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Code Geass PSP game includes full episodes

The upcoming PSP Code Geass game will feature full episodes of the popular anime series. Well, at least in the limited edition of the game. The adventure will be available on PSP and PS2 in March 2008 (in Japan, of course). And while details are slim on this release, we're intrigued by this classy synergy of game and video. We'd love to see future PSP releases take advantage of the multimedia capabilities of the system. Imagine if Bleach: Heat the Soul actually included episodes of the anime? That would be too cool.

[Via PSPHyper]

Confirmed: Yggdra Union intro is pretty

Before, we could only presume that Yggdra Union's anime intro was going to be pretty. Now, we can confirm that it is. This PSP remake of the cult GBA RPG features high-quality anime cinematics that expands the game's universe far from its humble GBA origins. But that's not all! There's more videos to be discovered at Sting's official website.

[Via PSPHyper]

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes comes to US this summer

Believe it! The popular anime franchise is finally getting a PSP game. Ultimate Ninja Heroes will allow Naruto fans to assemble a team of three characters (out of a roster of 20) to duke it out against another team of three. Pairings must be thought through carefully, as new abilities will be unearthed based on character combinations. An interesting idea, to say the least. According to 1UP, the fighter is supposedly exclusive to the US, with no Japanese release planned at the moment. But, Heroes looks suspiciously like the Japanese PSP Naruto game, so we're going to take that bit with a grain of salt.

Ultimate Ninja Heroes will hit PSP systems this summer. Check out 1UP for more details, and some breathtaking pictures of the game.

Gundam Seed brings hot mech-on-mech action


Who would've thought that a licensed anime game could ever look so enticing? Ruliweb got some hands-on time with the newly released Japanese import, and it looks absolutely fantastic. The battles look like a blast (pun intended), with some miraculous mech action on display. The game has all the production values from the original anime, from TM Revolution's intro to Souichiro Hoshi's grating adolescent voice. Gundam fans will have a tear come to their eye when they see Victory flash on the screen, with See-Saw's ending playing in the background. Is this not some truly spectacular fan service?

Check after the cut to see more screens of the game. For more details, check out our previous coverage.

[Via PSP-Vault]

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Fate goes big-head chibi

Some of our readers expressed great hope for Capcom's newly unveiled PSP fighting game, Fate. The game, which is based on a popular anime series (which is, in turn, based on a popular adults-only hentai series). The series has captured the attention of a wide audience, some who have been allured by the maturity of some of the characters.

A new magazine scan reveals that the Fate game is going in a completely new direction. Characters will be portrayed in the chibi artstyle, meaning they'll feature very large heads and eyes. This form, meant to be appealing to children, shows how this once adults-only series has transformed into something completely different. Will fans of the series approve of this startling new art direction for the series?

[Via PSP-Vault]

Deal of the Day: Anime UMDs for $5 each at Gamestop

Your UMD collection can grow like a cancerous universe-creating monster at the prices that Gamestop is selling them at. Akira, Appleseed, Ghost in the Shell, and Ninja Scroll UMDs are all available at the low price of $5. (For the non-anime fans out there, Dawn of the Dead should fit the bill quite nicely.) Don't forget to use coupon code SAVER for free shipping.

[Via CAG]

[Update 1: All products are sold out! You see what happens when you price UMDs the right way?]

Brooktown High's girls become hotter? [Update 2]

While browsing 4chan (NSFW) I came across this anime fan redo of the Brooktown High: Senior Year girls. The basic idea was that the current art for dating sim Brooktown High is unattractive (I can't help but agree). So this image shows what would happen if Brooktown High were made in Japan. I still think the art isn't perfect, but the girls look far more attractive than the current game versions.. Kinda makes me wish Konami just translated Tokimeki Memorial and brought that out here rather than this. Because no matter how good the gameplay is in a dating sim, if the girls aren't hot, who's going to be motivated to play? Would you rather see anime style girls in your dating sims or do you somehow find the original Brooktown High art sexy?

