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FIGHT!!! PSP fanboy engages in battle of wits

FIGHT!!! PSP fanboy engages in battle of witsAhhh, having so much inter-network bickering going back and forth today really gets my blood flowing. I thought I, as I usually tend to do, should continue to stir the ever-increasingly volatile pot.

I bring you a transcript of a PSP fanboy's pure genious, as he engages in an online instant messenger battle with the enemy. In one corner, I present David, the now undisputed lord of PSP fanboys, and in the other corner, I present Twisted Imp, the hoof-footed, tail-having devil who questions the PSP and represents all that is evil in the world.

In the famous words of Big John McArthy, "Are you ready? Are you ready? LET'S GET IT ON!"

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Japanese software sales chart, Aug. 14-20: Yes, it's Mario again

Japanese software sales chart, Aug. 14-20: Yes, it's Mario againI'm sure by now Mario is haunting Kaz Hirai's dreams. It seems like the plummer just won't give up that top spot, but more importantly, the Nintendo DS once again had seven games in the top 10. And that's not even counting another of which is a Gameboy Advance title.

1. New Super Mario Bros. (DS) - 103,774 / 2,835,708
2. Tamagotchi no Puchi Puchi Omisetchi Gohiikini (DS) - 65,554 / 400,429
3. Shaberu! DS Oryouri Nabi (Cooking Navi) (DS) - 55,759 / 346,719
4. Brain Age 2 - Nintendo (DS) - 45,978 / 3,031,411
5. Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS) - 41,813 / 3,119,108
6. Daito Giken Pachislot Hihouden (PS2)- Daito Giken - 39,070 /*NEW*
7. Rythm Tengoku (GBA) - 29,911 / 88,089
8. Tetris DS - Nintendo (DS) - 26,791 / 781,110
9. SD Gundam G Generation Portable (PSP) - 25,716 / 217,943
10. Brain Training for Adults (DS) - 25,139 / 2,713,284

I guess the one good thing for us PSP fanboys is at least Gundam is holding down that ninth spot, right? But in its third week of release, it barely beat out Brain Training, which has been out for 67 weeks.

(Via Games Are Fun)

Japan hardware sales chart, Aug. 7-13: More of the same

Those damn Japanese are at it again with their never-ending obsession with the Nintendo DS Lite. Last week, it seemed the PSP was possibly staging a comeback, but a surge in DS Lite sales that almost topped 200,000 nipped any thought of that in the bud.

- DS Lite 196,719(19,866)
- PSP: 41,289(1,315)
- PS2: 26,547 (96)
- GBA SP: 3,051(822)
- Gameboy Micro: 2,031(265)
- Xbox 360: 1,204(1,042)
- Gamecube: 940(99)
- DS Phat: 934(596)
- GBA: 23(14)
- Xbox: 6(5)

I'm tired of thinking of reasons to why the DS Lite is handing the PSP its ass. Sony is going to have to do something to turn the momentum back in its favor very quickly, or any thought of winning in Japan will be lost. Maybe Sony can start by getting some games on its system that will compete with the DS Lite's. Oh well, there's always next week, right?

(Via PSP Advanced)

Japan software sales chart, Aug. 7-13: The DS kicks back

Japan software sales chart, Aug. 7-13: The DS kicks back
Another week, another software sales chart. Let me just say, I find it insane the Nintendo DS has games selling this crazy. Honestly, what is the deal here? Does Nintendo package a hit of crack in every box or something? This week, seven out of 10 games belong to the Nintendo DS.

