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LocoRoco 2 trailer is predictably adorable

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This new LocoRoco 2 "special movie" found on the official Japanese website shows us just how cute things on the PSP can be. The art direction looks about the same in this highly-anticipated sequel, along with some kawaii music that can get a little annoying if you listen to it more than once. The cute little blobs demonstrates some of their new skills here, such as swimming and biting. Stay for the end, which makes us wish there was a LocoRoco TV show.

[Via NeoGAF]

LocoRoco 2 official site opens, includes screens

The official Japanese LocoRoco 2 site has opened, and it includes the very first screenshots of the recently announced sequel. Unsurprisingly, the new LocoRoco looks exactly like the original. For those that were captivated by the charming style of the first game, that's far from a bad thing. Those that play close attention will see some of the LocoRoco's abilities (like swimming, pictured above). Stay tuned, because a game as big as this one will obviously garner a lot of attention.

LocoRoco sequel already 75% done

While LocoRoco 2 was only officially announced yesterday, it's been in development for quite some time. According to Famitsu (via 1UP), the title is already 75% complete. The sequel will feature the return of the original's Moja Troop, but this time they have some tricks up their sleeves. They'll be after the adorable LocoRocos with the power of music. Uh-oh! "The Moja Troop are back with some new bosses, but this time they've also learned some songs," director Tsutomu Kouno says. "They've been practicing as hard as they can, and they've learned how to use music to sap the energy out of everyone. Now nobody feels like doing anything, so the LocoRoco have to go around the world and pep everyone back up again."

According to Kouno, the game will retain the same simplistic charm of the original. "We've tried our best not to change the core gameplay too much," he says. "We're being careful to keep it from getting too complex, and in addition to that, we're putting in lots of new features for people who played the first game to enjoy." But, expect new moves, such as the ability to go underwater and the ability to bite things.

Will we get to play it at E3? We hope so. Sony plans on showing new PSP games at E3, undoubtedly. This would be an ideal candidate.

LocoRoco 2 due out sometime 'this year'

The only issue with our subject line is that we can't discern the context of "this year", as quoted by SCE UK's product manager Claire Backhouse, when it comes to the release of LocoRoco 2. In addition to talking about the busy summer ahead for the PSP, whether it be increased incorporation with the PS3 and Remote Play, or the new Go!Range set of utilities adding GPS and voice video calling among other things. She says that "The key software titles we have coming out this year for PSP include Echochrome, Buzz The Master Quiz, Secret Agent Clank and LocoRoco 2." Whether this means 2008 or the fiscal year which ends at the end of March 2009, we don't know. But expect an announcement soon for your favorite rolling blob.

Loco Roco teaches Japanese kids how to divide and multiply

Those silly balloon creatures in Loco Roco are doing more than their usual passive in-game combining and dividing -- they're taking those skills and teaching kids how to do it for themselves. Wait, before you get confused, we don't mean kids are attaching themselves to one another to make one giant kid ... we mean that the Loco Roco are actively teaching kids all about multiplication, division, and basic arithmetic. Don't get any funny ideas.

While the actual Loco Roco game isn't used in the classroom, its characters are presented in visual aids. According to Famitsu, this unique way of teaching mathematics to children has been done recently at an elementary school in Chiba, Japan. The next class? Physics 101 with Dragon Ball Z.

It's great to see the Loco Roco helping out with what they do best, and we can't wait to see this become a fully institutionalized part of the teaching curriculum. Maybe, someday. It's also nice knowing that the PSP is becoming more and more edu-friendly.

New LocoRoco demo is not-so-new

As expected, the Japanese PS Store was updated today with a "new" Christmas demo of LocoRoco. The problem? It's not new at all. It's the same demo as the one we featured last year, unfortunately. Most likely, a lot of new PSP owners haven't experienced the glory that is LocoRoco and this revival of the Christmas demo will serve as a gateway drug for more of these blubbery critters. Good move, Sony -- but we want some new LocoRoco fun ... soon.

LocoRoco team looking for new recruits

The team behind the award-winning LocoRoco is working on a brand new PSP game ... and they're looking for help. Imagine! You could be working on the next game from this imaginative group ... provided you live in Japan. We're glad to see the team moving onto something new, something Kouno has been hinting at for quite some time now.

[Thanks, Joe! Via Team ICO Gamers]

LocoRoco sequel for PSP definitely coming

In an interview with Joystiq at Develop conference, LocoRoco director Tsutomu Kouno confirmed that a LocoRoco sequel was certainly going to arrive on PSP, in addition to the recently unveiled PS3 "extra chapter." Kouno revealed to Joystiq that "I'm thinking about a sequel for the PSP right now. I got a lot of feedback from players that they bought a PSP just to play Loco Roco so I feel like I have to make a sequel for them."

The full interview will arrive on Joystiq later this week.

Failure didn't stop LocoRoco dev from trying

How many times did LocoRoco get rejected from Sony, before it became a heavily promoted, greenlit project? Two times. At Develop conference, Tsutomu Kouno revealed that rejected the idea of a tilting 2D platformer twice. Why did Sony finally give in on the third time? He provided them with a playable demo. "It is very important to make a demo and show something that moves," he said.

