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Dress like a DJ: DJ Max Portable shirts available

Hot of the heels of the DJ Max Portable concert, comes DJ Max Portable 2 T-Shirts. Seeing as how great music is only half the equation, it makes sense for some of the art to be shown off in a wearable form. There are currently three designs for sale, but only while supplies last. The shirts are attractive enough, that even non-gamers are likely to compliment you on your wardrobe choice. Each shirt comes in at the reasonable price of $34.90.

I'm not sure I'd ever look as cool as the models wearing the threads in the promo images, but I can't let that stop me from trying.

Deal of the Day: LocoRoco for $15

Surprisingly, LocoRoco wasn't included in today's Greatest Hits update. Maybe it didn't sell enough copies? Regardless, import retailer Play-Asia is offering the blubbery platform game for cheap: only $14.90, plus shipping. Although this is an import version, this package offers English text ... even though of all games, this probably doesn't need it.

[Via CAG]

Deal of the Day: Gold PSP for $160, and other import deals

Play-Asia is having their Crazy Week sale, which truly lives up to its namesake. The store is slashing prices 20% for every in-stock item not released in the past 30 days. That includes hardware, which means the import Champagne Gold PSP is only $160: that's cheaper than buying a boring black Core system in America!

But that's not the only deal in the store. You may be interested in picking up the original DJ Max Portable, the GPS receiver, Pink PSP, Silver PSP, or the PaRappa pouch. Happen to find other noteworthy deals? Tell us!

[Via CAG]

Silver and Blue, for your import consideration

One of our readers, Brandon, made note that the new Silver and Blue PSPs are available for importers at These are both going for $199, the same retail price as an uncolorful American PSP. Remember: import PSPs can play all games. The only catch is: they can't play other region's UMDs. Not that that should matter anyways.

GPS receiver available for importers

Now that Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops is out, many hardcore gamers will probably want to find the PSP's GPS peripheral so they can unlock even more content in Snake's latest adventure. After instantly selling out on's Japanese website, it appears that the GPS device is now available for eager importers:

Play-Asia has them in stock for $68.70 ($59.90 + $8.80 shipping).
Yes Asia has them in stock for $63.49 ($63.49 + free shipping).

See also:

The GPS games: more details revealed
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[Thanks, Joel!]

Deal of the Day: Mercury Meltdown only $9

Play-Asia just keeps the PSP deals coming. Like Kangaeru Exit, the import site is offering Tama-Run (aka Mercury Meltdown) for cheap: only $8.90, plus shipping. That makes it a heck of a lot cheaper than buying it in the US. You don't need to know Japanese in order to play this game, as evidenced by the demo, so you may want to jump on this deal now, before it gets sold out.

[Via IGN Boards]

Deal of the Day: Kangaeru Exit only $13

Did you like the Exit 2 downloadable demo? If you did, you may want to pick up the import version of the game. Entitled Kangaeru Exit, the game is now available for only $13, plus shipping, at Play-Asia. You don't really need to know the language to play this game, and it hasn't been announced for US release. Considering how the game will certainly cost a lot more if it ever comes out in the States, you may want to jump on this deal now.

[Thanks, Joel!]

Gurumin offers big-eyed RPG fun for only $10

Gurumin is a super-happy-time-fun Japanese RPG that's coming over to the States this February. It comes from Falcom, developers of Ys (which was eventually ported to the PSP, with absolutely terrifying load times). As seen in the video above, the game appears to have some pretty solid, if not terrifying, big-eyed chibi gameplay. If waiting for 2007 doesn't suit you, then you might be interested to know that Gurumin is $10 at Play-Asia for this week only. Not only will this save you a great deal of time, and money, but it'll force you to improve your Japanese skills. And isn't that far more valuable than simply getting a good deal on a game?

Another video, after the cut.

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Deal of the Day: Inventory blowout at CompUSA

Deal of the Day: Inventory blowout at CompUSA
Last week, Play-Asia had a great deal on a few imports, and now CompUSA is offering similarly cheap games that were actually released in the U.S. These deals are good instore and online, but most of the online titles are now out of stock. Also, rumors are the games actually ring up cheaper instore.

Click here for a list of your nearest CompUSA's inventory blowout, then type in your zip code, select your store and proceed to spend money.

The list is pretty lengthy, so check it out after the break.

[Via Cheapassgamer - Registration required]

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Deal of the day: New round of PSP price drops at Play-Asia

Deal of the day: New round of PSP price drops at Play-AsiaPlay-Asia sure has been on a roll this week. First it was Gitaroo Man Lives for only $20, and now they've recently slashed prices on even more games.
I'm not too sure how import friendly any of these games are, and quite frankly, there are a few of them on the list I'm not familiar with at all. However, with the incredibly cheap prices of King's Field and Myst, it looks like I may have to pull the trigger.

Click here for the full page of recenly discounted games across all platforms.

(Via Play-Asia)

Deal of the day: Gitaroo Man Live import for $20

Deal of the day: Gitaroo Man Live import for $20
I realize there haven't been a whole lot of PSP deals the last week, but I have a real doozy for you today. The Asian import version of Gitaroo Man Lives, a rythm-based game, is available for a measly $20 from Play-Asia. And to make it even sweeter, the it's only $3.10 for world-wide shipping.

If you've never heard of the game, it received an 8.8 from IGN, and they said it's "one of the finest games the genre has ever produced." Ya hear that? The game is awesome, folks, so hurry and pick it up before they're all gone!

(Via - Registration required)

Play Asia jacks up prices of Signature PSPs

Signature PSP model available at Play AsiaYou may remember Sony recently unveiling two new PSP models (the Kachofugetsu and the Tsukimi) in its Playstation Signature lineup. Well, Play Asia has just started selling both models on its Web site for a whopping $500 each, which is almost $200 more than Sony's MSRP.

Keep in mind, however, these models are targeting the "high class" gamer demographic, but this mark up is pretty crazy, and unless you like throwing your money away, I don't suggest you bite on this just yet.

I guess one of the pluses is the system comes with a 2200mAh battery, which will last you a bit longer than the normal 1800mAh battery.

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