[Update 1: Added NSFW clarification]

[Update 2: Changed offending words]

New Dragon Ball Z game announced

It looks like our previous story about a new DBZ game on the way was right. IGN is reporting that Dragon Ball Z fans can look forward to another installment in the Shin Budokai series. Atari's Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai: Another Road will add more than 50 new fighting skill and ultimate attacks, a new storyline that deals with Future Trunks and his fight agains Majin Buu. The title will have available characters from all of the Dragon Ball anime worlds. The title is due out in March.

I bought the first Dragon Ball Z game on the PSP and had quite a bit of fun with it. I didn't care for the plot though, so hopefully the plot is improved in this sequel. Either way, the DBZ games remain some of the best anime fighters on the market. Are there any readers that are excited like me about Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai: Another Road?

Tales of the World anime intro

All Tales games seem to come with catchy J-Pop songs and anime intros. The PSP-exclusive Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology is no different. This potpourri of fan-favorite Tales characters features "Hikari to Kage" (Light and Shadow) sung by Kana Uemura.

It would be awesome if we could get an English translated version of this game. Considering the fairly large Tales fanbase in the States, I won't be surprised if Namco announces a release date one of these days.

Direct-feed Final Fantasy Tactics trailer

Our good friends at Siliconera have posted up a direct-feed (not-shaky-cam) version of the hotly anticipated Final Fantasy Tactics trailer. Does this really need any more introduction?

Video Sandwich: December 16, 2006

Two very random clips for you today. First up, we have a clip from the upcoming English version of the Disgaea anime, via Siliconera. As you may have seen, we really want the PSP version of the game to get an English release, and if that means getting people interested in the franchise as a whole, we'll do it. Too bad I'm not a big fan of the anime series. What do you think of this clip?

Finally, does it again with yet another nifty PSP modification. This one: a clear PSP. It sort of reminds me of the clear Game Boy from back in the day. With a lot more horsepower.

Can't get enough Bleach? Heat the Soul 4 revealed

I'm a fan of the anime series Bleach, but even I find it ridiculous how often these games are coming out on the PSP. Within two years, the Heat the Soul franchise is getting its fourth game. As usual, expect a larger roster of characters from the anime's continuing storyline. With the franchise's good looks and awesome presentation, Bleach fans will certainly want to get their hands on the game. But really, isn't this too much?

Check out the official Japanese website to see videos of this fighter in action.

[Via Game & Gadgets]

Video Sandwich: November 26, 2006

Here are two of Sony's arguably biggest products hitting the PSP this year. First, you see the amazing Tales of the World commercial. It's only 15 second long, and shows mostly anime sequences. But what I see here is good.

Next, you see an insanely long demonstration of Chotto Shot, the PSP camera software suite. Like Hikaru Utada, it's very Japanesey, featuring a cute Japanese couple getting all lovey dovey over the device. Who knows? Maybe with Chotto Shot, you too can score yourself a Japanese girl or boyfriend!

ACAMM: the freshest anime mag for the PSP

ACAMM, the anime PSP magazine has been doing some interesting stuff for the handheld. The latest issue features Samurai Champloo, the hip-hop infused story about two samurai on a journey. The magazine goes over the basics of the show, and anime in general. It also goes one step further: it provides stills that can be rapidly viewed through, similar to how one would play with a picturebook. It's pretty interesting, and shows the great effort that ACAMM is placing into each issue. Each image is wallpaper-worthy, and the .zip file for this month's issue even includes a video. Kudos to the ACAMM team: keep up the good work.

See also:
ACAMM Issue 6: Ergo Proxy

Go past the cut to see more pictures from the magazine.

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Moe girls try to teach you English [Update 1]

English is a difficult language to learn, which is why the Japanese love making games to help you in your quest to master the language. And as you know, there's no better way to teach someone than through scantilly clad girls, But if the girls of that other English school were a bit too... real for your tastes, worry not! You can have a moe (which means "cute girls") teach you in Moegaku. These chibi anime girls look even younger than the girls of Simple 2500. If you want video proof, you got it!

(Fake comments totally ripped off of Joystiq.)

[Via QJ]

[Update 1: The title is Moegaku. Considering how I can read hiragana, that was a stupid, stupid mistake. Also, movie embedded after the cut.]

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