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Using a 360 controller to play PSP games

Imagine a gaming utopia, where Sony and Microsoft are friends. Gamers will be able to buy just one piece of hardware, and get all the best games on one machine. You'll be able to plug in whatever controller you like and it'll work. Unfortunately, that utopia will never emerge as reality. Until then, we're going to have to amuse ourselves with clever (and cute) pieces of homebrew like this. Maxconsole's Jay has made it possible to use a 360 controller on a PSP. It's certainly not the most useful thing to do -- but an impressive feat of engineering nonetheless!

[Via Engadget]

Exit exits PSP and enters 360

IGN is reporting that Exit will be making the leap from small screen to big screen. No, it's not getting a movie made of it, but it is becoming an Xbox Live Arcade title. For those who haven't played Exit, it has you take control of Mr. ESC as he guides civilians from burning buildings, and other deadly situations. The Xbox 360 version will also feature new levels not found in the PSP title. There is no word on whether the XBLA Exit will be a port of the first game, it's sequel, or a mixture of both. For those interested, it will retail for $10, and be out in Japan this summer.

Lumines previously made the jump from PSP to Xbox 360, so this move isn't unprecedented. This just goes to show that the PSP isn't the only system getting another console's ports.

[Via Joystiq]

GDC 07: Every Extend Extra gets more extreme ... but not for us

The PSP puzzler Every Extend Extra was plenty extreme as-is: but that's not stopping Mizuguchi-san and his Q? Entertainment cohorts from amping up the game in an XBLA follow-up to this oft-neglected puzzler/shooter. This is not the first time that one of Q? Entertainment's PSP titles has jumped ship to Microsoft's home console: Lumines released on the digital distribution platform, fueling an incredible controversy over the value of microtransactions.

Considering the game's lackluster sales performance on Sony's handheld, it shouldn't come as surprising that the game would move to another platform. The game joins an increasingly growing list of once-exclusive titles that have moved on: Tekken: Dark Resurrection and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories being just a few notable examples.

Joystiq Gallery: Every Extend Extra Extreme (E4)

Microsoft continues to support DS, but not PSP

1UP asked Shane Kim, Microsoft Corporate VP, about the possibility of Microsoft games appearing on handhelds. His answer? "We do it today. We don't publish those titles directly ourselves, we are creating intellectual property that have great appeal to customers of handheld devices. Whether you're talking about mobile or the DS -- you probably won't see it on the PSP, though."

Why the Nintendo love? Well, Microsoft wants to target the kids that seem to shy away from Xbox's older demographic. Get those kids hooked on their properties on the DS, and then hope to reel them over to the 360: "Nintendo's fine. Particularly when you talk about some of our titles from Rare. A Kameo or a Viva Pinata on a DS makes a lot of sense in a lot of ways from a franchise perspective."

However, wouldn't one of Microsoft's more mature properties, like Halo, fare better on a handheld that not only has better tech, but has an audience that would be interested in such a product? Unless Microsoft has handheld ambitions of their own ...

RSS this!

Every week PSP Fanboy brings you a great new podcast that you can use your PSP's RSS feature to subscribe to. We uncreatively called the feature RSS this!

It's time for a little shameless inner-joystiq self promotion. This week we're going to recommend you listen to Xbox 360 Fanboy's very own fancast. Every week the fancast will keep you up to date on all the happenings in the world of Xbox. Hosted by Richard Mitchell, Dustin Burg and David Dreger, the fancast features site news, Xbox developments, listener mail and also questions for listeners to ponder. As with any good podcast, there's humor mixed in with all the information and even if this was your only source for Xbox 360 news, it'd really be all you need.

While you may not own an Xbox 360 now, you'll probably own one eventually, so listen in. If you want to add the Xbox 360 Fanboy Fancast to your PSP's RSS, just bring up this site with your PSP through our mobile version at m.pspfanboy.com and click on this link: http://podcasts.xbox360fanboy.com/rss.xml Then you can exit your web browser and the show should be in your RSS channels. From there you can set a timer for auto-download of episodes, or stream them and save them to a memory stick.

