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PSP Fanboy interview: David Geudelekian, N+

Continuing our previous chat about N+, the upcoming PSP and DS platformer is David Geudelekian from Atari. As a producer, he helped bring the indie game over to the handheld scene. Find out more in our exclusive interview.

What caught your eye about N? What made it so appealing to bring to the console side?
David Geudelekian:
I had been playing N since 2005, and on top of simply being one of the greatest platform games of all time I had always thought that this would make an excellent portable game! The organization of the gameplay into 5-level episodes make for an excellent translation to portable gaming with each level usually lasting under a minute and each episode just over the two minute mark. The simple but stylish graphics would translate well too, and even the run-and-jump gameplay seems perfectly suited for the often interrupted attention-spans of the average portable gamer.

Gallery: N+

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Downstream Panic! is too happy!

Atari's upcoming PSP exclusive puzzle game, Downstream Panic! is a bit too happy. We love the art style, but the music is certainly going irritate a number of people. Although the game is rated E10 for ages 10 and up, we wonder if the game is largely aimed at those under the game's demanding age requirement.

Ninja moves aplenty in new N+ trailer

Coming soon for both DS and PSP, N+ from Atari has you busting out some elaborate ninja moves to survive a deadly 2D world of ... death. Based on a popular Flash game, we're pretty excited by the intensity of the action on display. It may look visually bland, but at least it looks like character movement is quite smooth.

PSP Fanboy interview: Atari Classics Evolved

We recently had a chance to chat with Atari Classics Evolved producer Matt Rush. Atari is bringing yet another compilation of retro games to the handheld, but this time there's a twist. The games are getting a graphical overhaul. But what else is featured in Atari's upcoming retro revival? Read on to find out more.

Atari is well-known for reviving its classic arcade games. Do you think that these icons are still relevant to today's gamers?
Oh absolutely, without a doubt. The games featured in Atari Classics are not just classics, but forerunners to some of the biggest games throughout history. I think that although these games may look simplistic on the surface to some of today's gamers, the core elements found in all of these games will seem instantly familiar because they've had so much influence on the games that followed them, even until now.

Why remake it for the PSP? How has the team taken advantage of what PSP has to offer?
The games featured in Atari Classics were originally designed with limited hardware capabilities way back when, so remaking them for the PSP provides more than enough resources to deliver an entirely new experience. For us, the PSP was the perfect platform for this title because it represents the best of both worlds in terms of what we were trying to do with this game. It has than enough power to provide the enhanced versions of these games with amazing graphics, rich sound and features like peer-to-peer multiplayer. It also provides players the portability to take these games with them wherever they go and play them whenever they want.

Gallery: Atari Classics Evolved

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Atari Classics Evolved video shows redesigned graphics

Fans of retro games may want to pay close attention to Atari Classics Evolved. More than just a collection of the constantly-rehashed Atari games of yore, this PSP-exclusive collection remasters the visual presentation by completely redesigning the graphics of these classics. Check out Asteroids, featured above. Check out the rest at IGN.

Developer: Atari Classics Evolved perfect fit for PSP

It seems every system ever made ultimately gets its own collection of Atari titles. Heck, even the N-Gage received a couple, and now the PSP is about to join the club with Atari Classics Evolved. To appeal to the younger crowd, many of the Atari games have received a makeover with new graphics, music and wireless multiplayer, while each of those games also have their original versions to suit the classic gamer's tastes.

"We're hoping that will attract younger players to the games so that they can experience the real draw to Atari Classics, the oldschool, challenging gameplay," Producer Matt Rush told PSPworld. "We don't think that the older gamers will need much convincing to play these games again. Fans of Atari's classic games will always hold a special place in their hearts for these games, and the portability of the PSP means that classic game fans will be able to enjoy these gems wherever they want to play them including the Evolved versions which are new for everyone."

Rush said the game could become a series depending on how well it sells, and with only a $20 price tag, Atari Classics could be a fun break from the more complicated games of today.

Gallery: Atari Classics Evolved

Downstream Panic! looks hopeful

Do you happen to remember Downstream Panic, announced by Atari a few days ago? The premise involves having to rescue fish from a cyclone that has launched our delicious aquatic friends into the hemisphere. A bit silly, if you ask us, but the art style has us convinced.

With bright colors and highly animated environments, Downstream Panic has us surprisingly hopeful for it. Could it be the next LocoRoco? With its over-the-top premise and beautiful art style, it might just stand a chance.

Gallery: Downstream Panic

How have the Atari Classics evolved?

