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This week's PSP sales are brought to you by the number 1

PSP loves two numbers this week in Japan: the number 1 and 74,024. You see, the PSP is still number 1 this week, and it sold 74,024 systems. Yeah, see what we did there? Sales were spurred by a myriad of factors, such as the release of a new Blue system, bundled with the popular 1seg TV tuner. It also didn't help that it was a PSP, which Japanese gamers have confused with crack cocaine, apparently.
  • PSP - 74,024
  • DS - 54,531
  • Wii - 40,803
  • PS3 - 11,253
  • PS2 - 9535
  • 360 - 4208

Spotted @ Comic-Con: Blue PSP

There's a new PSP color coming soon: Metallic Blue. And it'll be available in the upcoming Madden 09 Entertainment Pack, which includes the system, the game, a NFL documentary and a code to download beats off the PS Store. According to, the system will be available on August 12th.

Spencer from Siliconera snapped a few shots of the system in action over at San Diego Comic-Con for us (thanks!). Just like every other PSP, it has the uncanny ability to pick up fingerprints. Will you pick this baby up come August?

Gallery: Madden PSP Entertainment Pack

SCEJ announces new blue PSP SKU for Japan

SCEJ seems to love colors. Not only did the PSP Slim launch in the region with a veritable rainbow of colors to choose from, but it feels like a new color SKU is announced every other month. This new blue SKU is similar (if not, the same) as what Madden fans will find in their entertainment bundles this Fall. Japan will get their hands on the system much sooner as the two new blue SKU bundles are being introduced on the 17th of July.

The blue PSP will be made available in a Value Pack, which will contain the normal power cables, 32MB memory card and softcase, as well as a D connector cable for TV-out. This pack will retail for 23,800 yen. Alternatively, there's a 1Seg pack which contains a 1Seg tuner, 1GB memory card, a stand and a much heftier softcase, which will retail for 29,800 yen. Check out Watch Impress' article for more images.

Madden NFL 09 PSP Entertainment Pack coming this fall

This is certainly going to draw a large crowd here in the US. Football lovers love Madden, and this new Madden PSP Entertainment Pack looks to be an excellent value for pigskin fans everywhere. For $200, the bundle includes a shiny Metallic Blue PSP, Madden NFL 09 the game, "NFL: In Just One Play" UMD Video, the PSN downloadable Beats, and a 1GB Memory Stick. All in all, an excellent value.

The bundle will be available in stores on August 12th.

Gallery: Madden PSP Entertainment Pack

Isn't black so boring?

For about $30, you can rip apart your PSP and install some new official Sony PSP faceplates. It may not be cheap, but it's far more affordable than outright buying a new import PSP. New colors, such as Silver and Metallic Blue (it's so shiny!) are available for your consumption. Considering how SCEA seems to think that we're satisfied with having simply one color (black) in the market, this might be the best option for you to add a little color to your PSP gaming.

[Via PSP GadgetZ]

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Up close with the metallic blue PSP

Up close with the metallic blue PSP

A PlayStation forum user, Kwopau, just got his hands on one of Sony's new blue PSPs, and boy is it shiny. Look at how you can see his room, reflected in the system's body. It looks so smooth--it almost looks like it's wet!

Interested importers can pick one up from Play-Asia for $199, the same cost as a US system.

Silver and Blue, for your import consideration

One of our readers, Brandon, made note that the new Silver and Blue PSPs are available for importers at These are both going for $199, the same retail price as an uncolorful American PSP. Remember: import PSPs can play all games. The only catch is: they can't play other region's UMDs. Not that that should matter anyways.

Tales of the World bundle hitting Japan

Wow, Japan gets the best bundles. On December 21st (one day before the Metal Gear Solid bundle comes out), the Japanese will be able to pick up a Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology bundle, which includes the game, a blue PSP, a limited edition pouch, and more for 28,000 yen ($237).

Considering how Tales of the World is essentially fan service, in game form (it features characters from various Tales games), this package will no doubt destroy all of Japan, and give the PSP the attention it so rightfully deserves. Importers may want to get their wallets ready for this one.

[Via Siliconera]

Silver & Metallic Blue PSPs are a go

Sony showed off new colors for the PSP at Tokyo Game Show a month ago, and it looks like they're all heading to stores... in Japan, at least. The Camo PSP was recently packaged as part of a Metal Gear Solid bundle. The new Silver and Metallic Blue colors for the PSP are hitting Japan, sans bundles. Except for color, they'll be identical to the current White and Black PSPs, including price (unlike the Signature line).

Europe gets the pink PSP, and Japan gets a whole assortment of colors. Why is the US stuck with just plain ol' black?

[Via Kingplayer]

TGS 06: New system colors spotted [Update 1]

It looks like Sony may consider bringing out some flashier PSP designs. While these aren't "official" yet, Sony rarely shows system colors that never materialize. This camo PSP looks especially hot, and will be a must-have for a true SOCOM fan. Hopefully, it won't fall under Sony's "Signature" line of systems, or you'll most likely be unable to afford it. Other pictures from Dengenki showcase more traditional blue, yellow and red systems, which can be seen after the cut. Me? I like the yellow one the best.

Will Sony ever officially announce these system colors? And if they do, will they ever bring them to the States? (Hey, we still don't have the white PSP.)

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[Via PSP-Vault]

[Update 1: Now features Silver PSP]

Continue reading TGS 06: New system colors spotted [Update 1]

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