Got something you have RSS'd and would like us to feature? Just let us know in the comments, or let other readers know what you think of the Xbox 360 Fanboy Fancast.

Microsoft and Sega create new deal to promote Sonic Rivals

Sega will be running a pricey viral ad campaign through Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger to promote its upcoming games: Sonic Rivals on the PSP and Sonic the Hedgehog on Xbox 360. One may notice that the PLAYSTATION 3 version of Sonic the Hedgehog is not mentioned. Just like Sonic and Silver pictured above, Sony and Microsoft are fierce rivals, and it appears that Microsoft wants no part in promoting Sony's next-gen platform. Of course, without a handheld gaming device from the Xbox folks (for now), it seems Redmond's empire is willing to litter your IM-ing experience with ads for the PSP Sonic.

Expect a full review of Sonic Rivals and a giveaway soon.

[Via Brand Republic]

Sony spread too thin, according to Microsoft exec

Mercury News has some fighting words from Microsoft's Robbie Bach. The President of E&C goes on record saying that Sony is unable to successfully compete in the upcoming generation as Sony must focus its efforts across three platforms: PS2, PS3 and PSP. "I think Sony, frankly, suffers a little bit from this problem, which is they're spread really thin across all these areas. And trying to do PSP, competing with Nintendo, PSP to DS; competing with us, 360 to PS3, I think it does strain -- it would naturally strain any organization."

It's interesting to point out that Microsoft, a company with quite possibly the largest monetary battle chest in the world, has avoided the handheld market, simply because the battle against Nintendo would be too resource-draining. While two-front wars have never been too successful, the consumers should feel comfortable in knowing that at least Sony puts dedication behind its products, unlike Microsoft. I'm confident that Sony will support the PSP for years to come, just like they have with the PS2. And that's something millions of currently abandoned original Xbox consoles can't vouch for.

[Via GameDaily]

Lumines II to feature all content from Live

Do we have a grudge against the Xbox 360 version of Lumines? Well, probably. Gamers were shocked to discover that the game they had purchased for $15 was merely a glorified demo: it would cost another $7.50 to get the "Advance Pack," which includes 22 more skins. Throw in the Artist, Mission and VS CPU Packs, and you're already paying more than you would for the PSP version of the game. Oh, and you're still getting less than was the PSP version offers: "all the skins in Lumines Live will be in Lumines II - plus more" (emphasis added). According to Siliconera, there will be 60 skins in Lumines II, which outnumbers Live's number of skins by a whopping 26. No matter how you look at it, Lumines Live is a total rip-off.

Japanese hardware sale chart - Sept. 4 - 10, the war in percentages

Japanese hardware sale chart - Sept. 4 - 10, the war in percentagesWell, look how the mighty have fallen. The Nintendo DS Lite, which is the PSP's biggest competitor, saw a 50-percent decline in hardware sales last week. Never mind sales numbers ... who cares about those anyway? It's all about percentages, baby.

The PSP surged on with a six-percent jump in sales that can most likely be attributed to Tales of Phantasia Full Voice Edition's total domination in the software sales chart.

- DS Lite: 113,831 115,108 (50.28%)
- PSP: 29,141 1,642 (5.97%)
- PS2: 19,882 2,821 (12.43%)
- GBA SP: 2,104 647 (23.52%)
- Game Boy Micro: 1,801 10 (0.56%)
- Xbox 360: 1,094 156 (12.48%)
- DS Phat: 1,058 738 (230.63%)
- Gamecube: 696 159 (18.60%)
- GBA: 13 9 (40.91%)
- Xbox: 5 5 (infinite%)
- Wii: 0 0 (0%)

The PSP needs to keep looking in its rear-view mirror, however, because the DS Phat also saw a big spike in its percentages with a whopping 230-percent increase. But, I expect this to be short lived due to its "teh suck."

Also, look at how crappy the Wii is selling. Hah hah, it's being outsold by the original Xbox and hasn't even sold a single unit! Those percentages look pretty bad.

