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Free Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow demo UMDs [Update]

Various members of the IGN Boards have spotted Logan's Shadow demo UMDs at GameStop/EB Games. The demo will allow you to get a taste of what the media got to play at Sony's Gamer's Day. Lucian04 from the forums noted that "they just gave me the demo when I asked for it. No pre-order involved." You may want to do the same.

The incredible graphics, sweet new control options, and fantastic presentation all have us thinking Logan's Shadow can become PSP Game of the Year. Rush to your nearest GameStop, hassle an employee, and tell us what you think of the demo.

[Update: You can get a free UMD from Sony at the official website.]

Medal of Honor Heroes gets sequel, according to EB

The retail release calendar has accidentally revealed a new title yet again. This time, it's a sequel to one of the better FPS games on the system, Medal of Honor Heroes. The aptly titled Medal of Honor Heroes 2 listing on EB Games contains no other information, but we think it's safe to assume that the sequel will feature the same massive online battles that the original had.

[Via IGN]

PSP gets even lower price: $170 for Core

Ever since GameStop reduced the price of the PSP Value Pack to the price of the Core System ($199.99), we expected the Core System to drop in price as well. Looks like our suspicions were true. Starting tomorrow (April 3), all GameStop and EB Games locations will drop the PSP's price down to a paltry $169.99--a savings of $30.

Think this is a hoax? You'd be wrong! Joystiq confirmed with GameStop, even providing images from their tipster. Check out more proof, after the break. With PSP's new lower price, will it be able to more effectively compete against the Nintendo DS?

Continue reading PSP gets even lower price: $170 for Core

DS is the future, PSP is the past, says EB

GamersReports has found an EB Games ad that tells you to trade your old systems from the past, such as the original "Phat" DS, the GBA SP ... and the PSP? While Nintendo and EB may want you to think that the DS Lite is the "future," it's everything but: the system is based on tech comparable to the N64 era. Where's the PS2-quality graphics? Or the ability to play multimedia and browse the web? While the games can be quite good, to think of the DS Lite as a "future" tech device would be akin to calling the Commodore 64 a "next-gen" system.

[Thanks, Chi!]

Deal of the Day: Sid Meier's Pirates! for cheap

Sid Meier's Pirates! is available for the PSP today and it's available for only $20 at EB Games and Gamestop ... that's $10 less than MSRP. With coupon code "SAVER," you'll be able to get free shipping, making it an even sweeter deal.

Considering how IGN recently gave the game a whopping 9.0 out of 10, this might be the deal you've been looking for. From their review: "Everything that makes Pirates! what it is is here and in fantastic form. The most important elements, like ship battles, exploration and such are identical to what you 'd find on the PC, which is really what matters. If you own a PSP, head to the nearest port and hand over some booty for this one."

[Via IGN]

If customer previews were all you had to go on

Imagine if video game sites and magazines didn't do previews on upcoming games. That'd be a terrible world. But just think of an even more hellish existence, where these customer previews were all you had to go on before buying a game:

Ghost Rider

"This game looks stupid, if this game is as good as the movie, it will still suck! "

Call of Duty 3: Roads to Victory

"Call of Duty is so cool for the PSP. It has great graphics and is a best shooter and war game for the PSP. It has great leavels and they aren't to hard and they aren't to easy. You will all be exited when it comes out."

Continued after the jump ...

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Deal of the Day: Rockstar goes budget

Gamers looking for deals on Rockstar's finest need look no further. It appears that the excellent Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories has dropped in price to a very reasonable $30. Considering how much content the game has, this is certainly quite a bargain.

Looking forward, you'll see that Gamestop is also listing the upcoming PSP port of The Warriors at a budget price of $20. The PS2 version of the game wasn't too bad at all, so you may want to pick it up as well.

Use coupon code "SAVER" to get free shipping.

[Via CAG & PlayStation]

Gran Turismo's constantly shifting "release date"

The potentially canceled, or un-canceled, PSP version of Gran Turismo 4 has just shifted its release date once again on the GameStop website. The retailer is notorious for accidentally revealing crucial release info, but in this case, we're willing to bet that they're simply moving the date so that they can still hold on to pre-orders (some undoubtedly made nearly two years ago!).

The game is now listed as to come out on July 2nd. While that may seem like an eternity away, it'll be the slight glimmer of hope for those of you that don't want to believe in its vaporware status.

[Via PlayStation]

Deal of the Day: Me and My Katamari $20 at EB/Gamestop

Deal of the Day: Me and My Katamari $20 at EB/GamestopIf you never got a chance to play Me and My Katamari this is a perfect opportunity to do so since EB Games/Gamestop just lowered the price to $20 in store.

The game currently has a 75 metacritic score and IGN said "Its small stage design, propensity for backtracking, and obvious slowdown and camera issues certainly keep it from being one of the premier PSP titles -- but that doesn't mean it isn't fun."

However, you can't really go wrong with spending only $20 on a solid PSP title. If you have no idea what the game is about check this out and it will explain everything to you.

[Via Cheapassgamer - Registration required]

Free t-shirt with Vice City pre-order

You probably don't need any more motivation than awesome graphics and gameplay in order to pick up Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. Or maybe you do. That's where free t-shirts come in. According to janamil of the forums, EBGames is offering a free t-shirt for pre-ordering the game. Not too shabby. So, if you've run out of things to wear, head over to GameSpot/EBGames and give them your money. (While you're there, don't forget to ask for a few free demo UMDs that they're sure to be hoarding!)

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