1. New Super Mario Bros. (DS) - 117,706 / 2,731,934
2. Tamagotchi Shop 2 (DS) - 66,564 / 334,875
3. Melty Blood: Act Cadenza (PS2) - 64,980 / *NEW*
4. More Brain Training (DS) - 59,585 / 2,985,432
5. Cooking Navi (DS) - 57,257 / 290,960
6. Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS) - 44,201 / 3,077,295
7. Brain Training (DS) - 38,954 / 2,688,146
8. SD Gundam Generation G Portable (PSP) - 36,592 / 192,227
9. Fist of the North Star Pachislot (PS2) - 33,951 / 116,507
10. Kirarin * Revolution: Kira Kira Idol Audition (DS) - 33,332 / *NEW*

As you might have noticed, New Super Mario Bros. reclaimed the top spot, knocking off Gundam, which spiraled down to the eighth spot. Wow, what a drop. Gundam was the fastest one-week selling PSP game ever, but I don't think it's going to break any more records with its extreme drop in sales.

I had a DS and really liked it, but, after awhile, there weren't really any games that interested me, so I sold it. But now with all these games selling so well, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm missing out on something here.

(Via PSP Advanced)

Sony spills it; PSP to get camera, GPS, VoIP

Sony's press event last Monday revealed a wealth of information on the PSP the likes of which we've only imagined (and believe us, given the relative lack on goodies on the PSP as of late, we've done quite a bit of daydreaming). Not only was it announced-by SCE chief Ken Kutaragi, no less-that new PSP bundles and prices would hit the worldwide market soon, but a boatload of games and peripherals would also eventually make every PSP worth gushing praise for again.

The short but substantial list of add-ons for the PSP includes a camera and a GPS receiver. Along with a microphone, other notable points for the camera are that it will include a PSP version of EyeToy and will also feature video chat, which essentially turns the PSP into a mobile Voice over IP gadget. The GPS receiver will, well, turn the PSP into a GPS locator, but will also come in handy when playing their upcoming Hot Shots with GPS title, which will let gamers download course data as well as help simulate shots on the green.

Connectivity with the PS3 was also announced, as was a downloadable service that will allow users to play PSOne games (via an emulator) and save them on their memory cards. RSS support for video will also be implemented in a future update, as will the ability to save RSS audio feeds to your PSP and support for Flash.

Expect to see new stripped down bundles (PSP, A/C adapter, and battery pack only) priced at $199 to hit the shelves soon.

Now, let us pray to the PSP gods, for they have bestowed upon us much blessing.

PSP2 in the pipeline?

We recently came upon some news that may point to the possibility that Sony is considering using large-capacity memory for what could be the second version of the PlayStation Portable. According to the Korean online publication Chosunilbo, Samsung admitted that they will not be capable of filling a large order of NAND chips for Sony, which we presume was a statement borne out of a request made by the Japanese game company. While this merely hints that planning has already begun for the PSP2, the more interesting bit of news is that Samsung, when pressed with the question regarding if the order was placed specifically for the PSP2, declined to comment. In an industry when what’s not said is nearly as important as what is, that statement could lean towards affirmative territory.

Another report on the site throws a little more fuel on the fire by suggesting that Sony may take a different approach to its storage woes. Instead of the more expensive flash chips, Sony may consider resorting to hard disk drives for storage. This move would significantly drive manufacturing costs down which, assuming they also decide to quit this whole UMD and Memory Stick nonsense, would mean that Sony finally gets to turn a profit from their foray into the portable biz.

I’m feeling ambivalent about this rumor. I can’t help but feel slightly cheated that they’re already thinking about making an upgraded version of the PSP without even having given the current version its due by presenting us with better games and cheaper prices on UMDs. And while I’m led to think that putting out the PSP2 could be Sony’s try at recouping their losses from weak media sales, I think current PSP owners are justified if they asked the question, “Where’s the love, Sony?”

[Thanks, Alvin]

Multicolored PSPs missing in action

One of our readers, Xytec, wrote in and reminded us that, at one time, the PSP came in bright yellow. The PSP already comes in black and white, but since the PSP debuted at E3 2004 (where we took this picture), no other colors for the gadget have been announced. Honestly speaking, we really do like the colors the have out now, but if they released, say, a neon yellow dealie with black racing stripes, that'd be killer.

If you could have your PSP in any color or design, how would you like for it to look?

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