(Via Joystiq)

Vegas comes to PSP

The Xbox 360 Fanboys have been having a lot of fun talking about their beloved Rainbow Six: Vegas ever since E3 this year. Well, it looks like we join in on the party. While the game certainly won't look as graphically marvelous as the Xbox 360 version, the portable version seems to be filled with features that'll (hopefully) make it worthwhile. The PSP version will get its own parallel story, and will feature single and multiplayer (Infrastructure!) gameplay. The PSP version will also have a "Terrorist Hunt" mode which is a Duck Hunt modification mode where players start at different points in a single player map and kill terrorists one-by-one.

The game will stealthily launch on the system in November. Crazy, huh?

[Via IGN]

PSP still one of the "top 10 must-haves"

Need ammunition for the strange YouTube video flame war building between PSP Fanboy and DS Fanboy? Well, here's one for you guys: CNET's constantly updated "top 10 must-haves" still has your beloved handheld on the list. The PSP joins other gadgets, such as the incredible Motorola Q, Toshiba Gigabeat S, the Slingbox, the Xbox 360 and Canon PowerShot S80. Here's what the CNET folks had to say:
"The Sony PlayStation Portable was the portable gadget of 2005. If you haven't gotten yet, you must not have seen one in action. The screen alone will make you salivate. So much more than a portable gaming console, it also plays music and movies. Not only does it look hot, it also has outstanding sound and graphics, a built-in Memory Stick Duo slot, and Wi-Fi."
You get a lot of bang for your buck with the PSP. Considering how the PSP costs only $200, that's a lot cheaper than most of the items on this acclaimed list.

[Via 1UP Boards]

The winner of Leipzig? PSP

NOTE: This editorial is the opinion of Andrew Yoon, and does not represent the opinion of PSP Fanboy, Joystiq or Weblogs, Inc.

Every video game convention, there's a "winner" of some sorts. It's pretty safe to say that the Nintendo Wii "won" the last E3, proving that waving around our hands can be fun. Not only did the Wii prove that the control scheme works, there was an amazing list of exclusives, from Nintendo's own Mario to third party efforts, like Red Steel. Nintendo wowed the crowd at E3 because of the amazing quality and potential of the games for its system.

Did Nintendo pull the big win at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany this year? No. Did Microsoft? No. Sony took the win for this year's show, but not because of a great showing of PlayStation 3 goods (there were none at the show), but because of Konami's absolutely excellent lineup of upcoming PSP games. Yes, you heard me right: PSP "won" Leipzig.

Continue reading The winner of Leipzig? PSP

Lumines Live: Like a PSP without the portability

I go on vacation for a day and Xbox 360 Fanboy decides to trash talk the PSP. According to their somewhat sensational article, Lumines Live for the Xbox 360 and Lumines II for the PSP are the same game. They bring up a point that Lumines Live will be much cheaper than Lumines II, but I absolutely dare those kids to try lugging their massive Xbox 360 around on the subway. And, let's not forget that they paid $400 for their console, with a power brick the size of a dinosaur.

Ooh... I went there. But in all honesty, does it really matter if something is the "same game" when it involves colored boxes falling from the sky? Don't see too much need for variety there.

[Thanks, steve!]

Pages on why Playstation Portable is not dead

You may remember chubigans as the compiler of the great Flash Arcade collection. After reading more on the death of PSP, he couldn't take the incredible fanboy flaming that took ablaze on the internet. chubigan's latest blog entry will most likely only fan the fires, but in support of our handheld darling. He makes note of how the PSP has been selling neck-and-neck with the DS (before the introduction of the DS Lite) and how the media capabilities of the PSP make it quite a value-added system. In fact, he uses his Excel skillz to demonstrate the similarities between a PSP and a 360.

The dearth of console ports, the lack of a singular title that every PSP owner must buy (except maybe Grand Theft Auto?), and journalistic pessimism fueled by Sony's arrogance, are all helping to shape PSP's currently negative image. But "to declare the PSP dead, when sales, developers and sometimes even the website's own review scores declare otherwise...well, it's f-in ridiculous."

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