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Firmware 3.96 included on Hot Shots Golf disc {PSP Fanboy}

Jun 6th 2008 2:28AM Zippon: "It's not like 100% of pirates use CFW......oh, wait.....THEY DO."

Do I really need to point out your argument hinges on a logical fallacy? Let's put it in the form of a categorical syllogism:

1. People use custom firmware.
2. 100% of pirates use custom firmware.
3. Therefore, all people are pirates.

American PC-Store releases for June 5th {PSP Fanboy}

Jun 6th 2008 2:18AM PSN, "damn crackers"? That's a first. Do you have reason to believe PSN's staff consists entirely of Caucasians who live in trailers? If so, do you feel that the trailer camp evironment impedes PSN employees' ability to develop new and thrilling games for the PSP? Could the problem lie in the lack of air conditioning or absence of melanin? I find your worldview fascinating (and by worldview, I mean pathology).

PSP needs more third party titles {PSP Fanboy}

Jun 6th 2008 2:03AM In certain cases, in which a game concept is completely fused to the use of the stylus (Trauma Center, Etrian Odyssey, The World Ends with You), the game belongs solely on the DS. Not so with Castlevania, FF or (I suspect) the new Valkyrie Profile. It's probably a case of potential sales over quality, since, most of the time, the stylus is really an extraneous gimmick (like the microphone).

I'm still annoyed by Square-Enix commenting they were limited by the PSP's capabilities while making Crisis Core. If that sort of thing bothers them, then why do they make so many games for the DS?

PSP needs more third party titles {PSP Fanboy}

Jun 5th 2008 11:21AM 1. Anything by Fumito Ueda. It wouldn't have to be a port of Ico or Colossus.
2. Ethereal/Lovecraftian survival horror. Eternal Darkness, Fatal
Frame -- that sort of thing.
3. A version of Okami that avoided the incredibly annoying sidekick's chatter, and allowed you to skip all dialog after it is heard once -- especially before the mini-rhythm game.
4. Every beautifully planned and designed RPG for the DS that lacks something simply because of the limited screen size and graphics capabilities of the console. (I say that despite owning two DS's in addition to my PSP -- I much prefer the latter.)
5. Games that function as novels: to be picked up and played as a novel would be read. Examples would be Indigo Prophecy, Hotel Dusk and Trace Memory, but with more vivid graphics and bite-sized chapters and/or cause-effect sequences.

Can you find the Pikachu? {DS Fanboy}

Jun 5th 2008 12:51AM For that price, why not saunter to the Nintendo World Store, procure a custom color DS and have them engrave it for you? Or copy this eBay seller and replace the casing with a third-party custom-colored kit. Yellow ones exist already; I even saw transparent green at a discount store last week.

Germans are clever, almost like scientists even {DS Fanboy}

Jun 5th 2008 12:44AM If this were Engadget or Gizmodo, there would be fifty posts ignoring the game and ogling the blonde woman on the cover. Scanning those threads, you can feel Voltaire giving up on humanity all over again.

If the game were really cheap, I might buy and play it for the absurdity -- especially if I found a German copy.

DS Fanswag: The swarm {DS Fanboy}

Jun 5th 2008 12:38AM Which interests me more -- need you ask!? I've been lusting after Drone Tactics since long before Atlus picked it up! It was called Konchuu Wars! The Japan-only release featured an insect papercraft bonus!

Customizable insects in an Advance Wars context! Add armor, weapons and suggestive Transformers lingerie to adorable snails and hornets! I want! I want beyond all human reason!

PSP needs more third party titles {PSP Fanboy}

Jun 4th 2008 2:38PM As much as I like Crisis Core's blockbuster movie approach, the upcoming Yggdra Union update will be the new game for RPG purists.

"Good" RPGs have to be 3-D and not use sprites? I've always heard the opposite: That "real" RPGs (crawlers) are often more concerned with customization, stat manipulation and personal progress than elaborate cut-scenes and intricate storylines. That's why so many hardcore RPG fans loved Etrian Odyssey (and didn't care about the primitive graphics), while the critics' choice, Jeanne d'Arc, is usually suggested as a fine starting point for RPG beginners. And the whole point of sprites is to allow significant portions of the battlefield/dungeon to be seen on a relatively small screen. That's why the characters become homunculi during battles: it's a semi-aerial view.

Characterizing 3-D RPGs as "real" and "good" and sprite-driven SRPGs as "bad" and "phony" is ridiculous. Players who excel at either kind of game are concerned not with graphics and cut scenes but strategy and stat manipulation.

Yggdra Union likely coming to the States via Atlus {PSP Fanboy}

Jun 4th 2008 2:29AM P.S.: Home-skewed spelling deliberate despite the absence of any other jokes in the previous post. I'm just a fanbuoy floating blissfully on a mucous sea of hype. (Pass the brown nose, penguin.)

Yggdra Union likely coming to the States via Atlus {PSP Fanboy}

Jun 4th 2008 2:24AM Sorry, forgot the URL (a link to which appears in the article above):


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