Atari's Atari Classics Evolved is trying to add a fresh coat of paint to its long-aged franchises. A game like Pong has been reimagined for those with modern sensibilities, as seen in the picture above. But does this graphical makeover force the games to lose their character? And do they merely hide the fact that the gameplay is decades old? Certainly, an interesting concept -- check out our new screens below:

Gallery: Atari Classics Evolved

Atari announces new collection of Classics

Atari has just announced yet another retro compilation for PSP: Atari Classics Evolved will offer eleven updated games, including Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Battlezone, Centipede, Lunar Lander, Millipede, Missile Command, Super Breakout, Tempest, Warlords and Pong. These "evolved" versions will include updated "up-to-date graphics," but will also be available in their original retro forms.

In addition to these updated games, there will be more than 60 original Atari 2600 titles also included in the collection -- games such as: Yar's Revenge, Night Driver, Canyon Bomber and Crystal Castles.

Online leaderboards will be provided for many of the games included in this compilation, developed by Stainless Games Ltd. Expect this to arrive on PSP this Fall.

New Hot Pixel screenshots continue to confuse and intrigue

Atari has released a new batch of screenshots for its Warioware-esque mini-game collection, Hot Pixel. As before, the images are pretty much incomprehensible but they do show off a wide variety of games and visual styles. From the demo impressions, Atari has pretty much nailed the Warioware style of gameplay but with a more urban 'hip' vibe. Those waiting to get their mini-gaming on, you won't have to wait too much longer. Hot Pixel comes out on September 18th, until then check out our huge gallery of screenshots (prepare to be confused).

Gallery: HOT PIXEL

Earthworm Jim put "on hold"

Earthworm Jim for PSP was looking good: it had sharp graphics, and awesome 2D gameplay potential. Unfortunately, it appears that the game is canned ... for now. We contacted Alissa Bell from Atari, who commented: "I believe EWJ is off the roster. May be revisited in the future, but the title is, as I hear it, on hold." Hopefully, this isn't the end of Earthworm Jim on PSP.

Atari's upcoming support for PSP includes Dungeons & Dragons Tactics and HOT PIXEL. However, it doesn't appear that PSP fans can expect too much more in the upcoming future. Talking about their E3 plans, Alissa told us that "I don't believe Atari will be focusing on PSP titles at E3."

HOT PXL gets vowels, screenshots

Atari's long-lost Wario Ware-clone, HOT PXL, is finally making another public appearance. And this time, the game has vowels. Vanna White would be so proud. Now entitled HOT PIXEL, this assortment of mini-games is now scheduled for a September release of this year ... months after it was originally supposed to come out. Seriously, is it that hard to make a game like this? [Update: The European release is in one week.]

Until then, we'll have to make do with Atari's latest screenshots of the game. Check it out in our new GLLRY ... uh, gallery.

Gallery: HOT PIXEL

Take this! New Dragon Ball Z footage

Take this! Take this! My playthrough of the upcoming Dragon Ball Z game didn't really have sound, and maybe that was a good thing. No matter how fun the game may end up being, the repetitive voiceovers in this new gameplay video will certainly irritate anyone. Watch the video, and tell me: don't you want to punch Trunks in the face?

NYCC: Hands-on with Dragon Ball Z

New York Comic Con had a great deal of games based on anime franchises. But, they were all on the DS. The one game that I had to play was the upcoming PSP Dragon Ball Z game. I got a chance to talk to some representatives from Atari and I had a blast. As you can see in the embedded video above, the graphics are quite smooth, and the presentation is quite sleek. The "Another Road" mode offers an original story for DBZ fans to appreciate. Load times? Minimal. The controls were incredibly accessible, creating for fast, fun battles.

The game looks to be quite ideal for on-the-go play. I wonder if it'll feature enough depth to satisfy hardcore gamers. Also, with my relative lack of inexperience with DBZ games, I have to admit, I'm not exactly sure how much Another Road expands upon the franchise. Can it feel fresh, considering how it's Atari's 26th DBZ game? We'll find more closer to its March 20th release.

New York Comic Con to feature playable PSP titles

Do you want to get your hands on Godzilla: Unleashed? Or how about the PSP-exclusive brawler, Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai: Another Road? Well, New York Comic Con will be the place to be. It's happening February 23-25 at the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC, and it's where you, the general gaming public, will be able to play these games for the very first time.

Tickets to the convention are quickly selling out. One day admission is $30. Of course, if you can't make it, don't worry--I'll be there, sure to give you the latest hands-on impressions and coverage from the show floor.

[Via Gamespot]

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