcoming PSP-exclusive God of War: Chains of Olympus, according to an announcement made at retailer conference Destination PlayStation today. The package will include the game, a UMD version of Superbad, a certificate for Syphon Filter: Combat Ops, and a brand new red PSP system. This would be Sony's third PSP bundle in the US. Previous bundles included Daxter and Star Wars Battlefront. Just like the Star Wars PSP, this system will feature a special faceplate -- a rendering of Kratos. The bundle is expected to retail for $199.

[Update: High-resolution image of system added to our galleries.]

Spider-man PSP bundle revealed

Europe will be getting a new PSP-2000 bundle, featuring a red and black PSP Slim and Lite, a copy of Spider-man 3 the video game, and Spider-man 3 movie UMD. The red PSP will feature black buttons and a black back, giving it a truly distinct look.

Earlier in the year, The Simpsons PSP-2000 bundle was also announced, and we're assuming it will also bundle both the game and the movie with a limited edition system. The yellow PSP can be seen in our gallery below.

These bundles are exclusive to Europe, and are unlikely to find their way to the States.

Gallery: PSP-2000: Spider-man and Simpsons

Romance of the Three Kingdoms bundle coming to Japan

While the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series never really was a huge commercial success in the US, over in Japan it's a hit. So much so, that in march there is going to be a bundle of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII port and the metallic blue PSP. As with most of the game specific PSP bundles, it will also feature a special PSP case, this time with a Koei theme. I'm not really looking for a RotTK bundle over here, but it would be smart for Sony to start having more game specific bundles outside of Japan. The pack-in game has always been a great way to help spur interest in a system. Are any of our readers hardcore enough to actually buy this Japanese bundle?

[Via Game Watch]

Sony goes bling with new Champagne Gold [Update 1]

While us Americans have been stuck with black PSPs since its launch nearly two years ago, Japan has been collecting more and more unique colors. The newly revealed "Champagne Gold" PSP will hit Japan on February 22nd for the standard PSP price of 20,790 yen (~$175US).

This is, coincidentally, when Monster Hunter Portable 2nd comes out, the most wanted PSP game in Japan. As with Tales of the World and Metal Gear Solid, Sony will bundle the new system color with the highly anticipated game into a special package, which will undoubtedly include some other collectibles. The premium package will go for 26,000 yen (~$218).

[Via Playstation]

[Update 1: More details on the Monster Hunter bundle after the cut. Additional details via IGN.]

Continue reading Sony goes bling with new Champagne Gold [Update 1]

4GB Value Pack not such a good value

Sony has to start making "Value Packs" that live up to their name. The latest effort in the bundle-crazed European market is a new "Value Pack," going for €329 ($425 US). This package, a mark-up of €130 contains a 4GB Memory Stick and Sony's Media Manager 2.0. Considering how most freeware makes Media Manager unnecessary, and how Memory Stick prices are plummeting, there's no reason for Sony to charge as much as they are. Educated European customers will obviously avoid this bundle, and simply buy the Core system, with a Memory Stick of their own choosing.

[Via kingplayer]

Tales of the World bundle hitting Japan

Wow, Japan gets the best bundles. On December 21st (one day before the Metal Gear Solid bundle comes out), the Japanese will be able to pick up a Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology bundle, which includes the game, a blue PSP, a limited edition pouch, and more for 28,000 yen ($237).

Considering how Tales of the World is essentially fan service, in game form (it features characters from various Tales games), this package will no doubt destroy all of Japan, and give the PSP the attention it so rightfully deserves. Importers may want to get their wallets ready for this one.

[Via Siliconera]

Images of new bundles (aka Pink PSP has worst box ever)

Oh no! The PSP bundles have been fairly attractive so far (especially the Killzone pack), but I guess Sony wanted to make a really hideous one for the girls. Does having P!nk scream at your face make you want a PSP? I think not. Hopefully, someone at Sony just got fired.

Kingplayer also has pictures of the other bundles that are being made available to Europeans, like the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories bundle. (Interestingly, the Pink PSP's Base Pack is a lot more elegant than this celebrity-endorsed version.)

Metal Gear bundle gets even more awesome

It looks like the Metal Gear Solid Portable bundle that's coming out in Japan soon just got a classy upgrade. the standard black PSP that was originally included is now replaced by the camo-inspired PSP that was discovered at Tokyo Game Show a month ago. This limited-edition bundle is only 27,800 yen (about $235), which makes it quite a deal for any truly hardcore MGS fan.

Of course, if you don't want to go all-out with a new system purchase, you can still get a free case for pre-ordering the game in the US.

[Via PSP-Vault]

Killzone Liberation PSP bundle invades France

One of our French readers, kingplayer, sent us a tip about a brand new PSP bundle hitting France (and maybe the rest of Europe?). Like the previous Korea-only Tekken pack, this bundle features some pretty sweet box art and... well, nothing else, really. Killzone will obviously be included in this particular bundle. It appears that Sony will also be providing a new bundle featuring Vice City Stories for release the week after. Our European fans can look out for the new packages on November 8th (for Killzone) and November 15th (for GTA).

Sony launches lame "Bonus Pack"

Sony has just announced a new PSP bundle for Japan, and it is incredibly boring. Check out the contents:
  • PSP console
  • 1800mAh battery pack
  • AC adapter
  • Pouch
  • 1GB Memory Stick PRO Duo
  • Stand
  • USB cable
This doesn't seem too different from the Giga or Value packs. I guess having a USB cable is a "bonus" of some sort. There's no clear pricing set on this thing, but if Sony wants to get more people excited about the PSP in Japan, this is certainly not the way to do it. (Although I could be wrong.)

[Via PSP-Vault]

TGS 06: Metal Gear Solid PSP bundle

They say that pictures are worth a thousand words, and these pictures discovered by a GameSpot member are absolutely mind-blowing. This PSP bundle appears to include a very sexy MGS pouch. Once I find out details about price, I'll be sure to let you know. Most likely, this one will stay in Japan only, to the great pain of Metal Gear fans like myself.

Continue reading TGS 06: Metal Gear Solid PSP bundle

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