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Sony Europe preps UMD collection of downloadable games

Many hardcore PSP fans love being able to launch games off the Memory Stick, instead of UMD. Not only does it mean we can carry multiple games on our system, without having to carry around an extra pouch for games, but games stored on Memory Stick typically load faster as well. In spite of that, many casual users of PSP may not know about the PLAYSTATION Store. Sony Europe's solution? To bring downloadable games out on UMD.

The PLAYSTATION®Network Collection - Power pack will arrive in Europe next month, and it will house three very different downloadable games: beats, a music game which lets you use your own MP3 collection, Syphon Filter: Combat Ops, a third-person multiplayer shooter based on the Syphon Filter universe, and flOw, a relaxing adventure where players grow and evolve creatures.

The PLAYSTATION®Network Collection - Puzzle pack will feature three other download games: Lemmings, Go! Sudoku! and Go! Puzzle. This collection will also be available next month.

[Via Siliconera]

Oh look, we're unboxing the new blue PSP

Hey, did you know? Those new blue slims are now out in the wild. We had previously said we were going to pick one up and that's exactly what we did. In fact, we've already opened up the box, scoped out all the goodies, and started playing with our new toy. Want to see what's inside the box with us? Then check out our unboxing gallery by clicking on the link below.

Click here to head over to our unboxing gallery!

Video hands-on: Beats

Wait, you still didn't buy Beats yet? Maybe you need some gameplay footage? Well, fine! We made a video late last night just for you, using the PLAYSTATION Eye. While you watch, you can also read some impressions of the game we received from PSP Fanboy readers through the evening:

"Wow! This game is gorgeous! It's much more deep than I expected from a 5 dollar game. The gameplay is simple and effective. I really enjoy the visual customizations (I picked Rock as my background) and being able to play the game with any song that you want? Priceless." - Barndo111

"i am very, very happy about this game, downloaded it, and its going to be my new crack when I'm on the go! love it! anyone that has a PSP right now should download this immediately!!" - lenny0487

"The game is awesome ... who would've thought that this will be such a great game ? :D" - Alien

Keep the comments coming in, folks. We love to see what you all think of it!

Gallery: beats

How to download Beats with a PS3 (not a PC)

Okay, so maybe you don't have a Windows PC that is capable of running the PlayStation Network downloader. That's okay. You may have a Mac, or you might be running Linux -- or you're just too darn afraid to install a new program on your computer. Whatever the reason, there is an alternative ... provided you have a PS3.
  1. Visit the PLAYSTATION Store on any computer. Complete purchase of Beats, but do not download it.
  2. Log in to your PS3 using the same PSN account as the one used to purchase Beats.
  3. Go to PLAYSTATION Network on the XMB. Click on Account Management.
  4. Click on Transaction History.
  5. Then, click on Download List. You will see Beats on this list.
  6. Download to your PS3. Connect your PSP via USB and install your new favorite PSP game.
Hope this helps the few of you that simply cannot access the Store on your computer. If you're without a PS3 and a Windows PC, you're in tough luck for now. Why not just buy the game at a friend's house?

Confirmed: Beats is the best PSP game ever

We'd write a much more thorough review right now. But there's a problem -- Beats has taken control, and we find it difficult to stop playing it. Before you read any further, make sure you load the PLAYSTATION Store, get your credit card ready, and download Beats. It's only $5 -- you won't even notice the cost. What can you do in Beats? A lot.
  • Import your music -- and play it! Yes, Beats will detect every song on your Memory Stick and turn them into playable levels. There are multiple difficulties, and they very accurately correspond to the music. The advanced stages will also detect some of the finer nuances of each song. The amount of playability you have from this mode corresponds to how much music you want to put on your PSP. It can be limitless. And what does it play like? A lot like Gitaroo-Man (that's a very good thing). You'll hit buttons according to the beat, but they'll fly in from all sides of the screen, and you'll have to hit the corresponding D-Pad direction in tandem with the buttons on screen. Don't worry, in-game tutorials will teach you everything you need to know.
  • Create your own music! Seriously. You'll get access to some rudimentary loops and samples, but you'll get everything you need to create your own tunes. Then, you'll be able to save your music to your Memory Stick.
  • Play online via Infrastructure mode! Yes, you can go against other players online and compete in Beats challenges.
  • Share your music online! You can also upload your musical creations and download other user generated content.
  • Oh, and it's beautiful! Tons of animated skins bring the screen to life. This game is gorgeous.
We have nothing but praise for such an incredible game. It deserves more attention, and we implore you to buy this game. You really have no excuse. Stay tuned for updated impressions.

American PSN updates for December 6th

Wow! This is our first PSN Thursday update on PSP Fanboy! Following the tradition set by PS3 Fanboy, we'll provide you an overview of all the new content that's available on the PSP Store. As expected, beats headlines this week's updates -- but that's not all!

Original Games:
  • Beats ($4.99)
PS1 Classics:
  • Wild Arms ($5.99)

Gallery: beats

Continue reading American PSN updates for December 6th

Beats: transforming from UMD to downloadable game

The PSP Store will be updated tomorrow with a brand new game: Beats will be available for only $4.99, making it the second original game available on the Store since it launched. As fans of the music game genre, we're excited for Beats. Just like every other music game, players will tap buttons and move the PSP's analog stick in sync with icons that appear on screen. However, the game's biggest appeal is the ability to import your own MP3s and let the PSP generate playable levels based on them.

Originally developed by SCEE's London Studio, Beats was going to be quite different when it started as a UMD title. "Originally, we were going to have it as a UMD [PSP disc-based] title, but as plans for the PlayStation Store developed, we decided to change over and make it downloadable," Daimion Pinnock told MTV. It was going to include licensed music and videos from the British pop band Sugababes. Thankfully, Sony went for the more creative route instead -- opting to generate code that will allow players to play with their own music.

Expect a full review of Beats later this week.

Gallery: beats

beats for PSP is finally unveiled

A long time ago, we stumbled upon an ESRB rating for a then-unannounced PSP game, beats. It looked quite revolutionary, as it would allow you to play with and share music in new, innovative ways. It's available on the European PS Store, and we'll be checking it out soon. Until then, enjoy this new trailer of this exciting music game.

ESRB reveals revolutionary "beats" project for PSP

One of our readers, Y.M., has unearthed an incredible discovery. The ESRB lists a mysterious new product for PSP, simply titled beats. According to our reader, Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe trademarked the title back in January, with a truly ambitious description. We're still looking for the original source, but we've seen this description on NeoGAF as well:

"Providing access to gaming, digital music and/or video web sites; providing wireless transmission of music, video and games, via the Internet and via communications networks; uploading and downloading of music, video and games, via the Internet and via communications networks; providing on-line bulletin boards for the transmission of messages among computer users concerning games, music and videos; distribution of computer software relating to music, video and games over local or global communications networks; communication services in the form of matching users for the transfer of music and video recordings via communication networks; information, advisory and consultancy services relating to all the aforesaid."

Y.M. has intelligently put two and two together: Sony said they were looking into expanding the capabilties of PSP to target the teen market. Certainly, a wireless music and video sharing service would out-do everything Zune tried to. The evidence is pointing to a truly revolutionary service for PSP--beats can become the PSP equivalent of PS3's Home.

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