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Analysts predict PSP sales of 67 million by 2011

Here's another analyst story for you to chew on. Screen Digest is predicting that Sony will sell 67 million PSP systems by 2011. Certainly, that's an impressive figure. It's dwarfed by DS's predicted sales of 112 million, but certainly 67 million consoles is nothing to scoff at. In fact, if Sony's able to sell as many systems as predicted, it will have sold more systems in its lifetime than the industry-defining NES (62 million), SNES, N64, Genesis, Xbox, Gamecube, Dreamcast and Saturn. Certainly, that's a remarkable achievement for Sony's first entry into the handheld arena.

[Via Next Gen]

PSP sales double; another price drop imminent?

We don't trust analysts ... their predictions are based on the same mindless fanboy drivel commonly found on the internet, and their reports often conflict with other analysts' opinions. According to GameDaily, Todd Greenwald from Nollenberger Capital believes that another PSP price cut is inevitable. Why? Two factors.

Firstly, if and when a redesigned PSP comes out, the original should drop in price (or, the new model could simply be more expensive, no?). Secondly, sales of the portable have doubled since the price drop, making a further price drop seem that much more lucrative. Of course, one must question the profitability of such a move, and that's where Greenwald's analysis starts to crumble. Even at $170, the PSP is an incredibly advanced piece of tech: it's unlikely that Sony would want to jeopardize their profits by subsidizing the cost of hardware even further (especially in lieu of the massive profit-drain that is the PS3). Sony should be content with the sales increase they've received since the price drop: certainly a doubling is nothing to scoff at.

Analyst talks price drop, Gran Turismo

Analysts, for some reason or another, are important to the industry. Colin Sebastian of Lazard Capital Markets commented on Sony's recent price drop of the machine, saying it will give the platform an important "shot in the arm." As the first official price cut since the product's launch more than two years ago, marketing will be crucial. Thankfully, according to Sebastian, Sony has a plan: "Sony is planning to support the pricing move with a new print and online marketing campaign targeted at young adults and teens." Let's hope it's better than what we've seen so far.

Price is one of the sole detriments to PSP's performance. With a lower price, Sebastian notes, the system should sell much better: "We note that a Wal-Mart promotion on Black Friday last year generated significant sales volume for the PSP at a discounted price of $169, providing one indication of potential consumer demand. We also believe the potential release of Gran Turismo for the PSP in 2007 could further boost unit sales." Wait? Did he mention Gran Turismo? Isn't that game canceled? Or maybe it's not. Let's hope that he knows something we don't.

The battle's far from over, the analyst reminds us. "It is too early to conclude whether Sony's pricing action will cause game developers to increase the pipeline of new PSP titles." Certainly, the price drop is encouraging, but "at the new $169 price, we note that the PSP is still $40 higher than Nintendo's DS."

[Via GameDaily]

Analyst: PSP and DS will outdo home consoles

Don't throw out your handhelds: there's a lot of life left in them. According to an analyst at DFC Intelligence, the ever-expanding market for both DS and PSP will help allow it to beat the current generation systems: "Under the right scenario, by 2011 the combined installed base of the DS and PSP could exceed that for the Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360," noted David Cole.

While Nintendo will be responsible for much of the growth of the handheld industry, Sony is certainly not out of the game--they will "establish a solid position in the marketplace" (if they haven't already). Cole reminds investors that "existing console game publishers have found it is possible to make over $100 million in revenue from a single PSP title based on the right franchise," a figure that's not to be scoffed at.

Ultimately, PSP's success will be determined by a number of factors, with Sony's support for the platform being key. Sony said they're working on exciting new things for the platform at GDC--hopefully, it's true.

[Via GameDaily BIZ]

Analyst: lower price, younger demographic

Analysts get paid a lot of money to come up with stuff. While most of the info they spew out is incorrect, it's still fascinating to see the kooky predictions that they come up with. GameDaily BIZ reports that Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian believes that Sony will be targeting younger players in future PSP campaigns: "Sony could be preparing to bolster the PSP handheld market with a shift in marketing towards a younger demographic, possibly including a hardware price cut later this year."

A lower price combined with some more kid-friendly software a la LocoRoco may help the PSP compete directly against its biggest competitor: the DS. Certainly, Nintendo has reaped the benefits of going for the younger gamer: will Sony be able to strike gold as well?

Two redesigned PSPs coming next Spring, say analysts

It's that time of the year again. Yep. Another analyst is talking about a PSP redesign, but this one's a bit more ambitious than the other ones: Paul-Jon McNealy of American Technical Research has predicted the appearance of two new models, one below $199 and one above. "Sony will likely introduce a refresh of the PSP hardware line, including a hard-disk drive PSP and a second PSP with no hard drive but with a significant amount of flash memory on board." Sounds a lot like the other rumor about a redesign.

Considering how frequently these redesign reports pop up, I'm going to place my bet that a redesign will come out... eventually (no matter how often Sony denies it). Will it be next Spring, as predicted?

[Via International Business Times]

Yet another analyst spells doom for PSP, predicts price drop

More analysts are joining the Sony-bashing party. In-Stat revealed that Nintendo's recently been making DS Lites at an incredible pace of 2.2 million units a month. By infiltrating the homes of the elderly, women and children, Nintendo has been planning to launch Skynet has been maintaining a healthy lead over the PSP. According to Mr. O'Rourke, he predicts the DS will outship the PSP by 25 to 30% this year.

Like many other analysts, Mr. O'Rourke predicts that Sony will cut the price to somewhere in the 150 to 170 dollar range, which is similar to other estimates. Honestly, I don't think the PSP needs a price drop, but Sony will inevitably have to slash prices (even if they don't want to), or do a redesign to get all this negative press away from them.

[Via TG Daily]

Analyst becomes less bullish for Sony

Wedbush Morgan is one of those places where people sit around in a dark room, pondering the future. They make up numbers that predict future sales, shoot lightning out their hands, and they have three heads. Michael Pachter is one of those men. While he was optimistic for Sony's handheld at the beginning of the year, he seems to be reconsidering his position: "We are lowering ... our forecast for PSP sales from 8.5 million to 7.4 million, and increasing our expectation for DS sales from 6.5 million to 8 million."

This isn't really too bad: even if PSP isn't number one in sales, it still has done much better than any non-Nintendo gaming handheld in the past. Regardless, the analyst had tons of good things to say about Nintendo, and not so much about Sony: he decreased his 2006 PS3 hardware sales estimate by 1 million units (to 3 million) and increased his 2006 Wii hardware sales by 500,000 to (4 million). Of course, it's not just the analyst that sees good things for Nintendo: the shareholders do as well.

[News via Gamespot]
[Sales chart for US. DS has a few weeks extra data due to an earlier launch. Via VG Charts]

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