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Sick boy gets PSP stolen, but caring cops save the day {PSP Fanboy}

Aug 9th 2008 9:34AM That explains why PSP sales are always higher then the DS. They should add an online authentication system that locks PSPs and GPSs its location if reported stolen. Or provide a free dagger as a pack-in with each console.

Hacker creates a real, functional PSP phone {PSP Fanboy}

Aug 9th 2008 6:44AM Its a statement...but it looks like those old hairplugs of the 90s.

Fanswag: Alone in the Dark {Nintendo Wii Fanboy}

Aug 9th 2008 6:41AM Original copy? not copy copy? I must check...yes indeed.

Mass Effect, other BioWare franchises possible on DS {DS Fanboy}

Aug 8th 2008 4:45PM I hope this doesn't turn out like the Virtua Fighter 2 port on the Genesis, or Street Fighter Alpha on the Gameboy.

Balance Board becomes interactive storytelling tool {Nintendo Wii Fanboy}

Aug 8th 2008 2:02PM Hey, I remember playing Tetris with the DDR pad, people thought I was off my 'block'

Point/Counterpoint: The worth of Chrono Trigger DS {DS Fanboy}

Aug 8th 2008 1:54PM Well, $40 today is like $25 back when the SNES game was I guess the question is:

"would you have bought CT back then for $25?"

Even Sega thinks Sonic needs saving {Nintendo Wii Fanboy}

Aug 7th 2008 2:18PM Sonic is gone, do a remake of Astal or Clockwork Knight and you'll make enough money to launch the Dreamcast Lite!!!

Singapore shop tricks woman into paying $1000 for PSP {PSP Fanboy}

Aug 6th 2008 6:01PM Sounds like a typical day in Saudi Arabia. It's the poker faced clerks you should be wary of, with the grinning ones, its easy to sense a scam.

Wii Warm Up: Zombified DLC {Nintendo Wii Fanboy}

Aug 6th 2008 3:32PM The ability to play the game in low-rez so I can read the text on my standard def TV.
Friend loaned me the game for a weekend, couldn't read a thing.

Sega to make DS owners beautiful {DS Fanboy}

Aug 6th 2008 5:49AM Come on SEGA, cut the crap!
Not asking for new IPs. At least port over great Saturn masterpieces like Astal or Clockwork Knight, possible on the DS.



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