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Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, The 3rd Birthday TGS trailers leaked

That gorgeous girl above is Aya Brea, the star of the Parasite Eve series of games, in a concept drawing for the latest game in the franchise, The 3rd Birthday . According to Siliconera, the upcoming PSP exclusive (mobile phone version has been scrapped) will be developed by Hexadrive, who was responsible for Rez HD.

What's more, we've got the leaked TGS trailers for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and The 3rd Birthday. The Birth by Sleep one is quite the long one, and it begins at about the 2:00 mark -- it includes both cut scenes and gameplay -- most of us haven't seen the game in action, so this is quite a treat. The trailer for The 3rd Birthday, is considerably less exciting, with no gameplay, but keep in mind this is the first trailer. Check them out after the jump.

Source -- Siliconera
Source -- Youtube

[Thanks, dsvw56!]

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PSP Fanboy hands-on: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

The Kingdom Hearts series was first born on the PlayStation 2; however, it has gone and spread its wings into other realms since then and now it carries a new bundle of joy in the form of portable PSP title Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. While the title radically takes the story aspect of the game farther away from the original setting with Sora and friends, this new game will focus on the three (slightly) new faces pictured above (from left: Aqua, Ventus and Tera).

Birth by Sleep was indeed playable on the show floor at TGS and we sunk in some time with the title. The playable build that was available let us try out both Ventus and Tera in battle. We decided to just go with trying out Tera's abilities and then go straight into the action. Tera's level starts off in a forest area which gets you into a fight right away. Kingdom Hearts vets will notice that the controls are incredibly familiar; they're nearly identical to the original console games from the past, though with slight differences due to the change in input interface (ie, shoulder buttons once again control the camera since there are no dual analog nubs).

Gallery: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

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What's playable, and what's not, at Square Enix's TGS booth

2008 looks to be yet another excellent year for Tokyo Game Show. There's a lot of excitement over the potential surprises at the show. Square Enix has posted its lineup for this year's show, and we're a little saddened to see Final Fantasy XIII (PS3) still not playable. At the very least, we'll be getting some one-on-one time with Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PSP). Check out the full PlayStation list here:

We're expecting many of these trailers will be shown behind closed doors. Fear not, though. We'll provide detailed impressions of the trailers live from Tokyo next month.

Birth by Sleep and Dissidia: video, Famitsu scans, trailer summary

Wowzers! So there is a lot more information out there on Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep than we anticipated. First we got some translated hands-on impressions gathered from various Japanese sites over at KHInsider, along with a trailer summary. Some of this information we know about already, so here are highlights of the new stuff:
  • The new enemies are called Unbirths.
  • Xehanort and Maleficent are both after the Princesses of Hearts
  • Ven's level is the Castle of Dreams, Cinderella's world. Ven cooperates with Jaq the mouse to collect materials to make Cinderella's dress. After going through a maze and finding the necessary items, a boss fight ensues with Lucifer. No, not Lucifer the demon, but rather the cat from Cinderella.
Secondly, we have 3 pages of Famitsu scans courtesy of PSPHyper. Reading the hands-on impressions while looking at these scans, you can almost pretend you were playing the demo. Lastly, IGN has a few seconds of video footage of both Birth by Sleep and Dissidia from their Game Scoop show. Look for that after the jump.

[Thanks, Kristopher G. and MonkeyKHI!]

Source -- PSPHyper; Famitsu scans
Source -- KHInsider; trailer summary and hands-on impressions
Source -- IGN Video; Game Scoop: Square Enix Party

Gallery: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep dated for 2009 in Japan

Not only did those who were invited to the ultra-exclusive DKΣ3713 Private Party get a chance to play Dissidia, they also played through two levels of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts prequel Birth by Sleep. As we predicted, Square announced that a Japanese release will occur some time in 2009.

IGN had a chance to play through the two stages, and here's what they had to tell us, after the jump:

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New skillz fo' Kingdom Hearts' Terra

Japanese publication Shonen Jump is providing us with another small update on the Kingdom Hearts prequel Birth by Sleep. A new special skill for Terra (not to be confused with Final Fantasy VI's Terra, whose name is Tina in the original Japanese version) named Shock Lock System is shown, along with a screenshot of Ven. PSPHyper has the entire scan for you right here.

Nomura has commented before that the DS Kingdom Hearts title 358/2 Days will likely debut before Birth by Sleep. Since the scan shows 358/2 Days coming out in 2008, we can safely assume Birth by Sleep won't be arriving until 2009.

Some stellar fan-made Kingdom Hearts box arts

We stumbled upon a great collection of fan-made box art for the upcoming PSP Kingdom Hearts game. Many of these efforts do a great job of capturing the spirit of previous Kingdom Hearts games. In fact, many of these look like the real deal. Check them out here.

Kingdom Hearts and Dissidia playable at Square Enix party

Finally! It seems like we're inching ever closer to the releases of Dissidia and Kingdom Hearts on PSP. Dissidia has been playable before, so we're excited to hear that Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is in a state where it can be played as well. Unlike the other Kingdom Hearts spin-off titles, Birth by Sleep looks to most closely resemble the PS2 games -- not just graphically, but in terms of gameplay as well. For many, that's exactly what they're looking for.

