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Is Silent Hill canceled?

Konami's Gamers' Day has come and gone. While PSP gamers are certainly happy by the surprise announcement of an exclusive Castlevania, there is one game that was suspiciously missing: Silent Hill: Origins. The game had a very impressive debut, but ever since rumors of troubled development came about, the game has mysteriously disappeared from public eye.

Hotly anticipated games like Metal Gear Solid 4 were also absent from the show. Is Silent Hill: Origins canceled? Has the release slipped out of this year? There are tons of unanswered questions right now. Konami's website notes that "major announcements" are coming tomorrow. Hopefully, we'll know for sure soon enough.

[Via IGN]

Don't worry: you don't need a PS3 to download PSone games

Sony's Gamer's Day revealed some interesting info about the exciting PSP-PS3 connectivity. But, we were left pondering whether or not we'd need a PS3 to download PSone games to our handhelds. It would be a little silly if Sony tried to force us to buy a $500+ piece of hardware simply to download games, and thankfully, Sony hasn't gone completely mad as we've feared. GameDaily interviewed everyone's pal, Peter Dille, and he confirmed that you do not need a PS3 in order to download PSone games to your PSP:

BIZ: I know you guys have previously talked about a PSP emulation service where PS1 titles would be downloaded directly to the PSP (for example, if someone didn't own a PS3). This new PS3 download service of PS1 titles, which involves transferring to the PSP, is not going to replace the previous PSP emulation plan is it?

PD: You are correct. We'll still have that. We have the PSP downloads site now, and you're right; these PS1 games will be available either from the PSP downloads site directly, so you don't need a PS3 to get them or if you do happen to be one of the lucky guys that gets a PS3, you can download the games to your PS3 hard drive and then slide it over to your PSP. Both services will be up and running.

Whew! That's good to hear. I'm going to pick up a PLAYSTATION 3 one of these days, but I'm sure many of you are very relieved to hear this confirmation.

[Via Gamespot]

Sony Gamer's Day reveals new PSP-PS3 details

Sony's Gamer's Day has just wrapped up, and we're learning new details from around the web. Unfortunately, details of new firmware didn't seem to be revealed. Highlights from the event include:
  • Demonstration of Remote Play at work: the PS3 started playing the trailer to the upcoming Bond flick Casino Royale. Then, the video was interrupted and then resumed on the PSP. It sounds exactly how it should've worked.
  • John Smedley from Sony Online Entertainment demonstrated PSone download functionality (pictured). The games, as expected, can be transferred to your PSP. Mr. Smedley hinted at future PSone emulation on the PLAYSTATION 3 console.
  • Downloadable games will $14.99 or less. To compare, N64 Virtual Console games on the Wii will cost about $10, so we're hoping Sony prices the games a little bit lower to be a little bit more competitive.
That seems to be it for now. Stay tuned to Joystiq to see all the PLAYSTATION 3 news from the event.

[Via 1UP]

Rumor: New info on firmware 3.0 to be released on Gamer's Day [Update 1]

People seem to be real antsy about the release of the upcoming 3.0 firmware from Sony, and lame fakers on the internet are capitalizing on our anticipation. According to PlayStation forum user, Leah, the 3.0 firmware upgrade will be released this Thursday at Sony's Gamer's Day. Here's what she said:
"Sony will be reveling the information as well as dating the release about the next major update at Gamer's Day in San Francisco on October 19th. You guys will just love the new "Remote Play" feature, located under the "Network" icon, which allows you to access the PLAYSTATION® 3 from the PSP™ (PlayStation® Portable)."
Once again, I'm going to say that this is a fake. Why? What's the point of releasing Remote Play before the PS3 is even available? There might be some credibility to her story: the thread got locked suspiciously quickly, and she properly CAPITALIZED PLAYSTATION (the proper spelling is all caps, according to Sony). She even threw in the Registered® and Trademark™ symbols on everything appropriately. Regardless, I believe the show on Thursday will most likely focus solely on the PS3, digital distribution, and will provide news about PSP-PS3 connectivity. If there is a firmware upgrade this Thursday, I'm placing my bets it'll be a minor release, like 2.90. If it gives me the abillity to stream videos over RSS, I'll be perfectly content.

Joystiq will be live at the event this Thursday, so we'll find out the truth then.

[Via Maxconsole; Thanks, steve!]

[Update 1: D'oh! I am dumb. If I knew how to read, I'd see that info will be released, not the firmware itself. Please excuse my brain death. I'll blame the new Santa Clause movie, because it's the "best holiday trilogy ever." Ugh. Feel free to ridicule me in the comments section. Go! Hurry, do it!]

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