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GDC 07: PSP will realize its potential this year

In tonight's blogger meeting, I had a chance to talk to Sony president Phil Harrison about his keynote and the suspicious absence of the PSP device: "We didn't talk about the PSP because [the keynote] was 45 minutes," he tried to explain.

John Koller, the man responsible for the marketing of the PSP, then joined in: "We're absolutely not overlooking the PSP." He hinted that the future of the PSP looks very similar to what has been planned for the PS3. "We could start talking about PSP in the same manner as Phil."

Sony recognizes the potential of the system, and promises that in May, they will be revealing some more exciting news. "The promise is there ... [yet] we're well aware of the market realities." What specifically the PSP will be evolving into is still unclear, but it appears as though downloadable media and PS3-style Network features are in the works. From the smiles on their faces, it's clear that some truly exciting things will be happening to the PSP this year.

Phil Harrison gives respect to the homebrew scene

N'Gai Croal, Newsweek's hard-hitting video game reporter, spoke to Sony's Phil Harrison about a myriad of issues. One of the more pertinent discussions for PSP fans involves his stance on homebrew: "It's always difficult, because officially, we could never condone [homebrew]. Unofficially, I am always very admiring of those people, because they do some really interesting things under very technically complex circumstances. If there was a way to legitimize that--we wouldn't get all of the community, because for some people, the whole dark under the radar element is the appeal. I respect that. I don't like it, but I respect it."

Croal then goes on to prod Harrison about potentially using a PS3 as a way to develop for the PSP platform. While it's an interesting idea, it's unlikely to happen. However, with Harrison speaking at GDC about the upcoming "Game 3.0" environment, almost anything is possible.

[Via DCEmu]

Sony to reveal "interesting announcements" at GDC

Well, duh. CVG pointed out an interview that Phil Harrison did with 1UP, where he reminded fans of the beleaguered company that exciting revelations would surely take place at the upcoming Game Developer's Conference in March. With E3 being a shadow of its former self, many are looking to GDC as the year's big gaming event, with representatives from Sony and Nintendo presenting keynote speeches.

This intrepid blogger will be there, live-blogging from the show floor. Make sure you stay tuned to PSP Fanboy from March 7th for the latest up-to-the-minute info on every bombshell that Sony's sure to deliver the PSP community.

DICE: Phil Harrison PSP tidbits [Update 1]

In Gamespot's DICE coverage of Phil Harrison's Q&A, they had a few mentions of PSP. Firstly that there will be deeper online functionality later this year. Specifics weren't given, but I personally would like the ability to have most web pages finally work on the PSP. Though it could also be a hint at downloadable PS1 games finally being capable without a PS3.

The homebrew community may have another reason to disagree wtih Phil Harrison after the event.Also during a talk about homebrew, someone asked about the PSP's role in it. Phil claimed that the system wasn't well-suited for homebrew. Newsweek's N'Gai Croal then mentioned Dark_Alex's work and Phil had some sort of cryptic response about future announcements.

So all and all, not a whole lot of new PSP info so far, but hopefully GDC will bring us more news.

[Update 1: "This year we'll be adding some functionality to the PSP that will unify our approach," Harrison reveals in an interview with Gamasutra. Seems like PSP might pick up some of the cooler network options of the PS3.]

Phil Harrison speaks at GDC about "always on" gaming

GDC is little over a month away, and big names plan on headlining this potential E3 replacement. Phil Harrison, SCE Worldwide Studios president, will speak about "new opportunities offered by advancements in connectivity." Let's hope that this doesn't end up to be like Nintendo's infamous Pac-Man showing at E3.

His keynote, "Game 3.0: Developing and creating for the third age of videogames," will undoubtedly speak about PLAYSTATION 3, but I expect PSP to play a large role in his speech. The concept of "always on" gaming sounds a lot like "Live Anywhere," but unlike Microsoft, Sony has a fully fledged portable gaming device to make "always on" gaming possible.

Expect more news at GDC, which begins March 5th.


Sony's Phil Harrison congratulates Nintendo

There's no doubt that the PSP hasn't done as stellar as everyone has hoped. But that doesn't mean it's done poorly, either. MTV News spoke with Sony's Phil Harrison about the performance of the PSP so far. He notes that the PSP is doing a "very good job," distinct from the "great job" that Sony did on PS1 and PS2. He thinks that "most people use their PSP at home," an oddity that he'd like to change. Finally, he praised Nintendo and the DS, stating: "Nintendo should be congratulated... [DS owners] are our customers of tomorrow."

Certainly, as Nintendo DS owners get older, they'll most likely look towards products that satisfy a more mature taste. It happened with the transition from Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 to Playstation and PlayStation 2, and it may happen again.

Loco Roco sequel confirmed

Sony Computer Entertainment President Phil Harrison recently spoke to MTV News, and made a startling revelation about the PSP exclusive LocoRoco. "It was a very successful game for us and we're continuing to evolve the franchise," he said. "We're going to bring 'LocoRoco' back in a couple of new ways with some new friends in the future."

LocoRoco and Friends. Sounds like a sequel to me. Considering how many new levels the development team has created for the holidays, it seems like there's still a lot more LocoRoco to come.

PS3 supports homebrew; did you get one?

The PLAYSTATION 3 has just launched in America, and thousands of Sony fanboys have walked home happy. People have been camping out for days, waiting in the cold, and the rain, trying to get Sony's next-gen powerhouse in their homes. PSP fanboys will certainly want to get access to one of the systems, considering its similar XMB capabilities. The PS3 can play music, videos, show photos, and access the internet, just like our beloved handheld.

One of the things that the PS3 will have that the PSP won't is official homebrew support. Wha? The PS3 will allow you to install other operating systems, and in a recent interview with, Phil Harrison revealed his excitement over user-created content and games: "I'm most excited about at the moment is empowering user-created content. Embedding the user creation tools into the game application and opening it up to a cloud of users." Sounds a lot like Microsoft's XNA, doesn't it?

It's strange to see Sony embrace user-developed content for the PS3. Hopefully, that attitude will expand to the PSP one these days. Now, which of you have a PS3 in your house?

TGS 06: PS3 XMB gets very sexy

We all know the PlayStation 3 will have the same XMB as the PSP. However, there are some very pretty improvements. Phil Harrison demoed the console's photo ability and it is absolutely beautiful. Unlike the PSP, the PS3 can manipulate your photographs and make them appear as physical photos in a 3D environment. With upgradeable firmware, the PS3 will be able to have even more functionality as well.

The browser will also have multiple tabs, a la Firefox. The console will also support one universal login for online games (according to the 1UP Show). Hopefully, the improvements made to the XMB on the PlayStation 3 will find their way over to the PSP in a future firmware version.

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