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Clearance: Buy 1 UMD, get 1 free

Looks like amazon.com is finally getting rid of its UMD stock. They're holding a great BOGO deal on their UMD selection. Considering how many of these discs are already only $10, you should be able to pick up some good deals along the way. In fact, with prices like these, it's actually cheaper to buy these UMD discs than download these through the PS Store.

GTA PSP titles selling at $15 each on Amazon

What better way is there to anticipate the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto IV for the PS3 than by playing through the two portable adventures on PSP in preparation? Now you have no excuse, because Amazon are selling both Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories for fifteen bucks a pop. Two great PSP games for $30 is a great deal, so go ahead and take advantage. Beware though, you've got less than a week before GTAIV -- good luck completing both games before then.

Read - Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories @ Amazon
Read - Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories @ Amazon

[Thanks, Joe!]

DRM-free music stores ideal for PSP use

With Connect disconnected, there hasn't been a music download service that has supported the PSP. Thankfully, a variety of DRM-free services are popping up everywhere lately. The best for use on PSP must be amazon.com's new service. You can easily browse the site using your PSP, and although the site will insist that you download their MP3 downloader, you can bypass the warnings and download the songs directly to your PSP from any wi-fi connection. Sweet. Click here if you're browsing on your PSP.

To try it out for free, check out this week's free MP3, Ripe from Ben Lee. One of the great things about downloading music directly to your PSP is that it includes the album art for the song -- a nice touch that we can appreciate.

Another service you may want to consider is the Zune Marketplace, which recently added the largest collection of DRM-free music to its library. However, that requires downloading the Zune program, and connecting your PSP to your PC and transferring files manually.

[Thanks, Dan!]

MGS: Portable Ops Plus spotted on GameFly, amazon

The upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops expansion pack hasn't been officially announced for US release yet. However, it appears that it won't be too long before we get confirmation that the game is coming to America ... and soon! GameFly is listing a November release date for this MGS sequel (of sorts). In addition, amazon.com is listing a similar release date, and a retail price of $20.

It's clear that the retailers know something Konami hasn't officially announced to the general gaming public. Stay tuned ... we know you want some Old Snake action on the go.

[Thanks, Random!]

PSP-2000 pre-orders now available on amazon.com

Finally! It looks like online retailer giant, amazon.com, is allowing customers to pre-order the newly redesigned PSP (codenamed PSP-2000). There's a variety of bundles to choose from:
We're sure that other retailers will start joining the pre-order bandwagon. Are you ready to buy (another) PSP?

[Thanks, Faraz M.!]

Lumines sales up nearly 6000 percent since exploit

Many modern PSP owners do not have homebrew-capable PSP systems. Therefore, when an exploit was found in Lumines that defeats protection in 3.50 firmware, many leaped at an opportunity to purchase the beloved PSP music/puzzle game. Sales on amazon.com have jumped up a whopping 5,900% percent, making it the tenth best selling video game on the retailer's site. Until there's an alternative solution for those clamoring for homebrew on their systems, Lumines looks like it will be experiencing quite an incredible new revival in sales.

[Thanks, ben!]

Deal of the Day: Chili Con Carnage only $14 [Update]

The cult hit Chili Con Carnage hits the amazon.com bargain bins today, dropping down to a paltry price of $13.99. Steven Bailey notes in his PSP Fanboy review that "the game is genuinely funny and you'll face a midget with a giant head and bull horns, explosive chickens, bikini clad women with automatic weapons and that's just to name a few encounters."

Now, you'll be able to face those very explosive chickens at a bargain price.

Update: amazon.com has even more deals. Check them all out here. Or, choose one of these options:
PlayGear Pocket case - $10
Metal Gear Acid - $10
Marvel Trading Card Game - $17

[Thanks, txa1265! Via CAG]

Amazon UK and Play cut PSP price by a further £10

Both Amazon.co.uk and Play.com have dropped the price of the PSP by an extra £10, even after the recent official price cut a couple of weeks ago. As it now stands the PSP is £119.99 from these two retailers. That's only £20 more than the Nintendo DS.

Amazon UK are also promising (if their e-mail today can be believed) to let you have a PSP, bundled with a game, for only £139.99. Checking the website, however, shows that this is either a typo on the mail-out, or they just haven't got around to updating the site itself yet. Either way, the site still shows bundles selling for £159.99. Which is not such a good deal, considering games are thirty quid each anyway. Where's the saving there?

If you see the site change to reflect the new deal, then let us know. Saving a potential £40 on last month's price is something I'm sure a lot of people won't want to miss.

Deal of the Day: system for $140 & cases for cheap

Your eyes do not deceive you: this Sam Goody store is showcasing an even lower price for PSP: $139.99, a mere $10 above Nintendo DS. What gives? Well, it appears this retailer is offering a $30 mail-in rebate. The offer ends Wednesday, which doesn't give deal-seekers too much time to take advantage of this pretty awesome sale. Find store locations here.