It looks like Kouno-san's persistence paid off ultimately, considering the dedicated following the PSP platformer has. Considering his success, Kouno will continue making games in the vein of LocoRoco. According to Next Generation, his future games will also be "peaceful," going against the increasingly popular trend towards violent games. He also added, "In the future, I want to invent new gameplay using physical calculations and crowd AI."

Tilt the world and move a blob -- a LocoRoco clone

Imagine a playful game where you must tilt a world, guiding a happy orange blob to its destination. Imagine, eating fruit along the way, and having the ability to split the blob into smaller pieces. No, it's not LocoRoco. It's a very uninspired clone.

Blobular takes stealing ideas to a whole new level: not only does it feature copycat game design, it doesn't even do it very well. They say mimicry is the best kind of flattery ... but what if it's this bad?

[Via PSP-Vault]

Loco Roco's Tsutomu Kouno wants a world united (in games)

You may have missed this one. At the time of writing, less than 20 people have seen this seen this excellent video interview with Loco Roco's Tsutomu Kouno. It's a fairly lengthy feature, clocking in at over 9 minutes. However, it provides some excellent insight into game design. One of the key points Kouno focused on was the international gaming community, and the reluctance of Japanese gamers to try Western games, and vice versa. (Of course, the recent success of Grand Theft Auto in Japan suggests a changing attitude.)

Be warned, though -- the interview can be a little too telling. I mean, did we really need to know his blood type? (Spoiler alert: it's A.)

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Dedicated game sites to browse and enjoy

Handheld gaming has a dedicated fan base, as those that frequent our very own site can attest. When the allure of new releases wears its welcome, it can be interesting to scour the web for sites that cater to very specific game tastes. In case you missed our recommendation for these game sites earlier, Pocket Gamer reminds you of gems like Beyond Loco, which caters to everything LocoRoco, offering wallpaper, music and even themed demos. Dark Alex also brings a unique flavor of PSP homebrew for those daring enough to visit. Something new and for the slightly older crowd that welcomes a trip down memory lane, there's even the HandHeld Museum where you can revisit handheld gaming's finest. The included pictures of box art should jog a few memories, if the title alone isn't enough. We can't be the only ones to remember those Galoob titles, can we?

LocoRoco players need something new to play on PSP, reminds creator

There are a few people that purchased a PSP system to play the innovative LocoRoco. To this day, the title stands out as one of the happiest, most original titles on the platform. While there's nothing wrong with the large number of mature games on the platform, gamers that enjoy LocoRoco have been thoroughly neglected by Sony. Tsutomu Kouno, creator of LocoRoco, spoke at the Nordic Game Conference about PSP's lackluster offerings for that demographic: "We have to increase the number of casual games, games that LocoRoco players will want to play."

"There are too many sequels for PSP, only sequels, so I want to make a new game for PSP ... I have five or six new game ideas either for PSP or PS3, but I actually want to make them for PSP - for the people who bought LocoRoco, or bought a PSP because of LocoRoco, and like casual games."

It's great to see a developer want to work exclusively for the handheld. Certainly, we could use some original titles in addition to the stellar sequels that we'll also be receiving. But Kouno ... didn't you also talk about a LocoRoco sequel at this same conference?

Designer gives inspiration for LocoRoco, hints at sequel ideas

Offering a peek into his inspiration for LocoRoco, designer Tsutomu Kouno once again touched base on its concept, design and production during a presentation at the Nordic Game Conference in Sweden. Fearing a "scolding," he didn't give too much away, though he did cite nature documentaries and the animal behavior of his pet fish as inspiration for some of the characters. I wonder what kind of game we'd be playing if he had a sloth as a pet?

LocoRoco was the first game he worked on alone and wasn't initially approved on its first or second presentation. Only when a demo was shown on the third attempt did LocoRoco's approval come through. We can only imagine how frustrating those attempts at describing game play would have been on a mere PowerPoint presentation. As far as the sequel is concerned, Tsotomu Kouno said the sequel would contain, "new game play based on physical calculation and crowd AI" amidst other surprises. Ideally, the "use of color and music" is the central focus for the series, attempting "to create the fun and dramatic atmosphere of a live musical." Sounds great, as long as we don't end up playing Chicago: The Game Based on The Movie Based on The Play. Personally, we welcome new ideas, but prefer more the same game play that made LocoRoco so unique. It it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

Adorable LocoRoco trading toys

I went to Anime Boston a few weekends ago, and found a PSP related toy, but delayed on writing about it. That toy is the LocoRoco plush charm things you see above. I'm not sure the purpose of them, as they are too big to be a cell phone charm, and too delicate to put on your keychain. They came in randomized boxes, like most Japanese trading figures do, and had nearly the entire cast available. I delayed in writing about this though, because I hoped to find a place to send our readers, so they could pick it up for themselves. Unfortunately, either I fail at the internet, or they're relatively difficult to find online. I attached the black LocoRoco to my bag, and it brings me joy daily. If anyone knows how to buy these online, please post a link in the comment section. I know I'd like to pick up more for myself.

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