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Driving like a Maniac in Burnout: Dominator

IGN had yet another chat with EA about their upcoming PSP and PS2-exclusive racer, Burnout: Dominator. The game looks to be the most challenging so far, with the new Maniac mode. Nick Channon from EA explains the new feature: "Maniac mode is all about pushing your dangerous driving skills to the limit. The user earns points for driving into oncoming traffic, doing drifts, near misses etc, and the goal is to score as many points as you can, and thus drive as dangerously as you can. The big kicker in the mode is Burnouts - by chaining Burnouts you earn score multipliers which in turn give you massive scores, which you will need in the later levels of the game."

Check out the full interview at IGN. The game speeds onto PSP this March.

Burnout Dominator to feature downloadable levels

EA's Nick Channon spoke to IGN about their upcoming Sony-exclusive Burnout Dominator. If you read through all the hype, you'll see that the PSP version will feature exclusive downloadable levels. We're assuming that, unlike EA's cheat codes, they'll be free.

It appears that the PSP is the target platform of choice for the game, as Channon reveals the extra effort placed into the handheld outing: "We really believe that we will deliver an intense, next-gen style experience, especially on the PSP ... We've also spent a lot of time working on the handling in the PSP version. It will be incredibly responsive even if you use the D-pad."

Burnout Legends was great, and it appears that Dominator will be even better. The game's coming out in March, so until then, all you have is this trailer of the game in motion.

Criterion talks about Burnout Dominator

EA recently revealed that the upcoming Burnout Dominator will be a PSP and PS2 exclusive, a strange decision in the light of a new generation of platforms. Nick Channon from Criterion Games spoke to Gamespot in a recent interview, and shared a few more details about the upcoming racer:
  • The game will feature shorter "skill-based" levels, which is "perfect on PSP."
  • The PSP and PS2 versions will not feature any connectivity with each other.
  • All multiplayer will be available via ad-hoc (no Infrastructure? Boo!).
Not too revealing, but at least it's something. Expect more updates as this game gets closer.

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