For those no interested in picking up a new system, amazon.com is offering some nice deals on PSP cases. Sony's official travel case is going for less than $10, and the popular PlayGear Pocket is going for $13. While I find the hard cases to be too bulky for my tastes, it appears they're considered pretty standard fare by the PSP community.

[Via Gaming Bits & CAG]

Deal of the Day: Killzone gets cheap

Amazon.com has a somewhat random deal today: Killzone: Liberation is now available for $26.48 with free shipping. Now's probably a good time to pick up the game, considering how a new Infrastructure multiplayer patch will be publically available soon. PSP Fanboy commenters will be quick to note that Killzone is one of their favorite games on the system: would you like to join them?

[Via CAG]

UK Deal of the Day: Pink PSP for cheap

While the PSP Fanboy staff comes from the good ol' US of A, many of our readers do not. In fact, besides America, the United Kingdom makes up the second greatest demographic for us (10%), beating out other territories like Canada (4%), Germany (3%), and "Unknown Country" (2%).

So, let's celebrate our UK readers! Today, we have a special Deal of the Day just for you: amazon.co.uk is offering the pink PSP for only £99.99 (w/ free shipping), making it the same cost as the pink DS. Surely you, or your female friends, will appreciate it.

[Via DCEmu]

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Pink PSP proves popular
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Metal Slug's slippery release

What is up with SNK??? Metal Slug Anthology was supposed to come out last year, and ever since, it's been constantly pushed back. We said it was coming out in February, and now it appears it's been delayed ... again. amazon.com shows a March release, which has us questioning: how hard is it to port over decades-old games? SNK gets a big "boo" for their constant release date shuffling.

Send your complaint e-mails to: info @ snkplaymoreusa.com

[Via IGN]

Sony moving forward with video download service

GI.biz is reporting that Sony is finally revamping its pledge to bring PSP owners more video content. With the UMD format dead, Sony is looking towards digital distribution. Strangely, it appears that Sony is avoiding their failing music store, Connect, and are in talks with other content providers, such as Amazon's Unbox, MovieLink and CinemaNow. Unlike downloadable PSone games, which require the purchase of a PLAYSTATION 3, the movies will be downloaded to a PC and then transferred to the PSP.

This move gives PSP more of an edge in its continuing struggle against Apple's iPod and iTunes Store. Apple's iTunes Store offers a wide assortment of downloadable movies from big-name partners like Disney, but the iPod itself currently features only a 4:3 screen, making it less than ideal for movies. Sony's PSP will provide a better movie-watching experience, but users will be responsible for purchasing sufficient flash memory. With Microsoft also providing video content downloads via Zune and Xbox Live Marketplace, this battle is sure to be an interesting one.

[Via Joystiq]

Deals of the Day: tons of sales, everywhere

These retailers are simply crushing my wallet. My AMEX card is almost maxed out! Here are some highlights from the web:

amazon.com [Via CAG]
Holiday Sale! Highlights include:
  • Mortal Kombat Unchained $40 $18
  • Gitaroo-Man Lives! $40 $30
  • Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins $40 $30
  • Bounty Hounds $40 $30
  • Bomberman $30 $18
  • Power Stone Collection $30 $20
Invisible Shield [Via CAG]
Get 40% off screen protectors

Gamestop.com [Via CAG]
Every Extend Extra only $20

Decal Girl [Thanks, Joel!]
$6 face plates

Play-Asia [Thanks, Joel!]
Talkman for $13

PSP Fanboy holiday gift guide

It's Black Friday... You know what that means. The holiday shopping season has begun! Because all the other major gaming sites are doing it, we decided to make a holiday gift guide as well! These are the games that I think will make any good PSP owner happy.

$50 or below
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories - Quite possibly the biggest portable adventure yet. GTA fans and fans of 80s pop culture will dig this game.

$40 or below
Daxter - The great graphics and lack of load times makes this platformer a great technical showcase.
Gitaroo-Man Lives! - My favorite PSP game of the year. Get it for the music lover.
Loco Roco - Sony proves that there are games for kids on its system. This one is it.
SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2 - The online tactical shooter returns. Online junkies will love this game.
Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror - Although not an FPS, the game's controls and extensive multiplayer modes is perfect for shooter lovers.
Tekken: Dark Resurrection - It's the only fighting game you'll want to give to a PSP owner.

$30 or below
Lumines II - With nearly a hundred different musical skins to unlock, this easy-to-learn puzzle game is perfect for anyone, especially if they missed the original game.

$20 or below
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories - For less than $20, the original LCS sports a ton of gameplay at an insanely affordable price.
Mega Man: Powered Up - This 2D platformer features great graphics, classic gameplay, and a level editor that lets you share creations. At under $20, it's a steal.
Wipeout Pure - This launch game still sports some of the system's best graphics. With tons of free downloadable content, this is a great value.

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