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Japanese software charts, Oct. 30 - Nov. 5: It ain't Gundam this time

Japanese software charts, Oct. 30 - Nov. 5: It ain't Gundam this timeHey, whaddya know, a PSP game in the top 10 Japanese software charts not named Gundam, and even though it came in at the last spot, we'll still take it.

1. Kirby Squeak Squad - (DS) - 166,131 /NEW
2. General Knowledge Training DS - (DS) - 159,166 /348,866
3. Pokemon Diamond - (DS) - 105,943 /1,604,152
4. Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 - (DS) - 89,275 /NEW
5. Pokemon Pearl - (DS) - 81,604 /1,358,416
6. New Super Mario Bros. - (DS) - 31,307 /3,366,560
7. Brain Training 2 - (DS) - 27,448 /3,387,842
8. Zaidan Houjin Nippon Kanji Nouryoku Kentei Kyoukai Kounin: KanKen DS - (DS) - 22,824/ 210,556
9. Animal Crossing: Wild World - (DS) - 20,691/ 3,389,974
10. Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception - (PSP) - 17,961/ 78,545

Although PSM doesn't seem to like Ace Combat X, the Japanese sure do. I guess that mature audience Sony is going after can payoff in Japan.

Metareview: Ace Combat X

The early reviews for Namco's PSP-exclusive flight game are in, and they're good! The critics have unanimously applauded the game's graphics, sound, music, depth and controls. With such care placed into games like Tekken: Dark Resurrection and the original Ridge Racer, it appears that Namco is quickly becoming the PSP's leading publisher. Let's see what the critics had to say:
  • Gamespot (82/100) - "Ace Combat X plays surprisingly well on the PSP. Although its visuals aren't quite as slick as in the PS2 installments, it's a remarkably intense action game that you can take with you on the go."
  • GameBrink (89/100) - "I didn't think I'd see another quality air combat game like it until Namco's eventual PS3 outing but Ace Combat X has arrived to prove me wrong. From the visuals to the audio and the controls, the developers custom tailored the PS2 Ace Combat engine to fit in the PSP's profile. And they didn't just port it; they actually improved on it as if Ace Combat X was the next title in the series and not a portable spin-off."
  • IGN (87/100) - "Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception makes a spectacular landing on the PSP. It has everything longtime fans of the series could possibly want, along with a few extras they're probably not expecting. Deception also looks great and runs well, offering a near identical experience as what's on the PS2."
I didn't plan on picking up Ace Combat X, but after all the great reviews, I think I may reconsider. The game is now available in stores.

Ace Combat X intro movie

IGN has a new promo write-up about some of the new locations to be found in the upcoming PSP-exclusive Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception. But, thankfully, for those of us that can't read, they've included some new screenshots and the game's intro as well. The game's looking real pretty, but that seems to be a requirement for all PSP games these days. The game comes out on October 23rd, so expect more coverage soon.

Pair of new Ace Combat trailers

Ace Combat fans will be excited by the new (highly promotional) preview of the upcoming PSP-exclusive Ace Combat X on IGN. They reveal some of the features, such as the Medal System, Color Variation and Free Mission. The mini games listed include Touch and Go, Mid-Air Refueling Practice and Carrier Touch & Go. While it doesn't sound too exciting to me, I'm sure those of you that were fascinated by planes will be absolutely enthralled.

If you don't really feel like reading about these features, IGN has also posted two new trailers of the game in motion. Graphically, it looks impressive, but it seems like that's a given for most PSP games these days. The game comes out in October.

TGS 06: Every PSP game previewed

There are way too many PSP games at this year's Tokyo Game Show. Because not all of us have time to read all the impressions and previews of all the games coming out, PSP Fanboy has created this nifty guide for all the games that were previewed. You'll get a thumbs up or a thumbs down from the major video game news sites. If a game looks like it might be a real winner, we'll award it "The Official PSP Fanboy Entranced Korean Award." These are the games that'll end up in Korea on giant PSPs, luring people to their eventual doom. And, that's pretty cool. Read on to see all the previews!

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Blazing hot Ace Combat trailer & screens [Update 1]

Famitsu has beautiful new screens of Ace Combat X, an all-new continuation of the Ace Combat series. Famitsu also grabbed a trailer, which is voiced in English so you can fully appreciate the cheese. The graphics are sharp, and features some potentially awesome multiplayer. Makes me want to watch Top Gun again. Wait... I never want to watch that movie ever again. The game comes out September 17th.

[Via PSP-Vault]

[Update 1: Trailer is now embedded after the cut, for your viewing pleasure.]

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Ace Combat X: SOD to take flight this Fall

A press release sent out today from Namco Bandai revealed a veritable motherlode of details for their upcoming Ace Combat game for the PSP. Referred to under the working title Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception, the flight sim-ish game will feature wireless ad-hoc multiplayer hookups, an all-new storyline, strategic AI (your actions determine your objectives), and the ability to tune your own planes with parts unlocked during Campaign mode. Aircraft nerds can rejoice in the knowledge that licensed planes like the F-14D and the Tornado F3 will make an appearance in the game when it lands on store shelves this Fall 2006. Check out our brief coverage of the game here.

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Ace Combat X screenies online

Jonesing for some portable flight sim-esque portable action? Curious what magazine scans look like when they're done really badly? Then get your fill of these screens from Famitsu for the upcoming title Ace Combat X on PSP. Eye-catching!

[Thanks, Miyamoto]

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