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PSP still dominating charts, sky is still blue {PSP Fanboy}

May 30th 2008 12:35PM yea man the gap is closing :o
i say in two weeks it will be dethroned

European PC Store update for May 29th {PSP Fanboy}

May 29th 2008 9:47AM aaah rayman, the good old days :) i still have the original, though i never completed it. good choice sony

Yes, PSP is still #1 in Japan {PSP Fanboy}

May 23rd 2008 12:50PM seriously how many weeks has it been now? this is getting ridiculous!

Make your PSP glow in the dark {PSP Fanboy}

May 7th 2008 11:16AM thats just super awesome!!!

Yes, PSP is still selling well in Japan {PSP Fanboy}

May 2nd 2008 1:08PM this is crazy, how is the psp still doing so well in japan? is it still due to mhf2g ? haha doritos

Atlantic Link launches educational software for PSP {PSP Fanboy}

Apr 30th 2008 12:12PM sounds interesting, adds some variety

Sony announces Summer release for Go!View {PSP Fanboy}

Apr 26th 2008 10:16AM what i was thinking aswell.....don't bother with an half-arsed version Sony, we want the proper deal

PSP Fanboy hands-on: B-Boy {PSP Fanboy}

Apr 25th 2008 11:59AM it took them two weeks to release this? thats just weird.....

Deal of the Morning: Jeanne D'Arc for $20 {PSP Fanboy}

Apr 25th 2008 11:57AM yea I know its pretty simple to import, but im just saying its a real shame and also kind of stupid it didnt get released in Europe ; I mean come on its called "Jeane D'Arc", it would've sold fine in France


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