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Ad: Yes, girls play Monster Hunter too

Want to be a "chick magnet" in Tokyo? Why not pick up Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G? This ad from PlayStation shows fashionable Japanese females getting together for an Ad-Hoc game of the popular PSP exclusive. Don't you wish you could join them? (Also, why does a game as successful as Monster Hunter need to advertise?)

Ad: PSP's next big game, Phantasy Star Portable

Will Sega's Phantasy Star Portable be able to take on Capcom's Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G? The two games are targeting very similar markets: social RPG games on the PSP. This new ad released in Japan highlights the community aspects of Phantasy Star Portable, but misses what we would've focused on: its acronym. Clearly, PSP is MEANT for the PSP. This is gaming destiny!

We don't think an ad like that would've been too dramatic for Japanese tastes ...

Ad: PSP makes being arrested so much more fun

We love the construction of this ad for the PSP created by TBWA Espana, Madrid, Spain. Two police offers are apprehending this young man, and instead of handcuffs, they use the ever-engrossing PSP. It's a subtle ad that may not sell the system's capabilities, but does a great job of emphasizing how cool the device is.

[Thanks, Karsten!]

God of War TV spot is most epic PSP ad ever

It makes sense that God of War would warrant such an epic ad. This is easily the biggest release on PSP to date, and SCEA is doing it justice with a pretty awesome looking TV spot. Narrated by Linda Hunt, this ad should do a good job of targeting the fans of God of War on PS2. We hear they come in the millions. We can't wait to see what the sales charts for PSP look like at the end of the month. Will gamers make the plunge? Or, will they wait for the incredibly sexy PSP bundle, due this summer?

echochrome in real life (the commercial)

Ever wanted to know what echochrome would look like in the real world? It would be scary. Here's the Japanese advertisement for the only-in-Japan PSP game. Notice how it's being advertised on the new, sexy minty green PSP? Nice.

Star Ocean: Second Evolution commercial gets Jpoppy

Most RPGs in Japan come with some super-sweet, super-catchy J-pop song. Square Enix's upcoming Star Ocean: The Second Evolution is no different. The all-girl band Scandal performs the theme song to this upcoming game with their number, "Start." Check it out.

[Via PSPHyper]

Watch: the Japanese Patapon commercial

The oh-so-lovable Patapon are invading Japan. Will Japanese gamers understand the game through the simple message of this 15 second ad? (We hope so! Early sales indicate the title is performing quite sluggishly.) But, what will America have to do in order for such a quirky, inventive game to get the attention it deserves?

Japanese girls go crazy for Patapon

People keep telling us that there are these strange creatures called "girls." Supposedly, they shy away from the things we love, like games and violence. Not so, says Patapon. Sony is targeting their Japanese ads towards the finer half of our species, most likely trying to recreate the success that LocoRoco had with the traditionally non-gamer market. We think the combination of cute cuddly creatures and horrifying war violence will really target a more feminine taste.

Santa's back pain disappears in new PSP ad

Aren't Japanese commercials the best? This new 15 second spot from SCEI features a helpless Santa Claus, burdened by the weight of such heavy gifts. Thankfully, his reindeer's there to suggest the brand new red PSP-2000 system for the holidays. That cheered Santa up! In fact, if one of our readers donated a red system to us, we wouldn't mind ...

New PSP ad highlights features in familiar way

Man, we remember this ad campaign from the PSP's launch, nearly three years ago. A new ad has been created, to highlight the incredible things that PSP can do now. A few years into the life cycle, PSP can do things it couldn't possibly dream to do at launch. Now, it can connect to the PS3, get free wi-fi from T-Mobile hotspots, and more. Check out this stylish and well-crafted ad.

Japan's 1seg advertisement

Here's yet another international PSP commercial. This time, we're taking a look at the 1seg device, a handy peripheral which allows Japanese PSP owners to access digital television signals over the air. Unfortunately, 1seg isn't available in America, and the likelihood of us seeing something similar is zero. At least we have the PlayStation Store, right? Wait a minute ...

Video: the PSP does a lot of stuff

It seems like Sony is trying to re-educate people on the incredible variety of things that PSP can do. This video, for European audiences, painstakingly uses stop-motion photography to explain all the capabilities of the PSP. It's a bit long, but at least it looks cool.

New York Giants star to promote PSP in new campaign

Michael Strahan from the New York Giants will star in a brand new "Dude, get your own" PSP ad. Yes, the officially-titled "Annoying Guy" will also be featured in the promo. The TV spot will run from now until December and will air on shows such as NFL on FOX and CBS, Conan O'Brien, Saturday Night Live, Family Guy, South Park, SportsCenter, Adult Swim and more.

"Using Michael Strahan in the title spot helps us convey the message that PSP is one of the most aspirational entertainment devices out there," said Peter Dille, senior vice president, marketing and PLAYSTATION(R)Network, SCEA. "We know that celebrities and athletes are on the road a lot and travel with their PSPs. Michael and a number of his teammates are big fans of PSP so it was a natural tie-in to include him in the campaign."

"I love playing my PSP and getting to work with these guys for the advertising campaign has been a lot of fun," said Strahan. "With my busy travel schedule during the season, the new PSP is a perfect companion for long road trips and allows me to play against my teammates in online matches when we are together or even across the country."

[Via press release]

Dude, get your own Star Wars PSP

What? A PSP advertisement? On the TV?

Sony and LucasArts' new white limited edition PSP system is certainly getting a lot of attention (even from us). This brand new ad uses the same "Get Your Own" slogan that SCEA has been utilizing, and the same good ol' annoying prick from the previous ads. It's an effective, hilarious way of hitting home the point: get your own. With a stellar line up of games this holiday season, we think a lot of people will.

Sony starts extensive PSP campaign on adult swim

Cartoon Network's adult swim website is being plastered with ads for the new PSP. Good thing -- the adult swim demographic is exactly what Sony needs to target to keep PSP momentum strong. Check out Bertrum's Almanack, which provides some "fun facts" to listeners. Unfortunately, the site says that "Bertrum's Almanack not available on PSP system." But, games like NBA 08 and Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow are. Hopefully, this campaign is one of many Sony's planning to promote their handheld.

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