Invitations to this closed party are incredibly limited, so we're hoping that someone will be fortunate enough to attend the show and report on how both of these games play.

[Via Kotaku]

Square Enix Party announced for August

It appears that the Japanese side of Square Enix is going to hold an event promoting some of the company's upcoming software. The event, dubbed DKΣ3713, will take place on August 2 and 3 in Harajuku in Tokyo. It's invite-only which means there's a huge chance you won't be able to go (read: absolutely no chance if you don't live in Japan); however, SE is giving people the chance to sign up and be selected to receive an invite.

Square Enix is giving away 2,400 invites to eager gamers waiting to see the latest on PS3 games: Final Fantasy XIII, Versus XIII, and PSP games: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and Dissidia. The application period starts this June 23 and will end July 13. Invites will be selected after those dates. Check out the full list of games here.

We won't be in Japan for this, but we hope our (few) Japanese readers will be able to enjoy the festivities. As for the rest of you, let's just look forward to Secret Agent Clank and Space Invaders Extreme next week.

Kingdom Hearts trailer, back online with subtitles

Square Enix is notorious for being overly secretive about its upcoming projects. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, the upcoming PSP addition to the popular Disney franchise, has been no different. When a new trailer leaked to the web, Square Enix's ninjas destroyed the video.

Well, it looks like a new vid is making its way through the web, this time with English subtitles. However, considering how cryptic the story of Birth by Sleep is right now, maybe the translation doesn't help too much! Regardless, we're excited (and we hope this trailer doesn't get taken down too soon).

[Thanks, Saigon!]

New Kingdom Hearts trailer gets leaked

In case you've forgotten, there's a brand new Kingdom Hearts game coming out on PSP. Entitled Birth By Sleep, very little is known about this mysterious addition to the franchise. Finally, a video has been leaked to the web, showcasing some of the characters and environments in this PSP-exclusive adventure. The quality suffers due to its off-screen capture, but it's clear that Square Enix is working its magic on PSP yet again. We can't wait to see more.

[Thanks, Monkey!]

Kingdom Hearts battle system gets Fatal Mode

Birth by Sleep looks good. And, new details and screenshots from Famitsu make it even better. The article highlights two new features of the new PSP Kingdom Hearts game's battle mode: the Command meter and Fatal Mode. Players are encouraged to battle furiously, as each attack they execute will fill the Command meter. Once the Command meter fills, players will be able to launch a special attack (which can supposedly be custom mapped).

Terra (the guy that looks a bit too much like Zack from Crisis Core) also has an extra mode: Fatal Mode, which unsurprisingly delivers one-hit kills to enemies. Make sure you check out the screenshots by visiting Famitsu.

[Via PSPHyper]

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep still looks good in new scan

Birth by Sleep, the upcoming PSP-exclusive prequel to Kingdom Hearts looks incredible. The game features PS2-quality graphics, as seen in a new scan from Famitsu. Of all the recently revealed Kingdom Hearts games, this looks to play most like the original. We even see Donald and Goofy in these images. How will they integrate into this new game? New details on Birth by Sleep will be hard to come by, but if we find anything more, you'll be sure to find it here.

New trailers for Square Enix titles at Jump Festa

The annual Jump Festa is right around the corner and Square Enix has done us a favor by revealing their lineup of games to be shown and/or played at the event. While a lot of the titles are for Nintendo systems, there are a few titles of PSP fame that will get their time in the sun. A new Final Fantasy Dissidia trailer is getting shown behind closed doors, along with a Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep trailer. The remake of the first and second Star Ocean titles, subtitled First Departure, will get a public video but will not be playable.

Since the first two are behind closed doors, we actually don't know if the trailers will be entirely new, or just some recycled secret stuff we're still not allowed to see. Either way, we'll keep you up to date on these videos just in case a leak is sprung in the dam of information Square Enix has built.

Birth by Sleep to take place entirely in Disney worlds

Although Birth by Sleep is taking the franchise to a darker direction, a recent interview with Gemaga magazine reveals that the upcoming PSP Kingdom Hearts game will take place entirely in Disney worlds. IGN notes that "The game takes place in the past, years prior to the original Kingdom Hearts, and the worlds will be updated to reflect this. Nomura envisions having a young Hercules appear in the Hercules world, for instance. New Disney worlds will also appear, as will favorite characters like Disney and Goofy."

Development is being handled by the same studio that managed Re: Chain of Memories (unreleased in the States). The battle system employed will be largely similar to the card-based system featured in the PS2 remake. "You set up a card deck consisting of commands that are fed into your command menu," Nomura explained.

Details for Birth by Sleep are still hard to come by, but we're intrigued to see how this battle system will feel, especially for Kingdom Hearts regulars. Considering Square's incredible job with Crisis Core, we're confident they can pull off a PSP title that not only looks good, but plays well too.

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